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Wow. I would love to experience that! I think if that happened to me and I knew for sure that God existed then I'd be so much more happy and stable here. Lots of things that I think matter and make me stressed would probably go away. Thank you for sharing.
ISawtheLight in Lying In The Palm Of God
Don't lose faith! Ask God to help you. I believe you experienced God wanting to come into your life and into your heart:) I was an atheist and I had a very similar experience. Lots of people on here have had these too. God reaches out to them and they feel peace in their hearts. God is real and He is Good. Please, read my story! Once you accept Jesus, he'll never leave you. He'll put peace in your heart.
ISawtheLight in Bright White Light
I believe the light you saw was God's Light. I was an atheist until I had a very similar experience. My story hasn't been posted yet on here. Please, read it at God came to you to save you! Believe!
Growing up can be difficult for many. I also went through my trials as a youngster with similiar end results, though not the same incidents, so I can somewhat relate to you in various ways. Something to focus on learning, especially at your age is understanding how the Human Conscious Experience is programmed. When you learn about your beliefs, fears, and psychological workings and where they were learned, taught, and how you began believing them is one very facinating subject. It will also help you realize that up until you hit approximately 21, you have a much easier ability to recondition that Mind you use. After that age you can still change your beliefs, its just harder as you are building a library of validations. You can learn more about this in some of the videos I have done as well as thousands of books out there on this subject.

Yes, you are an eternal consciousness, you are NOT separate from "God" or anyone or anything else. Mind (through the 5 senses) both imprisons you by making this illusion we call "reality" be very persistent, as well as liberates you because you are now in a state which uses and believes in duality. As an eternal conscious being, you are one with all there is. By coming into this physical experience we call life, we are afforded the opportunity to use our "separateness" to work on and improve ourselves by seeking the knowledge within.

Here is something I wrote to describe or encapsulate this "conscious experience" into an understandable string of words.

Imagine an Infinite Conscious Being playing infinite versions of a mental massively multiplayer role playing game in which IT utilizes infinite perspectives of ITSELF as characters IT cycles through infinite possible scenarios of ITSELF as individualized freewill of consciousness expressions under the delusion of duality and independent operation within an illusionary physical experience. Welcome to the Game of Life!

I hope that helps - all the best to you in your pursuits. Here is my YouTube Channel as well if you are interested, there may be some topics here that could help bring you along in understanding the dogmatic and theological teachings of organized religion as well as spiritual knowledge.

Danno1423 in Burst Of Energy
Recently while living in a 5th wheel trailor I experienced bursts of energy through lights.
First let me explain. I would be laying on the couch watching TV not fatigued or tired at all. ALMOST in an instant my body would quickly go numb and I felt very drained of energy as if something in the room was causing it. I would slowly see the light bulb fade and I would be put to sleep. THIS happened 4 or 5 times and it would always be quick I would be asleep each time for maybe 30 minutes tops and when I awoke the light bulbs in the trailor became so bright I thought they were going to burst and I would cover my face. I would awake scared and usually get out of the trailor and sit outside until my girlfriend came home from work.
I felt as if something was taking my energy and draining my body of it also causing the lights to go dim and then when I awoke the lights were so intense and bright it's like my energy was given back to me. STILL creeps me out when I think about it.
Reminds me of my dreams...

Before I sleep, God is always in my mind. In my dreams I am singing praise to the God almighty, I am singing Great is our God... How Great is our God... Sing to me How great is our God... Then I heard beautiful voices singing together with me. They are worshiping God... GOD is Great,mighty,,,,,,,,,Haleluiahhh! I woke up and cant't believe that I still heard them... What a beautiful voicE to be offer to the LORD almighty... God is so wonderful... I love him...

Still God still want us to seek him, only him and only him... For he will not share his glory with the angels... He is a jealous God... ❤
I remember being in kindergarten and going to a Christian school. We did dress up in costumes on Halloween, my mom dressed me like a red devil. When I got home, we had just moved into a home, I looked out our hallway and I saw a little red devil my size... But he was a costume. Never saw him again
.we just stared at each other a bit... The area was pretty spiritual tho... Could see and feel things. I often wonder if I'm meant to explore that side of spirituality.
Good story, but you should give credit where credit is due.
It was Jesus that saved you, not aumakua, and you should seek and thank Him.
Hello Carlie:

I wanted to chime in for a second. If I understood correctly, you asked God to show you a demon? Well, let me say as a person with the gift of clairvoyant dicernment that there are many questions I have. First, you doubted God. God is non denominational. Christians are not the only beings going to "heaven." Second, your doubt of God regardless of your denomination and asking this insidious question did not help your situation, butthat is not your fault. Here is how the other side (s) work. There is another dimension connected to the earth plane where human spirits go to work out their stuff, a redemption so to speak. No matter how much you pray, ask for forgiveness, or do good deeds this does not guarentee your ascension to higher planes. Next, the polarity paradigm does not exist. Theres no hell in fire or pearly white gates of heaven. What is there are many planes of spirits working on stuff to become one of God again. God is a divine spark in us all. He seeks for us all to reunite with him again. As for Jesus, he was a man connected to source (God) like many other profits, Jesus' in other religions, and people with the gift. He was not God incarnate. We are all God incarnate. Now, your actions in life cannot be prayed away, but guidance from the source will lead you down the right path. By questioning the source, you received your answer. If the being is cloaked, looks animal like, acts vicariously, causes intuitive negative emotions, and hurts you, heres a great suggestion. First, reclaim your space. God gave you free will. Tell him you got it and to guide you back to him. You don't need the bible or any other religious artifact for this. What you need is an unshakable connection to your higher self (spirit/soul) and ask God though you to command this being to leave now. Do not be sweet, caring, curious. You look right at it and from a place of serene calm you say" I humbly revoke what I said to God. The one true Godof pure light outaide of polarity dogma is my father, brother, source, whatever you want to say. Then say this God is redirecting you now, forever, and always from humility into the light. I say humility as it was probably humiliating. Whatever emotion is fine as long as it fits the situation you created. Since Jesus Christ was the best teacher, healer, and brother known to man and promised us that we can do great things trhough him and god and that we will do them greater and better is the go ahead for the final part. Now, you must remain unfearful. Fear is what feeds it along with negativity. You say: In the Name o Jesus Christ and or God, I revoke all energy I given to you right now, I no longer accept you in my home or life in any way whatsoever, and I command you to leave me forever through tje power of Jesus Christ. Thats it. You can light a white candle if you like when doing it. Certain crystals, rosaries, holy water, crucifixes, etc. Are good. I do not suggest you go crazy with them. By becoming too religious, obsessed with said stuff, and so on is fear driven and won't work. It needs to come from you, but get your mom in there too. You invited it in, kick its butt out. Just like a rude guest. Das boot out the door, window, wherever. Then get closer to god everyday and your vibrations will lift and you will be more protected. One more thing. Not all spirits are demons. There are human, loving animals, and others. The trick is dicernment. If it doesn't feel right, remove it even if it is cute. If its for your highest good, it will understand and be with you regardless as a true loving and compassionate companion. You set the rules, hun. Also, you might be open to spirit now. A lot of stuff will change, especially religious dogma. Find God, not what others tell you he is. Ask him to come to you for your highest good. Hes not judgemental. He didn't send this thing to you. You opened the door. No amount of bible study, religious artifacts, or materialistic stuff will ever work. It will work to keep you grounded as a tool only, not protect you. That comes from God, Jesus, and your connection with him. If you need further help, I know professionals whom deal with this more than I have. Message me.
AngelWithNoWings in God Held My Hand
This story really touched my heart, I believe some people do have healing powers, and if your destined to use them God will use you in this way, if he has other plans then fair in will come to fruition. Let your halo shine brightly in the lord.

