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When God enters a person, he doesn't act like posessed, like people in pentecostal churches... In greek and russian orthodox churches, there are many monks and priests who have supernatural gifts, and can tell what is and isn't from god. One time, an old monk, elder paisios (of greece, now a saint!), left his house for a trip to Jerusalem. Some people went to visit him, and he greeted them, gave them coffee and talked with them. The people told another monk the next day, that they saw father paisios in his house. But the monk said in shock: that's impossible! Fr. Paisios is in Jerusalem! That was a miracle of bi- location, or maybe it was his angel... Anyway, try the orthodox, greek or russian, church, it is 2000 years old., and has many holy men. You will be amazingly protected! Contact me: timfaraos [at] An amazing best selling book, translated in many languages, that will help you ALOT, is: 'THE GURUS, THE YOUNG MAN AND ELDER PAISIOS', by Dionysios Farasiotis. At You'll love this book, about how God and the demons were fighting for the mind, body and soul of a young man... Who got posessed, and nearly lost his mind! God bless!
Even if there is no ETERNAL hell, and all souls will be saved, I don't think God would tell that to us, because we would all sit back and say: 'o.k. Lets do what we want, and what we feel like! There is no hell!' So everyone would start robbing banks, having sex with other peoples' wives, doing pedophilia, beastiality, marrying their cousins, killing people e.t.c... We humans are too irresponsible, like children! We need to be afraid! You can't say to a 12 year old child: 'Here my son, take a million dollars and spend it as you want!' That would be stupid! It will destroy the child. He will spend it on drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, expensive cars, girlfriends e.t.c. Our God is not a stupid father! He gave us rules to obey, in the old and new testament. We have to be afraid of Him, and when we grow older, we will not be afraid, but we will LOVE him! We will tell Him: 'THANK YOU FATHER, FOR KEEPING US SAFE WITH ALL THOSE RULES AND PUNISHMENTS!' Timfaraos [at]
My friend wrote a best selling book, translated in many languages, about how he went DEEP into many new age practices, including hinduism, and staying at ashrams in india, yoga, hypnotism, mind control, meditation e.t.c... He did this for years, trying to find the truth of our wonderful universe. GOD and the devil were fighting for his soul, body and mind... He became posessed, he nearly lost his mind! Do you want to know what the hell happened to him? I won't tell you... Read the book! It's called: 'THE GURUS, THE YOUNG MAN AND ELDER PAISIOS', by Dionysios Farasiotis. At And when you've read it, then tell me, who are the lucky ones: the sheep, or the new age enlightened ones!... Good luck! Timfaraos [at]
Jesus and the apostles PRAYED AND FASTED, they didn't ever meditate... Are we better than them? Don't open your precious soul up to unspecified 'spirit guides', by visiting mediums and's a door you won't be able to easily close! And you'll lose thousands of dollars in the process... Pray to Jesus, the saints and Angels, it's FREE! God bless! Timfaraos [at]
You can't believe in ALL religions, you have to chose ONE! All good people will go to a good place after death. But you can't believe in christianity, where Jesus is God, and also believe in muslim religion where Jesus is not God, but only a minor prophet, LOWER than prophet mohamad! Or in budhism, where Jesus is equal to the man budha. Or in hinduism, where people bow down to idols and believe in many Gods...timfaraos [at]
God created you. You can never be God! Satan wanted to be God, and look at him now! Adam and Eve wanted to be God, and look what happened to them! Hitler wanted to be God, where is he now? Guru Sai Baba said he was God, and look what happened to him, (see webpage: 'guru sai baba exposed'). Many people in insane asylums think they are Jesus... The communists in Russia persecuted God and christians, thinking they could build a brave new world without God, that cost Russia the lives of 60million of its children! This is the sin of PRIDE!...which STINKS in the eyes of God! 'woe unto you, scribes and pharisees, you hypocrites!' said Jesus... But to the repentant theif, He said: 'Today, you will be with Me in paradise!'. Brothers let's read the bible and understand it, and pray and fast with HUMILITY AND LOVE! Amen. Hallelujah! Timfaraos [at]
Don't meditate, Jesus and the apostles never did... It opens you up to all the floatsam and jetsam spirits of the universe, it is dangerous! BEWARE! If you want to contact the divine, PRAY, with humility, like a child! Jesus never meditated, He PRAYED and fasted. Prayer is safer and more powerful than meditation, because you know to what spirit you're opening up to, Jesus, Mary, a saint, an angel... That way you are Protected! Pour out your heart by reading the psalms, demons tremble when we read them, with humility!... And don't go contacting unspecified 'spirit guides' through mediums, by paying thousands of your dollars! Go to church, it's free! Timfaraos [at]
I know a woman who was gang raped as a teenager by ten men, two of which were her TEACHERS at school! God curse them and make them feel sorry for what they did, so they don't go to hell!...But thank God, and by the prayers of her family, who are orthodox christians, she overcame this, and became a police woman, and has a beautiful 20 year old son, she is 49 years old. We hope she defeats satan many more times in years to come! Please pray for her! Timfaraos [at]
Timfaraos in Satan In My Dream
Pray and fast for her, trusting God, without anxiety... You can also give your time and money to help other people, (the poor, sick, handicapped, elderly, orphans, african charities like ''.), and do this in her 'name/memory'. This will help her soul ALOT! R.I.P. God bless
Brother, I would like to say, that it is wrong and dangerous what new agers say: 'Open up yourself to the universe, and let it take you where it will!'. It's just like saying to a stranger:'Hop in my car, and drive me to wherever you want!'... It can't happen! When we meditate, we leave ourselves empty, and open to ANY force or spirit of the universe! To me that's scary and DANGEROUS. Jesus, was the greatest spiritual master of all time, the God and Messiah (see Daniel ch.12)... But He never meditated! He prayed! He didn't tell the apostles to meditate, but to PRAY! Prayer is safer and more powerful than meditation! Because you know what spirit you are opening up to, Jesus, a saint or an angel... You are spiritually protected! (Not like meditation). The only danger in prayer, is if you pray with PRIDE... Thinking you are holy, and a saint. If you pray like this, God doesn't listen, and you might see a demon disguised as a holy angel or saint, you might even get posessed, because a proud prayer is blasphemy to God: 'hey God, listen to my prayer because I am holy, a chosen one!' Then, you'll get a slap from Father God! My friends, PRAY, and stay away from dangerous meditation, and communicating with unspecified 'spirits'! Better safe than sorry. Because: CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT! Don't test the Lord your God... You might not live to regret it, but your family sadly just might!...Timfaraos [at]
Are you living in sin/rebellion? Try the orthodox christian church! It's free! You'll be protected. God bless you. Timfaraos [at]
Are you living in sin and rebellion? That is an open door for demons to come into your life. In the old test. It sais: rebellion is like the sin of witchcraft... Aliens are DEMONS IN DISGUISE! Because they FLEE when you do the sign of the cross, and say: Jesus christ help me! Do you see? Don't go giving thousands of your dollars to psychic mediums, who talk with demonic 'spirit guides'! Try the orthodox christian church! It's free! And God and His Holy Angels will protect you forever. Amen! Timfaraos [at]
Have you confessed? A fantastic best selling book, written by a boy who danced with the devil for many years is: 'THE GURUS, THE YOUNG MAN AND ELDER PAISIOS', by Dionysios Farasiotis. At Read it, and find out what the hell happened to him in the end! Breathtaking! Timfaraos [at]
Timfaraos in My Near Death Story
Yes! In earthly life we live in an egg, and when we die, we hach out of the egg, to live eternally with Jesus christ our God, or be destroyed with the devil... It's up to us which path to choose!
