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This is the first time I actually write about my experiences that I've had. I would like feedback on this topic I haven't came across any one mentioning this. When I was 20 years old as I cried myself to sleep I ask the Lord to take my life in between sleep and awake I went through this tunnel that was lightning speed which was too fast for me to even see what was happening. I knew that the lord had heard me, when I woke up I felt very weak to the point where I lost my balance. That same year I had 2 spiritual dreams in my dreams I felt my self in spirit the angel that spoke to me told me that number (7) was comming. I wasn't a spiritual person I didn't know at the time what it meant. My second dream related to the thunders of the sky and white horses that dreams woke me up. I never questioned it. Now 22 years later its happening again I was in my room I saw what people describe as stardust swirling on the side of me I was not frightened the energy was holding my fear. I spread my arms on the side closed my eyes and felt the energy sourounding me I felt as if I got a huge hug. For a moment I felt that it was my father that had passed away 4 months earlier, I began dreaming my father that same week the last dream I had I was looking to find my father. I found my father I was practically flying taking him where he supose to be he asked me do you think we're going to make it? I responded with yes we're going to make it. At this time deep down in my soul I feel that I heal unconscious.

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joni437 (3 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-16)
I can relate & help you to understand the white horses... For example, katy perry is said to ride a spiritual white horse, bc she has her own name to her claim to fame over her life, independent about it for the most part, no band, just her. Anyways, I learned about spiritual horses years ago, white to me represents clairity of a goal, etc. There are so many things in the spiritual realm to mention, try googling them, so many people are experiencing the same things. The number 7, think of it like the 7 days of creationism... But spanned into 7 years, this timing is allowing you to create your life. The stardust swirling on the side of you, is awesome, never got that. But from my readings I can suggest it means you will rise to be a star. Also try watching Katy perrys 'firework' video, these are actual things happening to people, the bursting open of their chakras, I can attest to it, my third eye chakra light burst a white light from my forehead years ago, a super wow experience for me, along with a slew of sights I really never inclined myself to see, then it calmed down after awhile & turned into exactly what I would deem acceptable to myself, thank goodness, thank love. Hope this helps you, peace it be...joni

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