-D 😊
Please email me I had the same occurrence happened to me as a young girl when I was living in Maryland and has been wanting me to this day I have so many questions please contact me beautyglow88 [at]
Oh how wonderful to read how you turned to Jesus for help. You really encouraged me. It's neat how we can be thankful for situations that used to freak us out. Thanks again for your uplifting story. Yahoo!
lifeshenanigans in Awakening? Advice?
I see your story was published a couple of years ago, so I hope you found some help.
In case you were still looking for some guidance: find a way to purchase some books, or listen to some youtube videos like Teal Swan or Gigi Young; or look up kundalini awakening, energy therapy.
The only way to make sure you wake up is to start working on yourself: start with learning about your intuition, learn about your higher self. Do some guided meditations (Michael Sealy on you tube is great) - those will guide you places that you will be able to find some answers in.
People around you will find their acceptance, but you first must believe in yourself.
Your story is a good one, Someone came through for you, that's awesome, although I have had my past share of experiences, I just don't feel recognized is how I call it, I myself have never been in the glory of the light, been seeking for all my life, been asking for help, declaring it, etc. But it hasn't come... The small things that arrive are just that small... Still making it the hard way, struggle of life, and very close to not believing in divine help anymore, it doesn't seem to bless me, no matter how good I intend, help others, suffer, it doesn't make a difference, no matter how much I fast, attend or not attend church, it makes no difference. I often question, why suffering? Havent I been good enough? Peace it be, joni
joni437 in Healing Feeling
I can relate & help you to understand the white horses... For example, katy perry is said to ride a spiritual white horse, bc she has her own name to her claim to fame over her life, independent about it for the most part, no band, just her. Anyways, I learned about spiritual horses years ago, white to me represents clairity of a goal, etc. There are so many things in the spiritual realm to mention, try googling them, so many people are experiencing the same things. The number 7, think of it like the 7 days of creationism... But spanned into 7 years, this timing is allowing you to create your life. The stardust swirling on the side of you, is awesome, never got that. But from my readings I can suggest it means you will rise to be a star. Also try watching Katy perrys 'firework' video, these are actual things happening to people, the bursting open of their chakras, I can attest to it, my third eye chakra light burst a white light from my forehead years ago, a super wow experience for me, along with a slew of sights I really never inclined myself to see, then it calmed down after awhile & turned into exactly what I would deem acceptable to myself, thank goodness, thank love. Hope this helps you, peace it be...joni
Hi Lisa, don't ask me why I am compelled after so long off reading this site that I came here tonite, but I am here, drawn to your story, I too had a out of body experience too, but nothing to do with anything near your situation, I was actually asleep in my waterbed with my husband, loved life, & was young. I can only think that somehow when we have these experiences that for some reason we are ready to explore the very personal question of life, if we make it far enough out the door I am told by others who experience this, we can actually ask what we seek & it is given to us. Whatever the reason for all this spiritual saga of life, I know we must speak life & goodness over situations, we must command it, I once was told 'In perfect love, there is no fear" Please try to feel this with every cell of your body, for yourself, your daughter, all the things that can be raised to fix themselves for their higher goods, that is the only thing that has saved me so much as to speak volumes over my own life... Sometimes the universe is very kind... I am. Love, comfort & healing to you & your family & situations...Joni
The thing people fail to remember is that animals were created first and were established as our helpers. If the spirit of an animal visits you and you have a deep rooted connection to your cultural beliefs, and the animal did not appear in a blasphamous way that must be the only way that God the Father can communicate with your spirit. I have had many experiences that led me to the understanding that everything happens for a reason. There are many animals that are considered to be clean and divine in nature and those animals that are clean do nothing but serve their purpose. Sacred animals are referred to in many scriptures because they do nothing but serve there purpose given to them by God the Father and to him they give praise. One has to remember God the Father cannot dwell where there is that is why he uses the spirit of specific servents to communicate with us so that we may have wisdom and understanding of all that is around us.
I am the real daughter. Thank you for your kind words. They have a bigger impact on my life and journey than you realize and I will forever be grateful to you and your ability to reach me with words.
MMonday01, Yes, I can definitely relate to your experience! I often times think of how crazy all of this is... That these beautiful supernatural experiences of the Holy Spirit are really happening to people like us, today, for real! The stories from the Bible and other Holy Texts are indeed based on real stories, real life events that do happen!

It's beautiful and scary when it effects the airway though, huh? I wonder if it relates somehow to Holy Spirit making room for Himself... Or is it some type of purging to prepare our body for His Presence?

I would love to hear more from your thoughts/experiences! Not sure if you can message me from my contact info? Much Love, S 😁
I know it's been a few months since your post... I just wanted to say thank you for your beautiful words. I wish you the best on your journey. If I can ever help in future, please let me know! Much love always, S
Wow! Thank you for sharing your conversion experience! Your words give me great comfort & joy... And yes, I believe you HAVE been reborn through the Gift of the Holy Spirit... Totally transformed through His Grace, Love and Light. My own conversion experience started in the Spring of 2010... And still continues to this day... My advice is to continue to yield to His Will... And be very, very patient... Spending lots and lots of time meditating and in prayer... Remember there may be many twists & turns, but with patience, and total love and belief in His Will... You will continue to grow closer to Him as He is inside you now... And your relationship will continue to grow stronger and deeper. Eternal life with Him is worth everything we must give up here on Earth. Everything! You may be interested in - St. Teresa of Avila (great description of conversion process to 7 Mansions/Stages) and St. John Bosco. In Much Love Always, S ❤
This happens too where my mouth is opened by an external force and I feel the spirit go inside me. My insides are being squeezed. I become weak and fall to the floor, muscles contracting. I roll into a ball on the floor. But I don't allow bad spirits into me, I made it clear that only Jesus and the Holy Spirit have open access to me. None of the above items ever hurt, in fact, it was rather gentle. The intensity is so strong that it makes my cry tears. But I'm in joy, not pain.
I can attest to what others have shared. My life is going through a major transformation, in almost every way. Several months ago I started experiencing intense and yet intimate experiences with Jesus and with the Holy Spirit. Out of despondency and being suicidal, I turned to Jesus and I began to feel the Spirit move within me. It was a burning fire inside, and yet it was the most wonderful feeling I had ever experienced. My experiences continue along a journey with Spirit. I pray to Jesus and the HS to purge anything that would block them from being inside of me. And it has worked.

I used to drink a little more than moderation and it was due to my coping with a bad situation. The voice told me to get rid of it, I didn't need it anymore. I followed the orders and I've never needed to have anything since. It was as quick as throwing a light switch!

Last night my mediation became very intense. I continue to ask Jesus and the HS to work in me and to make me pure. I prayed to them to not deny me repeatedly. Then it came. My mouth was forced open and my insides were being pushed and squeezed, almost like one was heaving, but I wasn't sick. I was on my knees and fell to the floor. My muscles were contracting all over my body. It happened several times. I could feel him inside me. I later sat up but was gently pushed back down again. Later I finally got a drink of water and went back to my room. It happened once again. My mouth would be opened and the air in my lungs would be pushed out. But I wasn't in any harm. I didn't feel any fear. I made sure that no bad spirits had access to me. Only the Holy Spirit is allowed to dwell in me. Jesus protects me from the bad spirits.
WindWalker in A Sense Of Difference
I also have always known that I'm differant then most other people.
I'm also an empath as well as a seer too.
People seem to notice that I'm differant. Over the years many people have said things like "there is something big or special about you. You have been chosen for something big " (whatever that is)
I'm not young anymore so if I'm sopposed to do something big it seems like I should be doing it now. Maybe I already am? I dunno.
I was born with the ability to see demons and other things.
It terrified me as a child making me freeze not speaking or moving. It's hard to describe if one hasn't experienced it. The evilness that demons have seems to steam off of them like a gas that causes complete total paralysis to the humans that can see them. They omit a foul stench sometimes.

I told my Mom about it and she taught me how to use the name of Jesus to make the demons leave. It worked.