Timfaraos in Encounter With Pan
I heard what you had to say, now listen to what I have to say... Freedom of speach! God created the universe and us humans. The devil created nothing! He is not a god! He is an imposter, a terrorist that torchers those who love him, and those that don't!... That hates our guts, and is jealous of us, because we get to go to heaven, and he doesn't! (because he doesn't want to say 'sorry God!'...) He will have your a** on a stick if you give him half the chance! Is that what you want? Then be careful what you wish for, you might just get it! See the mother, giving milk from her body to her baby? How much love! Well God loves us 1000s of times more than that! My friend, everyone can choose their master, but I think it's stupid to make your enemy, who hates you, your master, and trust him to control your life FOR ETERNITY! There's a best selling book on, about a boy who danced with the devil for many years, read it, and see what the hell happened to him! It's called: 'THE GURUS, THE YOUNG MAN AND ELDER PAISIOS', by Dionysios Farasiotis. I know this man. Good luck! Timfaraos [at]
Are you orthodox or catholic? Go to a priest and confess ALL your sins, write them down on a paper, and try to sin less. Have Holy communion and drink Holy water. Read the bible and help other people, and pray and fast as much as you need to. Good luck. Timfaraos [at]
Don't believe every voice or thought in your head, you don't know where it's comming from, God, the devil, or yourself. And don't go running to psychics and mediums, (who talk to demonic 'spirit guides'), to pay them thousands of your dollars, and fill their bank accounts! Try praying to God and Jesus, it's free! Read the bible. God bless you! Timfaraos [at]
We may think that we are good people, but looking closer, we'll find how far we are from perfect, and might I add, we can never become perfect, only God is that. But we gradually become better, like the angels who also evolve forever, in their knowledge of God! Just like a woodcarver, who thinks his work is great, but when he gets a magnifying glass, he sees there's more to be done... An example: when we COULD'VE done something good, and we DIDN'T...that's a sin. (The world goes to hell, when 'good people' stand back and do nothing!) When you read the bible, that's your magnifying glass, you'll see that you're not such a great christian after all. But God loves you just the same!
Thank God for nde, obe, and all supernatural testimonies on the internet! Even if only 0.01% of them were true, THAT WOULD PROVE THEIR POINT! Hallelujah! Timfaraos [at]
Dear desparate sister, you talk about 'gut feeling'... Well how many times has your 'gut feeling' let you down! Let's get real here! How many thousands of dollars have you spent on psychics and mediums? You believe in 'spirit guides', but you don't believe in God... Like saying: I believe in the tooth fairy, but I don't believe in the easter bunny! If you believe in spirits, then why not in God and angels? Try praying to's for free! And stop filling the bank accounts of mediums! Let this poor man and his wife enjoy their family life together... God has other plans for you, maybe another man, or something. Trust God, you are his child, his creation... Remember him, and he will remember YOU! God bless. Timfaraos [at]
To 'well wisher', well, I wish, you would stop saying 'allah/god''s like saying I have a pet that is a 'dog/cat'! Two different things. God is father, son and holy spirit, like a three leaf clover. Jesus is God. Allah doesn't include Jesus, for muslims, He is just a minor prophet, LOWER than mohammad! If you want to believe in Jesus, you'll have to drop allah! You're either pregnant, or not, you can't be half pregnant, or half christian. Good luck. God bless! Timfaraos [at]
I hope that you realise that you are only HUMAN, and that you, as a spiritual warrior, are fighting against supernatural evil powers, which can crush any human like a bug! You need spiritual protection and guidance from a RELIABLE supernatural force of good!...don't tell me you have kej... Who is kej? Kej shmej! The only spirit that can truly help you is GOD, Jesus and His Holy Angels! Because you ARE HIS CHILD, HIS CREATION! All other 'spirit helpers' 'guides' are IMPOSTERS, if they don't serve Jesus, and most likely DEMONS! Who would have your a** on a stick if you gave them half the chance! Sorry, but that's the truth. And don't curse me, or send me 'kej', (I am protected!), because I didn't write down the laws of the universe... GOD DID! To whom we offer glory, now and forever. Amen. Timfaraos [at]
Are you from kalamata, greece? And orthodox? My parents are from greece, and mum's from asia minor. Greeks never forget to pray to God... When the going gets tough, the tough get praying! Timfaraos [at]
I think we cry when a loved one dies, not for them, but for ourselves that we lost them! Anyway, many people have seen beloved passed ones in their dreams, telling them: 'don't cry for me that much! You're destroying my peace! I can't rest' LOL! True story! If we want to give rest and pleasure to them who passed away, especially the unrepented sinners, we should: pray and fast for them-not with anxiety, we should give their name to the priest to read in the liturgy (mass), kolyva (for eastern orthodox), and last, but very effective: we should do good deeds in their 'name/memory', like donate time and money to the poor, sick, elderly, orphans, e.t.c. By doing these things, you will be helping them to 'progress', to improve their situation, because they cannot help themselves anymore, being out of their body! We can and must help them! Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy, on the living and the dead! Timfaraos [at]
Timfaraos in He Sees Everything
Dear 'well wisher', stop saying 'allah/god'. It's like saying: my pet is a dog/cat! It's either one or the other! God is father, son and holy spirit. So Jesus is God. Allah doesn't include Jesus... For muslims, Jesus is a prophet, LOWER than mohammad! You're either pregnant or not, you can't be 'half pregnant'... If you want to believe in Jesus, you have to drop 'allah', and listen to His father, who said in ten commandments: 'I am the lord your God, you shall not bow down to other Gods (idolworship).' timfaraos [at]
Well, don't get mixed up here! You didn't pray to amakua, you prayed to Jesus... Remember that!
Alot of little stones put together, can be heavier than a rock... When we think about spiritual things daily, and pray daily, and fast, little acts of kindness,e.t.c, over the years, all these 'little' spiritual 'acts', will become a huge formidable force, later on in our life. It's like building a house: you never build one wall, then the other. You build all around, brick by brick. Never try to do EVERYTHING the bible sais, all at once... You start with what you can do at the moment, then after some time, something else, and God will make you stronger, to do more things. Remember: 'THE JOURNEY OF A THOUSAND MILES, BEGINS WITH THE FIRST STEP!'... I never thought that I would have 50 posts on this website, when I posted the first one! GLORY BE TO GOD!