Anyways it scared me a lot seeing them so somewhere in my teens or early 20s I asked God to please take the ability to see them all the time away and He did.
I still feel and smell them and sometimes get a glimpse of them but not like it used to be.
Im much older and wiser now and I have often looked back and wondered if it was wrong of me to ask God to take that ability away because now as a grown up perhaps I could have used that ability to help others. For examples if I could still see the demons it would help me realize why some people are being afflicted with illness and so on because if I saw a demon around them I would know how to pray for them or how to use Jesus name to chase the demons off of the person.
I told God I'm willing to use the "gift" if He gives it back but I admitted that I would need guidance and teaching and the strength to endure and know what to do.
So far the gift hasn't been fully restored.
But when I turn it on I very often see into the spiritual world via what some call the 3rd eye or inner mind. It is lot less scary seeing things that way verses seeing them right there in full view in the same room as us.
They all look different. Some don't have a body that defines how they look. Some are shapes, dark cloudy blobs and shadows.
In my experience only Jesus has been strong enough to help me and chase off the demons.
I have had this experience recently and am so happy to read some one elses experience in the exact words that I would have used. That loving feeling is simply amazing. Was my first awakening experience and it was intense. I had no revelation/message with it I don't think, or I was too preoccupied trying to just feel the feeling and not lose it. I did have a message with another vibration though, the vibration wasn't an intense love feeling though, and the message was regarding the universe rather than life on earth. I wonder if the original poster has had any more experiences like this.
I believe that the vibration is your energy connecting with the energy of the universe. I'm still working on this one though:) I have had a full body vibration that lasted 15 - 30 minutes. And a 1/2 body (heart chakra up) vibration that lasted 5 - 10 minutes. I get minor vibrations at other times, like when listening to music that seems to be right with my mood, or seeing something beautiful in nature. It is different for me each time though. The long one was accompanied by an intense feeling of love and happiness and bright yellow and pink wire type energy (sorry that one is really hard to describe properly). The 2nd one was accompanied by thoughts of the universe which were like revelations. Like I was being shown the truth of where all this energy comes from, why we are here, other civilisations in other galaxies and their relation and differences to us and how we are not seperate from each other. And the minor ones are just an overwhelming happiness or oneness. I believe you can activate this vibration easily by using creative visualisation / the law of attraction (which is how I did it the first time by accident) so when you use the law of attraction you imagine the feelings you would have recieving whatever it is you are attracting, and for me the feelings were very strong heart related feelings, very emotional, and gratitude. If you can keep your heart pumping out these amazing feelings consistently to the universe then I think it causes you to tune your energy in to the universe, which causes the vibration. Meditation or heart chakra excersises might also work but I have not been able to concentrate enough to do them.
I have been going through this recently. I completely understand and can relate to all you have said here! I hope this has all continued for you, I would love to hear how life has been for you since then.
Traveler in Angel's Daughter
Well, this post is several years old, and perhaps you've evolved your thoughts about what your experience means to you. I am commenting because in my own experience, I would agree with the one reply here suggesting that a past life as an angel might be the case. I have worked on healing my own past lives for years and years, and in with all the apparent human lives I recall, there is a sense of having been what we consider an angel, as well. There is certainly commentary online, by various "new age" types, about what characteristics humans who were once angels have. Some of the traits suggested by some seemed rather superficial and useless; but some others rang true to me, anyway. There is even a psychic who specializes in doing angel readings for "incarnated angels." Just look up the term.

At this time, I believe angels were a race of beings that were more prominent and more visible in ages past, thus references show up in the Bible and other literature and art. It was a race, just as there were other non-human races of beings, that were incarnate many years ago.

Yes, being an angel may be, and have been, a big commitment and dedication; but it does not mean we have to be chained to that identity forever. Yes, it may mean you have certain personality characteristics that will always be with you, but if you are looking to find meaning for your life now, to fill some sense of emptiness within, by grasping at some grand vision of yourself as a world savior or warrior for "god," you are going in the wrong direction. I was on that ego trip to some degree several years ago.

The real achievement will be in staying grounded and accepting of all the mundane aspects of this life, and the graceful enduring of the karmic challenges your soul has arranged in this life; and possibly coming out the other side as someone who contributes in their own subtle way to the betterment of the world as it is now, to those in your family, to those you encounter through your life. Hopefully your view of just how this all works also evolves with your journey, and you are able to provide peace to others who are looking for answers themselves.
I also had this experience it changed me forever. God first was coming to me in dreams and I would wake up crying telling him I would quit my shenanigans but I had a huge fear of being damned. I would drink to lose the panic attacks of the thoughts. It was the week before the last blood moon and I was terrified. I was dreaming of God saying to stop and trust him that time was Nigh. The last night I drank the following morning I started to have panic again and was going to open a beer but instead heard the spirit tell me not to. I stood crying at the bathroom in full panic knowing I had better heed my warning. I looked at the Jesus drawing my aunt gave me and started to pray. I said God if you want me to quit as I want to also please take it all away. Please father I can't do this any longer I surrender to you all. I give up I need you and without you I can't do this. I felt this electric warm honey feel pierce me. I looked at my arms and the hairs where standing on end. It felt like a rock being thrown into calm water how it rippled through me. It was the most amazing sensation that had me on my knees in joy and it lingered for awhile. I knew I was to grab that 12 pack of beer and toss it. Ever since my panic of years the bad one stole my peace had me gain weight on my small frame with beer and depression. I'm on my way to losing the rest so prayers are greatly appreciated but I can't complain. My life is now wonderful and joyful and I couldn't be more greatful. I now know why I couldn't grasp God even though I thought I loved him before and I tried I truly didn't. I since have been baptized with my husband and life is so great! Praise my Father God Almighty!
anonymous_17karat in Extremely Bright Light
i also saw bright things... Well I'm sleeping when suddenly without any reason I woke cause I saw an extremely bright thing above my head... My bed is located at the side of the door so my head is on the sides of the door, then there's an extremely bright thing on the door I thought the door was open but it's not, so I open it like I was waiting for someone then all I see was dark place... I didn't see that bright thing anymore... I even wake my younger sister and ask if someone open the door but she said that she don't know... And my mom tell me when I'm young my mom saw a light above my head... Well that day she's scolding me then suddenly she stops and look above my head and stare at it like she saw something but I didn't saw it... I really don't know what's happening to me... When I saw light while I'm sleeping happen 1 year ago... And I suddenly saw a red circle while I'm staring to something... I search about the light thingy and they said its an angel and someone said something good will happen. I really don't know what's the real reason... By the way I'm only 14 years old now
I was praying this morning, as I was praying, I then contemplated on ending my prayer but couldn't, so I went on but this time I couldn't say any word, though my lips were moving but words never came out of my mouth, it was groans than an actual normal praying, the groaning was from a deepest place, deep in my stomach, the words were there in my mind but never came out of my mouth, then in that deepest session, my body felt really weird, so I opened my eyes, my body was trembling, but I felt fine just was puzzled about what's happening to me, my hands became so cold, my face felt weird, my hair like it was pulling out off of me, my hands were so pale, something was happening inside of me, especially my upper body, my chest felt so big (weird I tell u) I stood up while still praying, went to a mirror, my face was so pale, I could swear that at that moment my blood left my body, I don't know how, but it happened, kept pushing, now words were coming out, my bones were shaky, weak somehow, I could barely walk, I was shocked, and a lil scared but I couldn't stop praying and observe what was happening to me, was walking all over the house with my shaky bones, cold hands, my hands had those marks you have when you've been using too much water, I couldn't feel my face, I ended up in the bedroom, now on my knees, but couldn't stay there, I stood up still praying, when I was about to end my prayer, ended it with a line "Roar Lion of Judah" then everything was back to normal
Hi Cass/Suzanne. Your experience is not 'crazy' at all to those of us who already understand in our hearts that we are beings originally created in love, in higher dimensions, long ago. I can imagine it would indeed by a shock to atheists who have forgotten this and put their faith only in the very limited world of the physical senses.

To me, the idea of what we perceive "god" is can encompass many perspectives. There are entities that have been background "guides" to you and mankind for eons (perhaps the more parental energies we experience). And some of the entities people experience, people come to understand are another form of their own self, another aspect of their own greater, "higher soul." "God" is defined by some as simply all of creation... The idea that each of us is a "cell" in "god's body,"...we are all god. All of these concepts are true.

The presence of genuine, all-encompassing love, in such an overwhelming way as you and Nikk felt in his/her similar experience, would attest to the truth of it not being a deceptive encounter. Entities trying to deceive feel "off" when they are trying to imitate being a positive spiritual figure. Their ego tends to leak through. Satan absolutely cannot offer the pure love of the type you describe.