Timfaraos in Greatest Peace
A young christian man, who could see angels and demons, went to a night club, and saw this sexy young lady dancing voluptuously, many were looking at her, but he saw that she was really a demon, pretending to be a girl! He went up to her and asked: what are you doing Dancing? I know you're a demon! The demon replied: satan my father gave me this job, to scandalise young men! (I met this young man, who is now an orthodox priest... Why would he lie?) timfaraos [at]
Jesus, who was the greatest spiritual teacher of all time, the Messiah, (see Daniel: 12...), and God, never told his apostles: 'Lets do a seance, to talk to the spirit of prophet Elijah, or prophet Jeremiah!'. NEVER! Why should we do it? It is forbidden by God, see old testament, FOR OUR OWN SAFETY! Well all I can say is: whatever tickles your fancy! Better safe than sorry! And don't try to send a spirit to me to scare me, because as a practicing orthodox christian and a child of the King, I HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR! God bless you! Timfaraos [at]
Timfaraos in Jesus On The Radio
I was hoping there were people out there who hear secular music, and make believe Jesus is talking to them through love songs, ballads and even rock... Sometimes I cry so hard! Even def leppard songs can speak of Jesus' love! Def leppard song 'i love rock and roll', reminds me of the power of the holy angels, it's like archangel michael is singing that song, fighting off satan, who cowardly sais: I got somethin to say! And michael says: oh yeah? Or the'll be two steps behind you. Or 'miracle'. Some great phil collins songs can speak of God's love too. I don't think there are many angels playing harps in heaven, because most of them are here on earth fighting demons and protecting innocents! GO MICHAEL! I imagine when I go to heaven, an angel will welcome me and say: 'welcome to the greatest rock concert in the UNIVERSE!' I can't imagine the power and the glory of God and His Holy Angels, and all the heroic souls of heaven... No boring old harps in heaven! ROCK ON, MICHAEL! Timfaraos [at]
I'm greek orthodox. A holy romanian orth. Monk, who lived in the mountains by himself, for 15yrs, (cause communists were persecuting the priests and monks), said: 'if you are tied to a tree, and see a demon how he truly is, you would uproot the tree and run...!' Because God rarely permits us to see a demon how he truly looks like, we would get a heart attack! In a orthodox monastery on mount Athos, the monks were preparing a man, who was previously a black magician, to be tonsured a monk the next day... Well, that night in the corridors of the monastery, the monks heard terrible wailing, high pitched screaming, dogs barking, (they had no dogs...), doors of monk's cells slamming open... And next day, in the vegetable garden, all the plants were uprooted or trampled, everything in a mess! This happened, because the man was a black magician, and when he became a monk-a spiritual warrior of God- the devil couldn't handle losing him, who was one of his servants! A fantastic bestselling book to read on this topic is: 'THE GURUS, THE YOUNG MAN AND ELDER PAISIOS' by Dionysios Farasiotis, at An excellent true story of a young new ager, and the battle between God and the demons for his soul, body and mind (which he nearly lost!). Timfaraos [at]
Try the greek or russian orthodox christian church... It is 2000yrs old, and its priests have the power and peace of God. They can help with evil oppression/posession, even when muslim, hindu, catholic, prodestant holy men, or mediums or witches COULD'T HELP! TRY IT, it's free. You have nothing to lose, and eternity to gain! God bless! Timfaraos [at]
Timfaraos in Summoning Metatron
Firstly, the book of enoch is 'apocryphal' meaning, it's NOT one of the books that the christian church accepts...that's why it's not incuded in the old and new testament! (neither is the gospel of thomas, or shepard of hermas e.t.c). So I would be wary of the 'angels' names that are mentioned in it! Who is metatron? Well when he came to you, he came in a RED LIGHT, which is demonic. Secondly, if he was really a Holy Angel of God, he wouldn't have painfully prodded you for your innocent mistake, to call him... Not all spirits are good spirits, and best not to call them! Curiosity killed the cat! Timfaraos [at]
In the new testament, Jesus said: 'angels in heaven don't marry' (they don't have sex, meaning they don't have penises or vaginas)... So why would God let demons have sex! They are SEXLESS, like all angels! But a demon CAN give you sexual stimulation, and simulate sexual intercourse, if you let it... Which of course is a sin, and all sorts of evil will come into your life, you might even get posessed! STAY AWAY! Also in old testament, God sais: 'it is forbidden to contact/channel 'spirits', because they will DEFILE YOU!' Your body and your soul! We know the demons are JEALOUS OF HUMANS, because we get to go to heaven... They hate our guts! DON'T LET THEM TRICK YOU INTO TRUSTING THEM! And NO OUIJA BOARD! Timfaraos [at]
On the topic of angels, you can read about tsar Nicholas the 2nd's 5 angel children, and their lives, and how they were brutally murdered, at a young age, along with their faithful parents, by the demon hearted, communists in 1917. Visit. Www. The execution of the russian royal family. (And associated websites). It will bring tears to your eyes, and a lump in your throat... WHY? Timfaraos [at]
An account of someone who saw their guardian angel: '...and then there stood before me, my most pure, radiant, humble, meek guardian, all in white, with slightly blueish wings. Fair curly hair, with great humility in his face... For a long time I could not tear my gaze away from him. One can only say and understand about him, that really, only Angels can be like that!...'
Read this, by an orthodox princess of romania, daughter of king Ferdinand, who became a nun, mother alexandra, abbess of orth. Monastery of Transfiguration, Ellwood city, Pennsylvania. 'It was morning, when I was 11yrs old, when I saw the Angels! I was not dreaming or hallucinating. I just know they were there, plainly, clearly. I was not astonished or afraid, not even awed... I was only very pleased. I saw a group of Angels standing, as if chatting around my younger brother's bed. I couldn't hear them talking. They wore long gowns of soft colours. Their hair came to their shoulders, and different in colour, from fair and red to brown. They had no wings. At the foot of my brother's, prince Mircea's bed, stood one heavenly being, aside from the others. He was taller, very beautiful, with great white wings. In his hand was a candle. He was on watch. He was the guardian Angel. Then I looked at the foot of my own bed, and saw one just like him, tall, with a dark blue robe. Auburn hair, oval face, and a beauty that I can't describe! His wings swept high and out behind him. One hand to his breast, in the other a candle. An angelic smile. Love, kindness, understanding and assurance flowed from him. Delighted, I crawled from under the bedcovers, kneeling against the bedboard at the foot of my bed. I stretched out my hand to touch him, but he took a step back, put out a warning hand and gently shook his head. 'Oh please don't go!' I cried. Then, all the other angels looked at me, and it seemed I heard a silvery laugh... Then they vanished.' From the book by mother Alexandra, 'THE HOLY ANGELS', Light and life publishing, 1987. (Lucky child!). Timfaraos [at]
Once, as a teenager I got mad at my mum and sister, and cursed them: the devil take you, and me with you! After 5 minutes, I went to bed, and when I closed my eyes, I had energy comming to my face, just like when someone punches you and you react by pulling your head back, I couldn't sleep. I was scared crazy! I got up, and read some psalms of david aloud. And then slept peacefully!