"Satan appearing as an angel of light" cannot deceive those who have explored and accepted all the recesses of their own being, because they are not desperate for a savior. They come to understand that they have been a spiritual being on a challenging human journey, and they have learned to have compassion for themselves. The task of healing and self-acceptance is a long journey of inner work to embark on. Intense guilt, regret, resentment, sadness, anger... If these feelings are hidden blind-spots within us that we haven't fully accepted and processed, they are opportunities for "dark forces" in our life, in some form or another, to find a way to manipulate us. (Why do you doubt the experience you had--that god has compassion and love for you beyond your understanding. Now you have to work on having that kind of love for yourself. See yourself as the powerful spiritual being you are.) Someone else suggested some self-inquiry, to try to perceive why you are attracting these experiences. Can you make conscious the unconscious thoughts you have about yourself?

Carl Jung said, "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."

Regarding the dark agenda on this planet...certainly. Anything you tell me would not surprise me. I've read it all over the past fifteen plus years, since I started to inquire about what the "truth" is. I do believe we are in the "11th hour" of some period of intense opportunity for the "fallen angel" crew and their minions to completely gain control of this orb. Their machinations have been going on for eons, in all levels of society. They are past masters at understanding human psychology. And since we are so poor at understanding our own psychology, they continue to successfully control us.

I do not know the future here on physical earth, in this timeline we are focused upon. We have all, on some level, "chosen" to be here now during this time. (There is at least one metaphysical teaching that proposes that we are all rather brave adventurers, according to galactic standards, to be incarnate on the earth at this climactic time!) I am fortunate to be comfortable in absolutely knowing at this point that my soul manifesting in this one physical incarnation is but a fraction of the larger experience of my spirit, and that we live and die, live and die, in various physical forms. I have tuned in to many past lives, and applied years of the healing work I mention to those memories.

None of us are "victims" here. The larger part of us--our soul--chose to be here, and arranged to have these challenges, whatever they may be in one's life. Having a desire to "escape" this life surely is a clue that one is not ready to leave and is meant to face those challenges; or else face the same issues, sometime in a future life... Another metaphysical concept suggests that our soul is ready to 'graduate' from earth only when we have accepted all of the human experience, warts and all.

...I'm kind of throwing out everything I've gleaned in my years of contemplation, thus far. Maybe some of it is comforting to you, Cass/Suzanne. Maybe some of it is for others to read.

If you do want to talk to someone further about your specific experiences, I can lend you an understanding ear.
Hi, It's nice to read your experience. Now a day, waves and vibrations have become quite common in my life. It's not just my experience, many of the followers of Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi, The Scientific Saint, experience it. Guruji passes the Universal Energy for those who practice meditation. Since, it is Universal, not only the followers but also for all the practitioners of meditation-dhyana. Not only that, with the Universal Energy Guruji's Divine healing can cure any kind of disease with just turmeric (Energised) powder. For more details you may visit
I have experienced seeing Gods loving light. I was instantaneously standing in Gods light. I went from watching the television, sitting on my couch to instant light.
The light was the best loving feeling I believe anyone could experience. There was a message that everything will be alright and it was.
Hi I was in my mid twenties when I felt the electricity feeling all over my body. I had been very depressed after being in and out of a bad relationship with a woman so I started fasting and praying having my heart broken I didn't have much of a appetite so I just prayed like constantly for a week or two I still didn't feel completely over her so recalled my cousin telling me how my aunt prayed with him one day and it was a powerful experience for him so I decided to visit her and ask for prayer while praying it wasn't long before I was on the floor crying and this electricity feeling was surrounding my body I could especially feel it in my lips as l lay there on the floor my aunt began to speak a message for the lord he kept calling me his son, I was instructed to read proverbs chapter 5, son, attend unto my wisdom, and bow thine ear to my understanding:

2 That thou mayest regard discretion, and that thy lips may keep knowledge.

3 For the lips of a strange woman drop as an honeycomb, and her mouth is smoother than oil:

4 But her end is bitter as wormwood, sharp as a two-edged sword.

5 Her feet go down to death; her steps take hold on hell.

6 Lest thou shouldest ponder the path of life, her ways are moveable, that thou canst not know them.

7 Hear me now therefore, O ye children, and depart not from the words of my mouth.

8 Remove thy way far from her, and come not nigh the door of her house:

After reading that I knew I was to leave the woman alone and stay away from her. The experience freed me from the depression and moved on with my life and God has been providing and fulfilling everyday! Praise God
Hi I'm Cass (the original poster of the experience).

In the years since I posted my account I've been told many things... Everything from a preacher telling me I was a prophet to many people telling me that what I experienced was Evil in disguise.

First, I'm not a good person and clearly not a prophet.

Second, can Evil shower a person with love and understanding? Serious question. I know all about "Satan appearing as an angel of light"...but can IT make you feel loved?

I truly do not know. What I do know is that this entity made me feel beyond loved... Imagine if you had lost your child at a large amusement park and were terrified... Potential predators everywhere... And then many hours later you found them at guest services.

THAT is the kind of love, understanding and mercy I felt. My parent found me and was so very, very happy to see me... Anything I had ever done wrong was not only forgiven but my parent apologized profusely for "losing" me. Or rather, that I had to go through such fear.

Weird, right? But it happened. I don't know if this website makes money off of spiritual accounts but I don't care.

I wrote this in 2007 from an event in 2004. What I didn't say is a very long story...

I don't like long stories so I will say this: I was an attorney who accidentally saw something I shouldn't have concerning the U.S. Govt. (actually the Office of Naval Intelligence) and then suddenly my world is filled with the supernatural... Mostly evil except for the subject matter and...I'm a basket case. A basket case who is telling the truth.


Suzanne Elizabeth Minx
I went through the exact same thing. Started at the tips of my toes and a slow wave of electricity went through my entire body and out the top of my head. I thought I was the only one to experience that until I saw this site. I wrote about it on here.
My dad is a Catholic I am a Athiest. We go to church and my dad says he can feel the Holy Spirit I do not feel the Holy Spirit.
Yesterday night I had a similar experience, my attitude towards life seems to be the same, trying to seek God continuously, lately I had some failures and trying to seek him strongly, asking him questions and drifting to sleep. I keep my bathroom door 90% closed and some indirect light filters into my bedroom, but no direct light comes inside from the six bulbs burning inside. I got up to change my head position, opened my eyes and I saw wavy bright bulb light in sight, falling on the pillows and headboard, since it was not uniform throughout my vision, I was intrigued and turned my head to see where the light source is coming from but couldn't find it initially, the light source kept going back behind my head, I confirmed the light by looking back at my near sighted pillows and again I tried looking back, this time I saw it, not sure if it was the source, but the glow was right in front of me, similar to the light I saw on the pillow, but now couple of inches away from my face. I turned my head back to the pillow and saw the dullness of the bathroom light came back, the light was diminishing and soon the whole room seemed like nothing happened and was back to original indirect light coming back from inside the bathroom. If I wouldn't have seen it, I wouldn't have searched google and found this page and wrote what I saw. I hope to get in touch with you, maybe it was the purpose of the whole act that happened to me, maybe not.
Hi scarlett2,

I would like you to know a little of my own experience because it is connected with yours. Two days ago I felt the holy spirit for the first time. Today I was praying to God and I asked him to take away my pride because I know I am a proud person. After a few hours I was searching online about experiences people have had with the holy spirit because it was all so new to me and I wanted to learn more. By chance, I came across your experience. I was immediately struck by the passage you read about humility and your suggestion to read the story of the prodigal son. Moreover, a few days ago my vicar suggested that I read a book about the prodigal son but I refused to do so saying that I was too busy at the moment and would come back later for it. I'm going to read that book now.

angellover in Summoning Metatron

I recently over the last year have tragically experienced metatron. I don't recommend working with him. There are many more fluffy angels that would love to help you live and love. Metatron isn't fluffy at all, I actually found him quite aggressive and without conscience. I would call him evil.
frangelica1 in The Eyes Of Jesus
That was just a beautiful experience you both had! Thank you so much for helping this woman also!
I am highly interested in the supernatural but I am a atheist. So seeing is believing to me and I have to see it in order to believe it.
darkassassin92 in Oh My God
I am a atheist that likes the supernatural but to me seeing is believing. I have to see it to believe it.
Akt0576 in Changing Faces
I also have experienced this with my husband. This was within maybe our first year of our reelationship. He had come in the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed and woke me up (I can't remember why lol) and as I looked up at him, his face distorted and changed. It terrified me! I didn't wait for it to finish morphing. I was so afraid, I covered my eyes and started yelling STOP, STOP doing that! He said what? And I looked at him again and once again his face started to distort and twist into something else. I only saw one side of his face do this because it terrified me and again I covered my eyes and begged him to stop as if he was doing this on his own. He said what?! Just listen to my voice, its me! And his voice comforted me enough to look again and thank God it was him! It was such a scary thing to see. Like his bone structure and all were reforming into, well I don't know what! I even remember his teeth changing! Only one side though. I couldn't watch his face completely distort and and All I could do was cover my eyes. I was crying. It was really upsetting. Ill never forget it. Thank God for his voice to comfort me or I would have never removed my hands. He believes me about what I saw. And I'm thankful because I don't lnow if I would have been able to believe a thing like that. He is spiritual and accpets the possibility of the unexplained. I have no idea why I was shown this or what it may have meant. And I had just awaken but I have never had this happen upon waking before! I'm glad others have seen similar occurances.
scarlett2, my fault, I got way to busy in the past years and had to put a few things on hold, but I promise to catch up 😉
Dear Lucygirl18,
Thank you for sharing such a beautiful and moving experience. You are such a gifted writer, your words truly moved me to tears. You, no doubt, have been very Blessed during your lifetime. Please, please share more of your spiritual insights and experiences! With us all!

On another note - I'm so happy this very special Web site ( is once again active! Especially after several "dormant" years in which no new stories were published. Yeah! 😁
loneybone in Oh My God
are you sure it wasn't the drugs? I mean you were on some funny stuff. God usually does connect with us in unusual ways but this... You had just done drugs. I find this kind of funny not being rude, but no.
Alarman 2011 How can you talk to someone like that if you are supposley trying to change and go to church? And if this really your daughter she is finding you for a reason showing you she truly cares. Yes why it's easy to give in to the bad things drugs alcohol, sex, etc... But in the end that will take us no where... Why not turn around and be a man of god. That is why you most like have had a dream of the Dev** the man down stairs because your giving such negative vibes as I can read in the comments.
You need to change leave the past in the past a child is not a thing to have later to be abandoned and especially not to be treated bad. Once a father always a father no matter what.
I never had my father growing up so it's hurtful to see how a father talks to his own daughter that way. God wants us to rejoyce to forgive one another and to love each other. Don't you know this is what the devil wants he wants you to be full of hatred and evil to hate others and to pull your self away from god... But he you can prove him wrong be a better man forgive and forget live for jesus christ, be a great dad, a loving grandfother and a great husband.
It does not take much time to a better man, you just need to want it as much as other people want you to be a great man. It's hurtful very hurtful to say you wouldn't want your own daughter with you when you die. What kind of person says that to her own child. Family is all that we have in this world friends come and go girl friends come and go but family and god are always there not matter what.

Know instead of worying how to run from you daughter which she seems great and loving connect with her forgive each other. Neal to god and say your prayers of forgiveness that no matter how bad you've been god always loves you. Woun't you love to have a family? Woudn't you love to be a grandpa. Going over to there house having a good time a great laughts with your loved one. Well suck up that pride if yours and turn to good not bad that one day you will be thankful you did.
I wish your daugher much luck and I hope that one day you will change and you will grow to love each other. Your won flesh and blood should not be treated this way. I hope you can find the light of god and that god might be able to rescue you from what ever malice is running your life. GOOD LUCK.
darkassassin92 in Was I Supposed To Survive?
Since I'm a athiest. Do you think we can keep our memories from Earth into the afterlife? Do you think its possible to stay a kid forever in the afterlife? Just trying to get peoples views of what they think.
darkassassin92 in Our View Of Heaven
Can you keep your memories and stay a kid forever in the afterlife? I'm an atheist but these questions are haunting me.
I'm an athiest but if people are right. Can you keep your memories from earth in the afterlife? And can you stay a kid forever in the afterlife?
I'm a athiest but if the stories are true. Can you be a kid forever in the afterlife? And can you keep your memories from earth in the afterlife?
darkassassin92 in An Early Rising Angel
I'm an athiest it sounds like sleep paralysis not trying to be rude. But I'm still interested in people's stories though.

I had a dream that I was in a field and I was feeling emotional, I bent down on my knees and said "I surrender myself to you god". Then I woke up half awake half asleep in my room and heard a choir singing to me for about 2 minutes... It was an amazing feeling which filled me with pure joy. They were singing Hallelujah (following the melody). The 16 bars kept repeating and then I would hear more voices come in and out. It was sung softly and calmly, not too loud but sang with peace.

I remembered the melody perfectly and had to re create it on my computer using software, its literally the melody I heard (apart from the Hallelujah bits which I can't sing lol).

Im not a religious person, I believe in God and the afterlife but I practice no religion, just kindness.

I thought i'd share with people that are interested.


Dreams are MUCH more than we think.

Have a nice day!

Similar things where happening to me when I was a kid, but little different. Sometimes I was waking up at night when everyone was sleeping & I was hearing weird chorus. They weren't saying words, just singing without words with one letter or so, I don't know how to describe well. I can't say it was positive or negative, but it was scary. Kinda sounded like a funeral tones. As time passed & I grew up, they disappeared.
It seems to me that your vision was sent to get your attention, so that you would follow God and share your vision with others. You said your ceiling was on fire in this vision, which could represent mortal danger or, spiritually speaking, Hell. You were being sheltered by an angel's wing--usually a sign of comfort and/or protection. You were also surrounded by other angels--also a sign of protection and, Biblically, indicative of a message from God. I don't understand the significance of the "man" pulling and stroking his hair, but I did notice that you refer to him as a man, while referring to the others as angels. Thus, it's also possible that God was referencing the downfall of humanity and the countless people crying out for hope and protection. The first thing you did afterward was rush to open the Bible, which God would have known would happen. It would seem that God has directly told you that you have been chosen to lead people to Him. Truly, the Bible says we are all given that responsibility, but few people acknowledge and accept it. Fewer still mention hearing from God, whether directly or through a vision. Use it.

I remember also having what I assume was a vision, nearly a decade ago. I was actually asleep at the time and I had a dream about being left behind in the rapture. I was in a pit, looking up at God and several others on the edge, and lifting up person after person to where they could reach them and pull them out. Periodically, I would stop and ask "Is it my turn? Can I come now?" and He would shake His head and indicate that there were still more people to help. For some time after this dream, I was disturbed by it because I was saved and I couldn't understand why I would be left behind. Then, as time went by, I came to realize that may not have been the intended message. Rather, God may have meant for me to realize His desire for me to go into the darkest places--the pits--and help people get to Him. He may have been telling me to not give up on life and the world, which would be prophetic if that's the case. I had been abused for most of my upbringing, with high school being the most significant period for me. A year or so after the dream, I began having nightmares and flashbacks about the abuse from high school and it was at this time that I wanted to give up on life and the world. For the first time, I wanted to die and I pleaded with God to let it be my time. Obviously, I'm still here; but, now, years later, the nightmares and flashbacks have long since ended and I've healed from most of it. I'm now an anti-abuse advocate and author on the subject of peer sexual/nonsexual abuse in schools. I've taken it for my purpose as a Christian. Where most Christians are content to occasionally donate food or clothing, or to support overseas missions trips to presumably save people, I see abuse as being one of biggest obstacles between people and God or, in terms of that vision, one of the deepest pits.
THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE WEBSITE! I am so happy that finally I found a place where there are people like me, that loves God and knows the power of God's love and what it can do for a man. Special thanks to all the people that created this site and this wonderful idea!
Friends, I can relate to this story because awakening to songs has been an amazing recurring event in my life. I usually awake to the most beautiful out of this world melodies. Sometimes sung by a group and sometimes a solo voice. The common fact is the peace that accompanies them. I can't write the full story here though but I love to hear them and I usually wake up joyful when I do. I also record them in my phone once I wake up.
forgot to say, check out Doreen virtue angel numbers meanings. Maybe another avenue to go down. Hope that helps.
peace, dreamer.
I have been checking out some different but related sites for some time now, and, the one thing that has stood out for me is that I really did not realise that deep down there has always been a skeptic and a synic lurking beneath my seemingly spiritual veneer.
I find a great deal of what I am hearing very difficult to come to grips with but I am never the less keeping an open mind. There is some reason I have been drawn to join this forum. So, I look forward to delving into things with you all and sharing any experiences that I have... Peace, dreamer.
not coincidence, just in total syncronicity with nature at that moment. Examine other areas of your life when solutions and answers just arrived by magic. It just means that your intuition is more in tune, great feeling when it happens with greater frequency.
peace... Dreamer 😊
hi cherries,