A girl got a 'spirit guide' from the ouija board. She spent hours on the board communicating with it. The spirit would tell her how wonderful and gifted she was, about stuff that was happening in her friends' lives e.t.c Then it said that this cute boy liked her, and she should have a relationship with him. She was over the moon with this, and got into the relationship... After some time, the 'spirit guide' communicated to her: 'you two are so much in love, you know you're going to marry him... Have sex with him, it won't hurt!' So she did that a few times... Then the 'guide' started saying: 'of course you know you're a slut, everybody knows it... Why don't you just kill yourself! Get it over with!' And every time she did the ouija board, her 'guide' would insult her and berrate her! Finally, the poor girl had enough, she felt confused!: 'how could my wonderful loving 'spirit guide' treat me like this? Didn't I do as it had told me?' She felt like DYING! Then, by God's mercy, she told her friend what was happening, and her christian friend told her that the 'spirit guide' was probably A DEMON!... Lol! She then woke up, and never did the ouija board again! So I ask you people: 'who are these 'guides' that you so faithfully follow?' God sais occult practices, and communicating with unspecified 'spirits', 'dead relatives' 'aliens' 'angels' e.t.c. Are a SIN! Watch out! You might get hurt, or lost FOREVER! GOD said this to protect us, out of His love for us! How come Jesus, our spiritual master, never did these things, because he knew that demons disguise themselves as guides, angels, dead relatives and aliens! DON'T OPEN YOUR SOUL AND YOUR LIFE TO UNKNOWN FORCES OF THE UNIVERSE!...YOU MAY NOT LIVE TO REGRET IT, BUT YOUR CHILDREN AND FAMILY JUST MIGHT. Better safe than sorry. Don't pretend you're phoebe from the 'charmed ones', you are not! But you ARE a beloved child of The King, Jesus Christ... And may He surround you and protect you with His True and Powerful Holy Angels...! (My mobile phone is just about on fire from me posting to all you brothers and sisters, BUT WE HAVE TO SPREAD THE LIGHT OF JESUS!). God bless! Timfaraos [at]
In the greek orthodox church we have modern day padre pios, too many of them. I met two myself. My jaw dropped to the ground after they miraculously saw into my past present and future... And called me by name! Their names are elder paisios and elder porphyrios. (of greece), now SAINTS! There are numerous best selling books about them, in many languages. Another fantastic book on them: 'THE GURUS, THE YOUNG MAN AND ELDER PAISIOS' by Dionysios Farasiotis. At Breathtaking. Real. A book about God versus satan, and the battlefield is a young man's heart mind and soul... Talk about a cliffhanger! Gulp! Timfaraos [at]
Timfaraos in My Second Sight
Jesus was the greatest spiriual teacher there ever was, and a God... And he didn't teach these things, because they have nothing to do with our salvation, and also might be dangerous. Best ignore them... Also He didn't teach chakras, kundalini and yoga energy. Curiosity killed the cat... But then again: 'whatever tickles your fancy', it's your own risk. Timfaraos [at]
You will enjoy reading a best selling book by a young man (formerly fanatic new ager, now deeply christian and teaching physics and married). It blew my mind! It's called: 'THE GURUS, THE YOUNG MAN AND ELDER PAISIOS' by Dionysios Farasiotis. I think it's at (He is a friend of mine and I can attest to it's authenticity!). GOD BLESS! Timfaraos [at]
Timfaraos in Balance
It's amazing! He was God, people were crucifying him, piercing him with spears, giving him bile and vinegar in his thirst, spitting on him and cursing him... And he was saying: 'FATHER, FORGIVE THEM! THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING!' His heart was singing out to his murderers: 'I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!' Now that's what I call a true man, and a true God! How can we compare Him to the 'gods' of other religions, allah, or the millions of hindu gods who say: 'murder, plunder the infidels!...' Truly, we serve a Great God in our Lord Jesus Christ! (Who we crucify AGAIN AND AGAIN, with our sins and our childish disobedience and rebellion!). Timfaraos [at]
Timfaraos in Twilight Zone
I am a practicing greek orthodox christian. Well, one day at 2pm, I was lying in bed on my side, between sleep and wake, and I suddenly got a picture in my mind that I was standing in a church I had once been to. Then I heard a voice announcing: 'the demonic presence'... Then I felt like an octopus type of thing was stuck to my upper back, sucking the life out of me! I couldn't move or breathe for a minute! My breath was like the 'snoring' of a dying man... Then I managed to say: 'in the name of Jesus christ! Go!'. And it left. I thank God that his Angel announced this attack to me beforehand. You might call it an 'old hag' experience, but I know better. My mother had a simular experience several times. Once, she was lying on her back about 3pm, and between sleep and wake, she felt a weight climbing from her feet, to her abdomen, and then chest. She couldn't move or breathe. Then she started praying in her mind: 'Our father who art in heaven...' Immediately the weight jumped off her chest, in the form of a huge cat, which jumped out 'flying' through the window, which I must add was CLOSED SHUT, WITH METAL BARS ACROSS THE WHOLE GLASS, like a window in a prison cell would be...! That was no 'old hag'. Damn that devil! Timfaraos [at]
Timfaraos in My Awakening
A beautiful testimony is a youtube video: 'ex satanic priest carlos'.
Hypnosis is dangerous, because you give a stranger access to your soul! This person might be a channeler of unspecified 'spirits' or 'guides', which might be evil spirits in disguise! Would you tell a stranger: hop in my car and drive me wherever you want to go?! Same thing! JESUS never used hypnosis, never channeled spirits, never used tarot cards, chrystals, or did palm reading... Never did spiritualist seances... Never used witchcraft or used spells... All these things are DANGEROUS, and forbidden by our Heavenly father... FOR OUR OWN GOOD! Timfaraos [at]
I am a practising greek orthodox christian. And I have had drinking glasses on the sink to dry, for no reason shattering in a million little pieces, without anyone touching them... And once during prayer at night, I felt a giant evil presence beside me, and I stopped praying and went to bed, which I shouldn't have done... The devil just wants to drive us crazy, and get us depressed! God gave you supernatural gifts to help people by praying and fasting for them! But if you are scared of this gift or tired, ask God to take it away! And don't believe the devil who tells you you are special, YOU ARE GOING TO SAVE THE WORLD! He just wants to fill you with pride, and lose your mind -like he did! We are NOTHING without God -dust in the wind! We should always thank him for what we have, and don't have... Timfaraos [at]
For a great ONGOING miracle of archangel Michael go:
GOD sais don't be a medium, don't channel spirits, don't predict the future, don't cast spells, don't practice occult things! Remember adam and eve? They believed the serpent! GOD wants to protect us, silly little things that we are!Timfaraos [at]
Timfaraos in Answered Prayer
There's no such thing as aliens/ufos...they are demons in disguise! Looking for a chance to get you to TRUST THEM! (look it up on internet). Next time you see something supernatural say: Jesus Christ help me! And sign yourself with the cross. Better safe than sorry! Because 'curiosity killed the cat!...' timfaraos [at]
Just to be sure, whenever you get an OBE, say: Jesus Christ help me! And then you will know if it's demonic or from God. Better safe than sorry!
AN ANSWER TO PRODESTANTS: As a greek orthodox christian, WE ONLY WORSHIP GOD! But we HONOUR THE VIRGIN MARY, THE SAINTS, THE ANGELS, and we pray to them, and also kiss their pictures -icons- just like you would kiss the photograph of a loved one. WE DON'T WORSHIP ICONS OR STATUES, we honour who they represent... If we honour the cheif of police, or a general, who give orders to men... Then why shouldn't we honour the Virgin Mary, who GIVES ORDERS TO ANGELS?! And for the record, we don't believe in 'immaculate conception', that the V. MARY was born like Jesus, without the sperm of a man... She was FULLY HUMAN, NOT HALF GOD LIKE JESUS WAS... Timfaraos [at]
Timfaraos in A Moment Of Fear
The devil told jesus to throw himself off the cliff, and God will save him! Jesus replied: you should not test the Lord your God! People who do rockcliming, white water rafting, hang gliding and other dangerous sports, put themselves in danger! They TEST GOD! Don't do it.