the last 3 comments some it up pretty well. It is a personal journey and only you can gauge if something is right for you at that moment.
I say at that moment because things can change and they will. As long as you stay as positive as you can you can ride out the seemingly bad things in life a lot easier.
😊 peace, dreamer.
a lovely story and well written. Thank you for sharing. To me personally it would have been a sign, be strong and independent, look at the big picture and let no thing stop you from soaring to great heights and accomplishing your dreams.

love& peace...dreamer.
some thing like that would freak me out... All the best to you both. I experienced so many weird dreams like that I can say that maybe it is your angel who gives you a clue on something that had happened in past which has connection in future... Or mybe its a sign for something important that will happen in future. Sometimes its a warning. It maybe a birthdate... Or a number of a person you know that maybe something will happen to him either good or bad. Its true when you dream like that you can't really remember it especially when it has connection in reality... Meditation can help you clear your mind and maybe help you to understand what numbers 7 and 11 are about. Seven is a sacred number... Seven days. Seventh word is G stands for God. Seven archangels. Seven colors of rainbow... Its like always talking about heaven and God.
darkassassin92 in Hearing And Seeing Demons
I don't believe in god or the devil anymore so I'm a athiest my dad is religious I'm not. But I'm still interested in the afterlife or in reincarnation that is if they are real.
darkassassin92 in An Angel? Or God?
I am a atheist used to be a Catholic but now I do not believe in a afterlife anymore. But I believe more in reincarnation than the afterlife. No one truly knows what happens when we die.
darkassassin92 in Full Body Vibrations
Im interested in astral projection and the paranormal but don't believe in it like I used to. But still no one really knows what happens when we die.
You may want to reach out to a Reiki Master. They can guide you or attune you to the Reiki symbols which enhance and open up your psychic abilities. If you become attuned you will learn how to protect yourself. Yin/Yang, Good v Bad, go hand in hand so you must learn to protect yourself. I don't know your age but you are feel like a light worker, possibly an indigo child. Since the late 60's/early 70's an on we have been evolving on a spiritual level much faster & with many more people than any time before. I say this to all ligh workers like myself, learn as much as you can and guide these young people. Cell phones, computers, divorce, vaccines with Mercury, parents ignoring their children and the food we eat are killing off the generation that's meant to lead change for the better. Seek knowledge from a Reki master. I say this to all of you feeling lost or scared who are likely in your 20's or younger, those of you that are older should have led down this path already, if not, you must. Please excuse the typos, been awake 40 hrs, insomnia!
bontole (guest) in Astral Projection Obstacles
You have that natural ability to "project" and hope that you have made some sort of progress since then.
I am 25 year old man living in a hostel. On 21st may 2015 I saw a very very bright light when I was sleeping in my bed on my back. The place where I used to sleep has a small window at the edge of one of the wall. I can see a small part of the sky from that window. On the mentioned date at 2:00 am in the morning, I saw the brightest thing ever. It was a light very intense from the source but feeble (not spreading to a greater area) as if it was meant for me alone. When I woke up I saw a very bright light from my window. At first I thought somebody is using a light to see through my room but later I realised that it was impossible for anyone to hang out there as it was almost 10 feet from the roof. I was scared as no one else was awake and I had no friends there as I moved that hostel in this month only. I tried to see through the light but what I found was, it was solitary. It kept starring me over a minute and then it was gone. After few minutes it came twice but not above my head, I could only feel its presence the last two times. I wanted to know what it was. All alone, although scared, fighting my fear I went to the roof and tried to see but it was gone. I could never see it again. I don't know what it was. I am an agnostic though, I have started going to church in the recent past to listen lessons on jesus. My mother died when I was 13. Maybe it was her who came to see me or it was jesus who came to enlighten me. Its still a mystery. I know there is a answer to it but I am not ready to have it now. Maybe someday I will know the fact!
I would think that in this life time you came to continue your spiritual journey where you left on. In this body, every body will forget the assigned tasks to do but the seed remains unquenched deep within you. Then came a time when the higher beings responsible for that had to stir you spiritually up in the most appropriate way for you to continue your quest for the Absolute. You have been reminded that you are the immortal soul living beyond time and space. You will search until you find your own way back to GOD.
I also experienced that when I was in 17 and the idea is the soul go out when you have lot of feelings of tiredness or stress maybe. I was asleep and I feel I fall down, I see the back of my body lying on floor and behind that floor is a hot place I fell in that actually make me thirst easily. When I look up I seen my body like lying on a glass, and I told myself I need to get back before some lost soul came in that empty shell. But I don't easily get in yet I seen a soul waiting for me, then we went inside the mirror and that soul actually got question on her mind that she asked me why her husband have to kill her. She showed me how the murder happened and after that I got out in the mirror again and seen my body lying sleeping. That is the most terrifying event happened to me and I fall again to that hot place behind the floor and when I float to go inside my body its like a glass and I can't get inside. I pray the Lord's Prayer and immediately I get in a super speed way and I wake. I can say that the only thing that make me in is the prayer but I have question how can you control your soul from going out your body?
I can relate to what you are saying. My experience started some years ago when I was around 15 years of age. I was at a cousin's wedding when all of a sudden I was experiencing a strange feeling and I fell down. All of a sudden my soul left my body and all that I could see were people watching with shock and my body was taken inside the house and only immediate members of my family were allowed. I could hear and see everyone who was around from above. After some minutes my soul was back into my body and my mother was crying helplessly not knowing what was going on. Every one who was present was in a state of shock not knowing what was happening to me. After some minutes my soul went out of the body for the second time and I could still see people from below and I watched as they lifted my body to a different room and and just a few members of my family were allowed to get in to the room but there was this other old men who I did not know but he was acting like he was part of of the family and very funny no one seemed to notice or care about this old man. As my soul got back into the body, the first words I said was to ask this man what he was doing and why he wanted to kill me. The old man did not answer my question but he just looked at me and gave me a smile and it was like other people who were in that room did not hear our conversation so the old man just ignored me and immediately, my soul went out of the body. By the time my soul got back to my body, I slapped the man just across the face and people who were around were surprised and said I shouldn't hit the man and I told them that the man is a witch but they did not believe what I was saying thinking that maybe I was loosing my mind. After slapping the old man, my soul went out of the body and the old man started manifesting his evil plans in the open and those around were now convinced about my accusations. Immediately my soul was back to my body but this time around for good. I still do not understand what was happening that day even up to today. This whole experience was the opening of more out of the body experiences but others happened at night while sleeping. I would see my soul moving from my body leaving behind my then 2 children and moving so fast into the upper realms. Sometimes there would be 2 forces pulling my soul from different sides like it was a tug of war. Whenever this happened, I would pray that God save me from the misery because the experience is not enjoyable and it is energy consuming and very scarry because most of the times when this happened, I would wonder if my soul was going to come back to the body or if that is the end of me. These episodes stopped after I gave my life to Christ. I am 36 years of age and I enjoy my sleep. 😁
Ever since I can remember I could see a dark figure moving round where ever I was sometimes it would show it self and others hide in a dark corner. I have a memory that I've never been able to forget from my childhood I was walking down our hall way and we had a linen cupboard and mum wanted a tea towel so I went to grab one and something grabbed my arm from between the linen and tried to pull me in I've always tried to tell myself it is an allusion but over the last two years iv been a strange detailed figure regularly it's a bald pale skinned man with bright green eyes as If they were reflective he's wearing a dark like coat and he just stands there and watches I tried to approach him as I was having a smoke as if he was just some sort of local weirdo but when I got close he was gone. I am looking for some feed back as you don't hear about these sort of things in New Zealand...
I had same kind of experience. It was this week on Tuesday morning around 6 am, I was about to get up but still laying down on my bed consciously and my wife was in the kitchen, suddenly my whole body start vibrating with buzzing sound in my ear. I was not fearful as I am not that kind of guy who freaked out easily and I had a intitutve feeling that it is good for me. It was last for 5 to 15 sec. Approx, I was still as I knew if I move it will go away but intensity of vibration and buzz sound was increasing until I come out of it, as I thought its bit too much to handle for my body. As far as I know that it was some kind of spiritual experience as I was reading other people experience as well and its look like it happen to mostly spritual people. I consider my self to be a spiritual seeker as I do yoga and meditation on regular basis.
I would like to know if anyone else had same or similler experience and do they do some kind of spiritual practice?
rodgers999 in An Angel? Or God?
to the fool of on a wing and a prayer I have seen things as astral projection all my life as well as laughing at some one who would claim to have never befallen evil or dark magic for one reason your very being is the creation of evil do you not comprehend that. A demon or an angel can force you when you're asleep to go into astral projection regardless of faith. Let me enlighten you on things I am 23 and have seen and talked to the dead, angels, demons of all sorts. Just so you're aware there is magic in this world it is very old magic. But some few people do know there is another world which people do not see. Simply put you think that the stories are fake or pretend they are not all things mystical do exist as well as supernatural not to mention when all of you are aware 666 is no number of hell in hell the world is a mirror image and upside down. So try again as a friend I say to you other two as well as others do not take these happenings lightly your overwhelming feeling of doom and or dread may have been a bad spirit worst possible outcome a demonic presence... Just a formal warning now the other part of this warning make sure you always know your way back cause astral projection is the soul leaving the body remember next time close all the doors you open on the other side if too many are open its easy for something from the other side to slip in and a body with out a soul is easy to occupy then you can get lost or even die on the other side take nothing lightly it is one of the first magics and any mistake can be dangerous...
This happened during the well documented christian genocide (of 3.5 MILLION Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians), that the Turkish government committed, under the butcher prime minister MOUSTAFA KEMAL ATTATURK, and Sultan ABDUL HAMMID, between 1894 and 1923. I will write about how God supernaturally saved two greek girls, Themia Halo and Hariklea Poursanidou, when their innocent families, along with many others, were forced out of their houses at gunpoint, by Turkish soldiers, and put on a death-march, on a road to hell, through the deserts of Turkey-without any food or water, with only their clothes on their backs!...where millions died from thirst, hunger, and exposure, being torchered, brutalized and raped in front of their families, and left un-burried on the side of the road, to be eaten by vultures and dogs... GOD BLESS THE MEMORY OF THESE HEROES! Themia Halo, 10 at the time, had escaped the death march, and was kept as a servant by a cruel lady in south Turkey. She then ran away because of the abuse, and found herself on the outskirts of a large city, DIARBAKIR, in which she knew only one lady... But not her adress or name. Exhausted, Themia sat there, near a well, not knowing what to do!...and MIRACULOUSLY, out of no where, that lady came to her, and recognized her and took her to her home! Read her mind blowing story, in the best selling book: 'NOT EVEN MY NAME', by Thea Halo. The other girl, Hariklea, also escaped the death march. She was 6 years old! A family took her in for 2 months, in Kurdistan. One day, she went to the well, to give water to the cow, as usual, and MIRACULOUSLY found her mother at the well! LOL! This is recorded in a greek book, with refugee testimonies of survival, from that genocide. My friends, i've read so many incidents, that are BEYOND coinsidence, that prove that a higher power- God, Jesus, is at work in our lives! And if YOU can't see any miracles, well: Just take your hand off your eyes.LOLOL! Or email me, and i'll send you some awesome ones that happened to me, and friends and relatives. Stay safe. God bless!
An exellent book is: 'AN EXORCIST TELLS HIS STORY', by father Gabriele Amorth. He is the chief exorcist in Rome, and has done hundreds of exorcisms, and has much experience in demon warfare. Although i'm not catholic, i'm greek orthodox, I recomend this book, which also tells of how people get demonic oppression/possession. God bless!
Some of us have supernatural gifts from God, to help others with them, for free. But beware of occult practices. See: LEVITICUS: 19:31, 19:26-31, 20:27. DEUTERONOMY: 18:10-14. II KINGS: 1:1-4. EXODUS: 22:18. ACTS: 19:11-20. All those passages in the old and new testament warn us! Good luck!
Timfaraos in Touched By Hell
Another book that will certainly help you: 'HE CAME TO SET THE CAPTIVES FREE', by Rebecca Brown.
Timfaraos in Touched By Hell
A few books that will help you, fantastic gut wrenching true stories that will help you: 1) 'OUT OF THE DEVIL'S COULDRON', by John Ramirez. (best seller). 2) 'THE DAY SATAN CALLED', by Bill Scott. See also the youtube video: 'ex satanic priest carlos'. Good luck. Stay safe.
her possession was too much and I clearly felt she is abusing my soul and holyness for her sexual pleasure.
I even started to suspected that maybe she is stalking me for real... So I decided to move to a region where many Christian and Catholic live, so I hope I will feel safer
I'm experienced the same, I'm Catholic as well, I know exactly which person who cursed or prayed something to my soul, after I experienced my soul left my body, I started to see that person's shadow and heard of her voice trying to take over my body, I believe she is not Catholic neither Christian, I first felt that that person cursed me or into some kind of cult because I felt like she is controlling my body, it is like obviously that person trying the best as she can to discard and distracted guardian and holy spirits coming from higher place... It is like she took my soul and she is so possessed, I even felt like her life and my life has been switched... I also saw my left soul, and she is abusing my left soul for sexual pleasure, i'm living in buddhist country, about 500 or 600 years ago, in this country Catholic and Christian have been murdered just because of religious differences.
It is like she is trying to despite something I pray for to protect myself, clearly it is the holy spirit or soul where I used to connected with other Catholic and Christian people I had within myself has been taken away by her, weird thing is she seems like a psychic person and often seemed to know things I never told her, so she is possessed... And before every time I feel full of holy spirits in me and surrounded me feeling strong, she often got scared of me, she is scare of holy power and holy blessing... I hope I will survive... More strange thing is this person was my former boss at a work, and at that work I was discriminated just because i'm Catholic (most of people at that work are non Christian and Non Catholic) I even thought that maybe she is in cult or something, it is horrify feeling I experienced that when I was sleeping I felt her and she was drilling the core of my body with her shutter spirits or something and I could felt her trying to possess in my body... I don't know what religion she is (I even suspected that she might be in cult), and her purpose of doing this to me, I even felt like she is crazy enough in her head that she wants to kill me or something...
I hope Jesus and God have eyes on me... All I can do is go to church everyday, but I feel like my left soul never comes back...
Close all doors you have opened to demons, like: living in sin, extra marital sex, occult practices like contacting/channeling spirits, visiting psychics, mediums, tarot card readers etc. Invite a greek or russian orthodox priest, to sprinkle your home and family with holy water, tell him your problems, he'll be glad to help, because he CAN! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Pray to Jesus, fast from food whenever you can, read the bible and psalms, and DO the bible. It's as simple as that! And if you see a ghost or spirit, don't talk to it, NO! Even if it's asking for help, it's lying, it's a demon in disguise as a child or dead person! Tell it: IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, GO AWAY! AND GOD BLESS YOU! And Jesus will send an angel to kick it's sorry demonic as* out of your home and life forever! Halellujah! Contact me: +61416412185. Good luck!
Invite an orthodox priest to sprinkle your house and family with holy water, tell him your problems, he'll be glad to help you, because he CAN! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Contact me:+61416412185
Timfaraos in The Devil Himself
Invite an orthodox priest to sprinkle your house and family with holy water, tell him your problems, he'll be glad to help you, because he CAN! Salt and sage won't keep old satan away! Neither will psychics or mediums, who will ask you to pay thousands of dollars to help you... And things might get worse, you can't fight a devil with a devil! You need Jesus! Contact me: +61416412185. Good luck!
There are two main reasons why this could happen.
(1) That there are doors/windows open in your being due to some forgotten or un-confessed sin/s of your own, or an open door by birth as a result of some serious sins of any of your ancestors of last 4 generations. Which give the evil forces legal right to come into your life and try to destroy it. Fast and pray to GOD ALMIGHTY in the Name of Yahshuah the Messiah (Jesus Christ's authentic proper name) to reveal to you any sin of your own or of your ancestors that is giving them the legal right to come in. And when you get any sin (one or many sins) in your mind, just note them down on a sheet of paper. And then confess, repent and ask GOD for HIS forgiveness for yourself and for the ancestors who committed each sin. And pray to GOD that HE would cleanse you with the PRECIOUS BLOOD OF YAHSHUAH THE MESSIAH and believe that HE WOULD DO IT AS LONG AS YOU ARE PRAYING SINCERELY, TRULY REPENTANT and YOU ARE HONEST BEFORE GOD. You may have to repeat this cleansing PROCESS THREE OR MORE TIMES with a gap of few weeks/months/years as the HOLY SPIRIT WOULD GUIDE YOU.
(2) That you have purified yourself and you are living a holy life; as a result GOD is moving you to higher places in the SPIRITUAL REALMS and the FORCES OF SATAN is trying to STOP you and destroy you. GOD ALMIGHTY ALLOWS it because HE wants to stand on your own feet; HE WILL SEND HIS HELP WHEN YOU SEEK HIS HELP OR YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO STAND AGAINST THE EVIL FORCES. It may be difficult and painful, but you must encourage yourself that GOD ALMIGHTY is FAITHFUL to keep that which we commit to HIM. GOD ALMIGHTY and the Lord Yahshuah the Messiah will NEVER LEAVE YOU ALONE OR ABANDON you.
In that case all you need to do is to PRAY to GOD for PROTECTION, ASK HIM TO PUT ON YOUR SPIRITUAL BODY THE ARNOUR OF GOD that is DETAILED in Ephicians 6.
Ephesians 6:10-18 New American Standard Bible (NASB) ; The Armor of God
10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might. 11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you will be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.
13 Therefore, take up the FULL ARMOR of God, so that you will be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm.
14 Stand firm therefore, having girded your loins with TRUTH, and having put on the BREASTPLATE of RIGHTEOUSNESS, 15 and having shod your feet with the preparation of the (SHOES) GOSPEL of PEACE; 16 in addition to all, taking up the SHIELD of FAITH (in GOD and the Messiah) with which YOU WILL be ABLE to EXTINGUISH ALL the FLAMING ARROWS of the EVIL one/s. 17 And take the HELMET of SALVATION (through the Messiah), and the SWORD of the HOLY Spirit, which is the WORD of GOD (the BIBLE).