Timfaraos in Meeting My Hero
Whoever protects children, is an angel, a small saint! JESUS said: we must protect and guide the children! And NOT GIVE THEM UP FOR ADOPTION TO SICK AND PERVERTED PEOPLE, LIKE HOMOSEXUALS, DRUG ADDICTS AND ALCOHOLICS. We must change the laws! We must pray and fast, so God can send His Holy Angels to all children and families that are in danger: physically and sexually abused, raped, torchered, murdered, who live in warzones, or on the street with no homes, orphans, disabled or sick...who's parents practice satanism, witchcraft, and contact and channel 'spirits' e.t.c. All these children SUFFER! While we sit on our couch and watch seinfeld, and eat our roast lamb dinner, with ice cream desert...! Did you know that 80% of prostitutes have been sexually abused as a child?!? Would you want your sister or daughter to be a prostitute? Then why do you take advantage of prostitutes? If you don't stop, God will send you demons to make your life hell, so you can REPENT! Timfaraos [at]
You said you are not a good man... Well, when we live in unrepented sin, like sex out of marriage, witcraft, harming others, contacting and channeling 'spirits', drug and alcohol abuse... All these things, then we leave an open door for the demons to take over our life, and CONTROL US, and TORMENT US... And then, God will give us a sickness, to bring us back to him, and make us REPENT... We should read the bible, pray and fast regularly, help other people in need: the poor, sick and disabled. We should find a church, and CONFESS OUR SINS, AND RECEIVE HOLY COMMUNION, at least once a month. (I recommend the greek and russian orthodox christian church, which is 2000years old, and has GREAT POWER OVER THE DEMONS!). Good luck. Timfaraos [at]
It is good to mourn for our dead family members... But I think we feel more sorry for ourselves, than for them, actually! I have heard of people seeing their dead relatives in dreams, telling them: 'Please don't cry for me! You are upsetting my peace!'...strange but true! If we want to help our dead relatives and friends, we can- and should- pray and fast for them, as much as we can, and also help the poor and sick, in the dead person's name. This helps ALOT. God bless. Timfaraos [at]
GOD helps all people, the good and the bad, (so they can become better). But I must tell you, that if you live in sin, and don't repent, then you leave an open door for the devil, and sickness will follow, because God wants to save you. Sex out of marriage IS a sin.
Handicapped people have a first class ticket to heaven, if they bare their burden thanking God... They are a living sacrifice- just like a saint. Their place in heaven will be much closer to God's throne than most of us... IF we even get to heaven that is.
I hope Jerry remembers us 'fortunate ones' ond day, when he's in heaven!
War heroes, mostly 20-30 year olds, have a special place in heaven. JESUS SAID: 'Greater love hath no man, than to give his life for his brother'... They died, so we can live free! 'AT THE GOING DOWN OF THE SUN, AND IN THE MORNING, WE SHALL REMEMBER THEM'. R.I.P.
A greek orthodox girl helen, in Turkey, in the 1800s, was a very pious girl, from a young age she helped the poor and the sick, she even prophecied to help people in situations... Her family heard her praying at night: 'Dear god, give me so and so's sins, and i'll take 'her' sins, and 'that one's' sins...' She died 14yrs old... And people kept seeing a bright light over her grave at night. When they exumed her bones from the grave, her right hand was intact and with skin and flesh, and there was a smell of roses coming from the open grave. Another woman in Greece, had a young son lying dead in her house. She went to church and prayed to God for Him to spare her already DEAD son's life! She went home, and said to her son: get up son, you are too young! She lay on the bed and...died! TRUE STORY! I know of greek orthodox monks, who prayed to God to take terminal sicknesses (cancer, multiple sclerosis, heart conditions, paralysis) away from others, and give it to them! And the sick were cured! Some of these monks are now saints, two of which I met! Their names are elder paisios and elder porphyrios (of greece) . Look them up on internet. There's also more than 50 bestselling books on their life, teachings, and testimonies, of their AMAZING miracles! (translated into many languages). TRULY LOVE AND PRAYER MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND! (If we want to help someone in need, better for us weak humans, not to ask God to give us their burden, because we might not be able to carry it... But we CAN AND MUST PRAY FOR THEM, and give to a charity 'in their name'.) If you want me to tell you what happened when I met elders paisios and porphyrios (miracles!), just email me. GOD BLESS! Timfaraos [at]
Timfaraos in We Are All One
This is Jesus' teaching, that we are all part of one another: do unto others, as you would have them do unto yourself.
Timfaraos in Oh Lord Help Me
A woman was waiting on a red light at an intersection. A white wolf came along and sat down on the road in front of her car, and was staring at her with its eyes... The light turned green and she started honking at it with her horn, the drivers behind her started honking too. The wolf didn't budge. Then, a car came racing through the intersection from her right side, running through a red light... Then, the wolf got up and let her pass, saving her from a terrible accident... TRUE STORY! Truly, God sends us his angels all the time, but we are too selfish to see it.
As I said before. Newagers say:'Open up yourself to the universe, and let it take you where it will!' Well, that's just like saying to a stranger: hop in my car, and drive me to wherever you want! It can't happen! When you buy a car, you get a user's manual that tells you how to use and maintain your car. Well, us human beings are much more complicated than a car, and God the Father, who manufactured us, has given us a manual on how to live, what to do and not to do-our limitations... This manual is the old and new testament! Now if you want to rev up your car beyond it's safe rev limit, (JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN...) you'll just BLOW UP THE ENGINE! Let's face it, our knowledge of the universe is very limited, and we need guidance, just like a child, who doesn't know the difference between chlorine and lemonade, it will drink them both! The universe in our childish eyes is like a candy shop, we want to taste EVERYTHING WE SEE! (Remember adam and eve?!). And if the parent sais to us: go ahead, eat everything you want! I'll pay for it... Then, we'll end up with a huge stomach ache... And we'll be cursing our parent for letting us eat all those sweets! God out of His love for us sais: 'NO CHILD! DON'T DO IT! YOU'LL GET HURT!' But we, like rebellious and stubborn teenagers, think that He's being mean, and just wants to control us!... Well, in the end, some of us come through the other end, of rebellion, (with some painful scars), to tell the tale... But MANY of us die, and our immortal souls are lost forever... To the bad parent, (the devil) who told us that we could eat ANYTHING we desired, in the candy shop called the universe...timfaraos [at]
I think God showed you this girl so you could PRAY for her. As for mediums who contact spirits... God sais: DON'T DO THAT! It's a sin, because you can get hurt spiritually, emotionally and even physically sick, because there are evil unclean spirits out there, just waiting for you to let them into your life! And the worst thing is, they pretend to be a 'dead relative', or a 'spirit guide' or 'angel' who wants to help you! Same thing goes for ouija board! FATHER GOD SAIS: 'NO CHILD! You'll get hurt!' STAY AWAY FROM OCCULT PRACTISES! And don't listen to newagers who say:' open yourself up to the universe, and let it take you where it will!' Would you invite a stranger into your car and say: drive me to wherever you want! SAME THING! The universe has laws, and they are written in the old and new testament, by our loving Father! Timfaraos [at]
In the bible it says: 'it is appointed for men to live once, and then to die... Some unto eternal salvation, and others to eternal damnation'. So I don't believe we have many lives, like hindus believe. It's the devil's trick, to make us think we can sin as much as we want in this life, because we can make up for it and repent in the next life!... As for praying to 'pele', I would prefer Jesus... Better safe than sorry! Timfaraos [at]
When you're in a difficult situation tell a child to pray to God for you, God listens to their prayers because: children's angels are always standing before God the Father's face!