(You must study the BIBLE DAILY and live every aspect of your life according to the BIBLE. NO lying, no gossiping, no coveting, no jealousy, no envying, not keeping your anger beyond your bedtime, no revenge taking attitude, not disrespecting elders and authorities in your life, etc...)
18 With all prayer and petition PRAY AT ALL TIMES in the Holy Spirit, and with this in view, BE ON the ALERT with all perseverance and petition for all the saints.
The Armor of GOD is not something imaginary; it is real. You have to have each part of the ARMOUR in your practical life intact.
And always seek GOD's help, HIS counsel/advise instead of PEOPLE's help/advise; search the BIBLE for answers. Go to to search the BIBLE using keywords.
Hope this answers your question.
Fight a GOOD FIGHT and grow in the Lord Yahshuah the Messiah.
Of course, every person is very sensitive to the sufferings of his own people, and ALL suffering people... But the jewish holocaust is not the ONLY ONE that happened! But it's the only one we ever talk about, thanks to mass media. I, as a greek orthodox christian, feel sorry for the genocide of 3.5 million christians- greeks, armenians, assyrians- in Turkey in the early 20th century. Not to mention the rapes, torcher and forced deportation of their whole families, their death marches on a road to hell, through the Turkish deserts, with NO FOOD OR WATER, ONLY THE CLOTHES ON THEIR BACKS! A 10 year old girl who escaped, described the gut wrenching details, in a best selling book: 'NOT EVEN MY NAME', by Thea Halo. My Jewish friend, what about the SIXTY MILLION russians who were killed by the communists, from 1917-1992, most of them because THEY WERE CHRISTIANS! What about the 800. 000 orthodox serbs, that were torchered and killed in yugoslavia by the nazis and croatian ustashi... But it's always the winners that write history, and as we all know, mass media is owned by zionists... (No offence to the innocent Jewish people). Innocent people of all races, suffer and die because of the decisions of a few politicians...'the donkeys are kicking, and it's the chickens that die'. If the trillions of dollars spent for armies, wars and space projects were reduced, people wouldn't be dieing from hunger and preventable diseases... You see, God said love your neibour, feed the hungry, clothe the naked... But world leaders spend the money elsewhere! So it's not God's fault...
Better to pray and read the psalms, than to meditate! Better safe than sorry!
If you ask shamans and psychics, they say it's good... Because that's what they do themselves! They channel any old spirit INTO themselves, and start shaking and jumping all over the place, and go into a trance, and the spirit uses their voice to communicate messages...! This is what you get with occult practices and psychic spirit channeling...WEIRD! And if they get demon posessed, they come crying, to the christian priests! Jesus and the apostles never did these things! But we idiots, persist in doing them...! If you put your hand in the fire, you will get burnt! DAH! Timfaraos [at]
Timfaraos in Forced To Sleep
Yes, after death spirits evolve continuously, just like the angels... (but demons evolve backwards, they become more evil, more hateful toward God and humans). To help our dead relatives and friends- even if they're in hellish suffering- we must pray and fast for them, and give alms to the poor and the sick, in the dead person's memory... This helps them alot, because they no longer have a body to do good works with. And we shouldn't cry to much for them, because it disturbs their peace, strange but true!
There is a book that helps spiritual seekers and new agers, in their search for the TRUTH... In this book, a christian teenager left his religion, to find spiritual truth in the hindu ashrams in india, where he met with the 'guru of gurus' BABAJI twice, face to face... I won't tell you what amazing things happened... Read the book for yourself! To me, this internationally best selling book, is second only to the bible! That's why I will not get tired of recomending it to you all, my friends out there. It's called: 'THE GURUS, THE YOUNG MAN AND ELDER PAISIOS', by Dionysios Farasiotis. At God bless! Timfaraos [at]
Timfaraos in Why Me?
Instead, ask 'why NOT me?' As long as we see ourselves as humble servants and children of God, there is no danger of falling into pride... After all, without God's protection and guidance, we are just dust in the wind, blown about by temptation and insecurity. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust...
Timfaraos in The Devil Himself
Maybe you should pay attention to some kind of sin in your life or occult practice... Read and DO the bible, pray and fast as much as you need to, in Jesus' name.
It's good you're in the eastern orthodox church, so am i, i'm a greek australian. A great book to read, it's AMAZING- a best seller in many languages: 'THE GURUS, THE YOUNG MAN AND ELDER PAISIOS', by Dionysios Farasiotis, a friend of mine. At Happy reading. God bless. Timfaraos [at]
Maybe you have an open door to evil spirits somewhere in your life. Like if you live in sin: extramarital sex, drug or alcohol abuse, occult practices, angry and cursing at others, pride e.t.c
Don't open a door to an unspecified 'spirit guides' that you might not be able to close... Even demons can tell you stuff that's going on in other far away places, because as spirits, they can travel in the blink of an eye! But that doesn't mean we should trust them! JESUS NEVER COMMUNICATED WITH SPIRIT GUIDES through seances, tarot, ouija board, or through channeling with a psychic medium. These are all FORBIDDEN occult practices! These spirits can, and will defile your precious soul and body, if you give them half the chance! You have been WARNED! If you put your hand in the fire, you'll get burned! Curiosity killed the cat! Good luck! God bless! Timfaraos [at]

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