And when you can't do anything to help your neibour, just pray and fast for him, and give to a charity 'in his name', and God will do the rest, by sending His Angels into his life. GOD BLESS! Timfaraos [at]
All you can do is love Him back, and spread His love to other people. How? Well, read the bible and you'll see how! Love God with all your soul your mind and strength, and love your neibour as yourself. Remember the golden rule: Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. And: 'Inasmuch as you have done unto one of these little and insignificant ones, you have done unto Me!... For I was hungry and you fed me, naked and you clothed me, sick and in prison and you visited me...' As you see, we have ALOT to do in our short life, until God calls us home...
There is no such thing as 'earth spirits'. There are Holy Angels, Fallen angels (demons), and the spirits of the dead, who are in hell's or heaven's waiting rooms, where they are waiting to be judged with all humans, at the time of judgement day. If these dead people were saints or good people during their life, God uses them to help us on earth. But if they were evil, I don't think God would have them running around on earth causing pain and disaster, I think they are confined in 'detention' until judgement day! But we can certainly pray for dead unrepented sinners, and help them, by giving alms and money to charities 'in their name', and doing charitable things 'in their name', this helps them alot! We can even do fasts 'in their name'. We ourselves also get brownie points from God for helping our dead unrepented relatives and friends. But next time you see a spirit say: 'lord jesus christ HELP ME!', And it will show you what it truly is, evil or good! Timfaraos [at]
I would be cautious! In new testament it sais: 'don't believe in all spirits. TEST THE SPIRITS.' A monk in his cell saw an 'angel'. It said to him: 'God sent me to tell you that you are very holy in His eyes!' The monk then did the sign of the cross on himself, and said: 'Lord Jesus! Who am I to see a holy angel?' The 'angel' then squealed like a pig, and disappeared, leaving behind a stench like rotten eggs in the room!... He did two things that saved him: he signed the cross over himself, and called the help of Jesus Christ, at who's name demons tremble! BEWARE OF FALSE SPIRITS! We know king Saul went to a medium, to make her bring the dead prophet Samuel, to talk with him... This made God angry, because talking with the dead, as mediums do, or with 'familiar spirits' or 'spirit guides', also the 'ouija board', is FORBIDDEN by God! God knows the danger of doing these things, and wants to protect us! We can even get posessed by a demon or two. Better safe than sorry! Next time you see a 'spirit' in your room, tell it: 'IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, SHOW ME WHO YOU ARE!'... A lady who was being visited nightly by the 'ghost' of her dead 3 year old nephew said this, and guess what? Her 'nephew' turned into an ugly demon, and fled screaming! There are so many simular testimonies on the internet! Don't leave your mind and your body OPEN to strange spirits! Even if they pretend to want to help you... Timfaraos [at]
Timfaraos in God Listens
When someone loves someone, or feels sorry for someone, the best gift for them, is to pray and fast for them. That's what monks and saints do. They sacrifice their time and luxuries for others, so God can send His angels to them! Because to love someone, means to sacrifice yourself for them, even in just a little way... That's how Jesus did it! That's how our war heros did it -they died so we could live free! Jesus said: 'GREATER LOVE HATH NO MAN, THAN HE WHO SACRIFICES HIS LIFE FOR HIS BROTHER'! That's the same love a mother or a father should have for their children and family... Love and prayers makes the world go round, what makes us breathe... What makes the angels help and protect us! Just like petrol makes a car move! GOD BLESS! Timfaraos [at]
Timfaraos in Spirit Needing Love
Well, if you think about how lucifer was the brightest, most powerful of God's angels, and that now he is so miserable and jealous of us humans, because we are now the beloved children of God instead of him, all you can do is love him, or at least pity him... But NEVER trust him! GOD IS LOVE! There is power and peace in us when we love! God bless!
Timfaraos in A Divine Experience
You say your mother and aunts were spiritualists. Well that explains it, kids sometimes suffer because of the sins of parents or close family. In old testament God says it is a sin, and it is DANGEROUS, to talk with spirits through seances or ouija board type of things. You don't know what you're dealing with! The devil can appear as an angel of light, BEWARE, test the spirits! Timfaraos [at]
Timfaraos in A Divine Experience
You say your mother and aunts were spiritualists. Well that explains it, kids sometimes suffer because of the sins of parents or close family. In old testament God says it is a sin, and it is DANGEROUS, to talk with spirits through seances or ouija board type of things. You don't know what you're dealing with! The devil can appear as an angel of light, BEWARE, test the spirits!
Well, I would suggest: read the bible, and then start 'doing' the bible. Because Jesus said: 'he who DOES what I say, is the one who loves me...' Also you should pray, with a little fasting, so God can save you, guide you and protect you... With the help of His holy angels, along with all those people you pray for. 'The journey of a thousand miles, begins with one step'. Take each day at a time, knowing that today could very well be the last day of your life on this earth, (also called 'the valley of tears'). GOD BLESS!
Some people are kind and sympathetic souls, and believe that anything supernatural that happens to them comes from God... I'm specifically speaking about 'mikeward62, ' who's testimony you'll read further down. He believes that bahai 'prophet' BAHALUALLA was an incarnation of Christ!... But how could this be, if Christ himself said to the pharisees:'you will see me seated to the right of the Power, comming on the clouds of the sky, with the holy angels'... This means that christ walked the earth as a human ONCE. And next time he comes, he will come as God in all His glory, sitting on the clouds, to judge humanity! How could BAHALUALLAH have been Christ? Well mike, all I can say is: 'whatever tickles your fancy!' timfaraos [at]
My uncle had a near death experience when he died for a few minutes on the operating table! His soul rose to the ceiling, and he saw his body on the op. Table, with all the doctors and nurses running around, trying to bring him back to life!... When he came back, the doctor told him: you died for a few minutes! My uncle said: no I didn't! I was up there! And I heard what you were saying to the nurse, and I saw that nurse go out of the room and come back in... And the doctor said: that's impossible! You were clinicall DEAD, and your eyes were CLOSED! So there IS life after death! (And when I told this story to my friend, he said his mother also experienced the same thing!) God bless!
I hav posted a caution about gurus on another post on this website... Check it out! Timfaraos [at]
I am happy that you heal people, but I would be cautious about reiki. Reiki practitioners call upon 'healing spirits', and channel them through themselves into the patient... How could we be sure that these are not evil spirits, masquarading as 'healers', only to be allowed access to the patient's body and mind?! Some new age people say: 'open yourself to the universe, and let it take you where it wants' (!). Are we to become guinea pigs of any channeler, reiki practitioner or charlatan, to trust them with unknown 'spirits' entering our bodies and minds? Why not heal in the proven and almighty name of Jesus Christ? Better safe than SORRY I say! A fantastic best selling book on new age experiences, yoga, mind control, kundalini, hypnotism, gurus, demons and angels, is called: 'THE GURUS, THE YOUNG MAN, AND ELDER PAISIOS', by Dionysios Farasiotis. This young man has 'been there, done that', to a much deeper degree than most of us ever will, and he miraculously survived to tell the tale of his fasinating journey... It's a must read for all who seek the truth, by risking life and limb, and even their own sanity! Happy reading, god bless! Timfaraos [at]
There are many testimonies on internet: angel stories, miracle stories, NDE stories, ex occult and ex satanist testimonies e.t.c! Yes the spiritual-supernatural world exists! Glory be to God!
I've read stuff about gurus, and met people who WERE very devoted to them, UNTIL... Gurus in india pronounce themselves as 'God incarnate'! (How can they be God? Did they make the universe? The planets? E.t.c). Guru Raznish had a whole FLEET of rolls royces for his personal use, he was a millionaire, while he preached to his followers to live in poverty, and live on rice and yogurt... The great guru sai baba was a homosexual pedophile... (see website: 'guru sai baba exposed'.). As for yoga, the gurus promote it in the west as a 'science', by whitch one achieves health, relaxation, enlightenment! But gurus KNOW and have said that: 'THERE IS NO YOGA WITHOUT HINDUISM, AND THERE IS NO HINDUISM WITHOUT YOGA!' Because yoga practitioners chant PRAISES TO HINDU GODS! (Hare krishna, hare rama, e.t.c). The name 'science', is how the gurus market yoga in the west, to DECEIVE unsuspecting people, mostly christians. There is an amazing best selling book, about a young man who nearly lost his mind, when he travelled to india to follow the gurus' instructions on 'enlightenment'... (He now is married, a christian, and teaches physics in high school.) His exellent book is called: 'The gurus, the young man, and elder Paisios', by Dionysios Farasiotis. Happy reading and, good luck! Timfaraos [at]
A monk once saw an 'angel' in his room, and it said to him: 'GOD sent me to tell you that you are very holy in His eyes!' Then the monk did the sign of the cross on himself and said: 'Lord Jesus, who am I to see a holy angel?' Then the 'angel' squealed like a pig, and dissappeared, leaving behind a stench like rotten eggs! Don't ask to see an angel, because instead you might see a demon in disguise! But we should definitely pray to angels! They are very powerful! Timfaraos [at]
People that see demons and angels have a gift. But you can use this gift rightly, by praying and fasting for demon afflicted people, or you can abuse it by using it for your own gain, or to hurt people... If you are afraid of this gift, ask God to take it away... Also you should be aware that sometimes, demons can appear as an angel of light! Beware! If you need help with dealing with a demon, I suggest you find a priest of the greek, or russian orthodox christian church, they have experience, and God's power! Try them! It's for free. You won't be disappointed! They work miracles with demon posessed/oppressed people in africa, and all over the world! Good luck! Timfaraos [at]
I wasn't being mean or nasty. I love you. Even when you threaten me. I have family members on your friend's list and word travels. If you wouldn't have used me as a subject in your post I wouldn't have bothered you. What you do with your life is my business. You are my father-my bloodline. I haven't been sending you messages, though I have received the ones you have sent my husband on Facebook. As for my husband, he is has been trained in combatives. Wrestling is a sport, not child molestation. He is an amazing, God fearing man. There has never been one ounce of suspicion on my part when it comes to him... And I am hyper vigilant to it.
Like I said, that post came from love. You may not like the way it looks, but that IS my life story and you played a vital role.
I love you, Dad.
Kswartz you have serious issues. The only way you even seen this story is by stalking me. Stay out of my life. All you want is to cause problems. Do you really think you are a good person? STop posting stop sending me messages when I do pass away I will make sure you won't be around me even then. All you want is drama. What I do with my life is not your concern. You don't know me at all the things I could do what I'm capable of you have no clue Quit while you are ahead. I'm sick of your crap. Stay out of my life. Take down your nasty post stop being cruel unless you want a full taste of what I can deliver. You have beautiful babies a nice family be happy enjoy them while you can you never know from one day to the next. Here today gone tomorrow.
I'm not sure if you can access your account anymore or visit your page. I wish for you to be able to ready experience. Which is connected to yours.

I saw THE SAME entity. I was 5 years old, and randomly woke up. It was still dark outside, and I was living in a strictly catholic household.

When I woke I saw the grim reaper entity staring me down. He looked just as real as a human. He had the hood on, and black cloak. He was bony, and very dark.

I hid under the covers, and don't rember the rest of the night.
I told my mother the next day, to this day she remembers.

That energy never left, nobody has answers, nobody can understand it. 😐
Bellanjelah in Angel?
angels abound, they are here to guide us and protect us. It's up to us if we will heed them or not. I had instances where an angel did save me.
I had the same experience/encounter when I was 6 years old. It was almost midnight, oh well, I felt I needed to relieve myself but the comfort room was downstairs. All the lights were off except in the room where my parents and my two siblings share since it was too big, there's partition though for my parent's privacy. So there I was wide awake and trying to fight the urge of nature. I couldn't make myself go downstairs since I was afraid of the dark. How I wanted to rouse my Mom so I can ask her to accompany me but then knowing my father might get mad I just kept silent. Fortunately, the urge waned overtime so I decided to get some sleep. I was sharing the bed with my two siblings and as a child, I had a share of being mischievous. What I did was, shove my two siblings on the side until all the bed was spaced just for me. Then I told myself, this bed is all mine "bwah haha". But then, when I turn to my left where the built -in closet was, a solid dark figure was standing before me. He was wearing a hat similar to a farmer's hat and its tail was hanging on air. Its hands spread open wide as if it was ready to grab me anytime. My eyes were affixed at it trying to figure out if I was just having some kind of delusion propagated by my discomfort and fears. But I know I was real, it was bold and solid and not just a shadow or something. Of course I was scared that I couldn't move for awhile. Then in my mind I was telling myself I'll be alright. I found myself slowly moving to the right side where my two siblings were shoved. I cringed and covered myself with blanket, closed my eyes and after saying a prayer I fell asleep. The next morning upon realising I was all alone in the room, I ran as fast as I could but never did tell anyone about the encounter. It took me years before I told about it to my bestfriend for fear that people may judge me or label me nuts or weird. I know there's a demon lurking, but we all have the power over him.
Demonshauntme in Holy Spirit So Intense
Dear IntenseSpirit, I had a similar expirience, when I truly opened my heart to Jesus. I went through bad things before that. Those things, were needed at the time, so I could understand, why people need God. For the first time, when I opened before him, he gave me, what no one else could. He gave me back the meaning of my life, gave me love, heavenly peace, and joy. When that opening up on my part happened, Jesus basicly stoped me in an attempt of suicide, gave me comfort, and ever since, I know, and feel, that he is always there, wheter you just have to talk to someone, or need to know how to go further, or when no one else can give you comfort. I trust him, follow him, and feel safe with him. Some people I know were bugging me with this: "How can you believe in any of that? And what if you would have to die for him? Could you do that to your family?" My answer was/is: Sure I would die for him, but I think, that Jesus wants us to live for and with him, spreading the good news. I think, this rotting world needs more people like you. God bless you all.
Hey alarmman! Funny thing is, I have a similar story to this one... The highway, the vehicle breaking down, the taxi... But very different. You see, in 1993, I was four... I was born in September of 1989, just like your daughter. So, your daughter was 4 not 6 at the time of this story. This is a rather moving story if I don't say so myself.
Too bad it didn't happen that way.
At four, the little girl in the story wouldn't have been scared because of a car breaking down on the highway.
I'll tell you what she was scared of though-her daddy.
She was scared of the drugs he used, the angry outbursts, the yelling and screaming. She was scared of the woman he invited into her safety zone for sexual relations and the children that woman brought with her-the kids that played with her toys. She was scared of the gun he left on the counter, for the hole he put in the wall, for the phone he ripped out of the wall. She was scared of the many phone calls from jail talking about visions from God. She couldn't associate God with the relationship she had with you... God wouldn't put her through so much pain.
She was scared of the stalking. She was scared when you chased her, her Mommy, brother, and stepdad around in your car. She was scared when you busted into her house, busted out her stepdad's car windows. She was scared when she had to console him after a drinking binge because he was crying that her Mommy left him. She was scared to watch him stumble across the floor. She was scared from the many names he called her from prison, the threats of violence, the litany of "You're just like your mother"s.
She was scared when she watched him choke his girlfriend in a fit of rage. She was scared when had to sleep on the kitchen floor because she was vomiting from being so traumatized because of watching that. She was scared that she would never see her siblings again.
That fear followed the little girl in this story into adulthood. She started using drugs, CUTTING, and attempting suicide. She was lost... And why wouldn't she be? She got herself a boyfriend who beat her until she lost the child she was carrying. Where was her father in all of this? Still using drugs, still drinking, still harassing her.
She grew up and got married to a great person, but she struggled to even be happy.
More than anything, she was scared of denial. Denial that what she felt and experienced that contributed so much to who she was wasn't real. She was afraid to be called a drama queen, to be told that it was all her mother's fault, to be told that she isn't worth the loving guidance of a father. She was afraid to be told that what happened was HER fault somehow. That she was bad, unworthy and that's why she grew up so miserable.

If you haven't already figured it out, DAD, I'm your daughter. You didn't even know my age. In 1993, I was four. FOUR. FoUr. Four. Not six.

I love you. I love you and I don't even know why. I seek your approval even when I shouldn't. If making up a story about me and somehow relating it to a higher being is what keeps you going in life, then I will gladly play into that for you.

If you take anything away from what I am saying, take this.
I am fantastic. I am a loving mother, wife, sister, friend, and daughter. I am driven, silly, and I care DEEPLY about EVERYTHING. I am not a b****. I am not a drama queen. I am not just like my mother. I am like Kristi. Me. No one else. I have taken my experiences and used them as protective factors. I am growing into an adult and this journey is so hard without you there... And it's even harder with you there.
I know you have a long history with drug and alcohol abuse. I know you through my experiences with you. I am sure there are some great memories of good times, but I have been so traumatized by my childhood, large chunks are missing. I cannot tell you things about my childhood that most children look upon fondly. Please know that no matter what you say, I know who I am. I know who I am because of and in spite of you.
Get help. Get help because you deserve to take care of you. Be honest about what you are doing. Be honest about the drugs you are putting inside of your body, the rage and anger issues you have. Be honest about why you feel the need to lash out at those you are supposed to protect.
I believe that if you could control yourself, you would. I know that you have problems that will take you a lifetime to dig out of. Stop making excuses for yourself. Stop lying to yourself. You need to be in counseling.
When you are ready to lead a healthy lifestyle, I will be there to get to know you as the father you can and are supposed to be.

My prayer is that day will come before you or I pass away.

Your words give me great comfort! I would be honored to help out w/your book any way I can. I will try and figure out how to email you... But if I am not successful... Please post to me how to get in touch with you so I can give you my contact info. May our Lord continue to Bless you always... ❤
Thist sorth of Thing happen to me but I was 11 and I walked my room sat on my bed andinstead of meditation I was trying to astral project only reach to the vibration state and my hearth stared to beat fast and I tried to vizulize my soul coming out of my body.
WOW! That's nothing short of DIVINITY in action! You have no idea how strongly your story resonates with me. Please come to my page later today and read my adventures!:) Got a lot to throw in there. I'm for sure taken a note from you and filling my journal up every single day now! It's funny that Your saying it was The virgin Mary! I've always had a sense of a feminine power that was a constant presence in my life. And IN ME! Also random Catholic symbols and literature keep popping up suddenly lol! I know that sounds silly but, Guess I might be so! I know I've encountered GOD in multiple forms including JESUS! Funny how Spirituallity,Christianity&Catholism. Are suddenly so connected! What a inspiring story man. I'll have to check out your book. ❤
Hey man, just read your story and identified with several aspects! It seems that people like us that have the capability or courage to experience these, unbelievable encounters seemed to have so many different factors & variables. But yet have so many if not MORE! Similarities! One of them being the comman theme of vague, partial childhood memories. You are definitely not alone my friend... Check my page later if you like I'll be sharing some interesting stuff also. It's a lot and I think you might want to check it out! I've always been connected to the unknown side of life or" spiritual realm" just took me little more time to figure out. Believe it or not I too have some thoughts and things about A.Projection, I'd be lying if I told you I could make any sense of it still.:) I barely just learned about it. But what my personal mystery is that I have reason to believe that I might be in same predicament as you... Same? "CAN WE A.PROJECT IF WE KNOW NOTHING ABOUT IT?" Something tells me you can...I've shared the same sleep incidents repeatedly too! Hmmmm... I did find answers to other situations tho,, pretty sure they will be use to you. Should be putting stuff up [at] some point today & I'll be sure to touch on a few" key things" for you. Take care, good luck & Don't be scared of any of those bad spirits or evil from the plane fields... Hold GOD in your heart & have no fear in your eye! That's all That devil has to prey off of. Later dude! 😭 😢 😐
Hi Scarlett2,

I was excited after reading about your Holy Spirit experience, because I had one almost exactly like you, many years ago. My wife died after childbirth, and I was so sad and needed help, that I picked up a small old book written in the 1930s about Jesus, and the Lord touched me so wonderfully, like your experience. It was so amazing that I am writing a book about it, including many other experiences where the Lord intervened in my life. Because your experience is so similar I would like to include the reference about your experience in my book if that's okay thanks, because it will help to support belief in mine, which is so important because the book is written to try to help people and have faith in Jesus, so I pray you will help me. I was informed by my publisher that they prefer a name and surname for more credibility, so would it be okay to forward that to my email address which, I give you my word I will keep confidential. It would only be in my book. If you prefer not to do this I will just use your Scarlett2 name if that's okay. Looking forward to hearing from you asap as I need to send it to the publisher thanks again, God Bless You.

darkassassin92 in Full Body Vibrations
Im super interested in astral projection don't really know if it exists but I keep forgetting how to change dreams.
Im interested in astral projection it could be astral projection out of body experience?
Hey man, I don't know all the specifics and details of your situation, What I can say is very similar situations have happened to me. Fealt like those dreams you can't wake up from and the feeling that your spirit might have left the building... Its a very unsettling thing but for my own personal experience, Faith, forgiveness, and the Light of God Almighty, the creator of everything is the route that I had to get on and am currently STILL holding onto in order to be free. Spiritual Warfare & Spiritual Abuse can happen to us by ways of not even knowing! God/jesus/love is key. In the end it all ties together and when our lives are lacking of it the can fall easy victim to those and other dangerous things. Remeber God is there for you no matter what. Stay strong & good luck!
Hey there! I first want to say that I'm 28 now but wish I was able to recognize and share all these kind of things when I was your age. But its a journey of our own! I believe I have had these encounters for a long time, I just didn't know how to see them for what they were at a younger time. For any one to encounter any of these things I'm assure that it is through GOD! We are created with these powerful minds and gifts that many people probably ignore or are simply afraid of. You are brave my friend... Dont lose it. Hold onto your faith and embrace it! Trust me when I say you are not alone in your travels, just. Keep it on a positive outlook and know you are not alone. Stay clear from those dark things... Least until you are strong enough to not be afraid. God bless man:-)

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