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Psychic Experience, Synchronicity, Inspiration And Vision


Inspiration and psychic experience,


USA 1996; Driving my car traveling from Norfolk, Virginia going to Maryland state, I needed to get rid of excess body water, so I stopped the car beside the road and once I got out from the car I found a big pile of books, I was surprised because not only finding a big pile of books beside the highway is an unexpected thing, but also the pile was almost in the size of the car with its two ends are exactly opposing the two ends of the car, so I picked up one of those books and opened it to find some things as statistic or mathematics kind of stuff which I could not understand their contents, so I put it with the other books and in the same time I found myself saying;

"Tarak elnas alkotob wa etabeo ahwaehim" (Arabic language)

"People left the books and followed their (fancies, prejudges, desires and inclinations) ".

Books; it was explained to me in that time that the meaning is the holy books.

First of all; the word "Ahwaehim" is a very unfamiliar for me to use it in my speech.

Second; in that time I was the hero of following fancies, prejudges, desires and inclinations, so how come that suddenly I am talking as a religious wise person.

N.B. I tried to find the English word equivalent to the Arabic word "ahwaehim" I could not find one single equivalent word to it, may be the above four words above give the same meaning.

Third; when I returned back home (1996) and started directing my life in a different direction I found the same words in a number of different parts in KORAN;

119. And why should you not eat of that over which the Name of God is pronounced, when He has detailed for you what is prohibited for you, unless you are compelled by necessity? Many lead astray with their "AHWAEHIM", through lack of Knowledge. Your Lord knows best the transgressors.

Surat Al-anam, (The Cattle)

29. Yet the unjust follow their "AWAEHIM" without knowledge. But who can guide whom God leaves astray? They will have no helpers for them.

Surat Al-Rome (The Romans)

14. Is he who stands upon evidence from his Lord, like someone whose evil deed is made to appear good to him? And they follow their own "AHWAEHIM"

16. Among them are those who listen to you, but when they leave your presence, they say to those given knowledge, "What did he say just now?" Those are they whose hearts God has sealed, and they follow their "AHWAEHIM".

Surat Mohamad

3. They lied, and followed their "AHWAEHIM", but everything has its time.

Surat Alqamur (The Moon)

Fourth; Further more I found out that this sentence is very meaningful and the exact meaning of any religion is to leave your desires and follow the directions of a holy book.

Those are the words I got inspired in a dark night in USA, and they were not just words to be inspired, It is like it was ingrained in my heart that this is the only meaning of life, to follow the holy books, those where the words which changed me 180 degree in one night.

And looking to people all over the world nowadays, the majority of them left the holy books and followed "AHWAEHIM", even in some areas in the world people look to those going to a temple, church, or mosque as if they are odd or may be even described as crazy.

Another experience which included inspiration and synchronicity together was here in Alexandria, Egypt;

I was at home when suddenly I felt uncomfortable and have to go out, I crossed the street to the side of the beach and I walked for about ten minutes then I stopped at some point and raised my head looking to the sky (I do not know why I stopped at this point nor why I raised my head to the sky!)

And two events happened in the same moment;

Seeing a number of birds exactly above my head (not close to my head but above the same point when I stopped),

And exactly in the same moment I got inspired (not by my ears) the first part of verse number 19 of surat Almulk in Koran;

((Have they not seen the birds above them, spreading their wings, and folding them?))

It is not that I saw the birds which reminded me with that verse) not at all the two events happened simultaneously in the same exact moment.


USA, 1096, driving my car from Norfolk, Virginia, going to Virginia beach, I am certain that I was not thinking in any particular issue when It did hit me;

"And you will go to a nation stranger to you"

"And you will be communicating with them by using numbers and colors"

I received those words by my head not by my ears,

It was as if my head became like a "radio" which received those words.

They are neither auditory hallucination nor thought insertion.

At that time I started talking to myself; what numbers and colors?

Am I getting crazy?

I understood the meaning 10 years ago when I found myself using numbers and colors in my messages (internet).


Talking about synchronicity I had so many synchronicity experiences in my life, I think that synchronicity started with me very early in my life, may be started from the first day I was borne.

1-I was born in 28, 9, 1961, in the same day the union between Syria and Egypt was canceled.

In the same day 28, 9, after 9 years gamal abs-elnaser, the ex-president of Egypt suddenly died.

In the same day 28, 9 after a number of years the palastenian entefada "minor revolution" started.

If you searched in the internet for events going on in the same day of your birth I am certain that you will find a good number of events happened in the same day, but in my case the events were concerned with the hot areas in the Middle East where wars are currently going on.

2-when I was about 2 years old (my mother told me this story) a Christian woman visited my family and in the same day I fell down and I had a wound in my forehead which left a cross shaped scar which is still present until now.

3-This one was in my first trip to Sinai (the holy land), I started the trip from Cairo at the time of sunset, so I arrived Sinai late in the night and in the morning I found a white spot in a covered part of my body, still present until now, I am 56 years old now and this happened to me only once, in that day only.

4- NUMBER ONE;" Obstacles; all the doors are closed in front of me".

"I have no idea about how those closed doors will get opened"!

NUMBER TWO; The above words are part of a message I sent to some person who know about my story, but surprisingly in the moment I pressed on "send", it came to my mind this story from the holy Koran, surat Yusuf (Joseph) peace be upon him;

22. When he reached his maturity, We gave him wisdom and knowledge. We thus reward the righteous.

23. She in whose house he was living tried to seduce him. She shut the doors, and said, "I am yours." He said, "God forbid!

He is my Lord. He has given me a good home. Sinners never succeed."

24. She desired him, and he desired her, had he not seen the proof of his Lord. It was thus that We diverted evil and indecency away from him. He was one of Our loyal servants.

25. As they raced towards the door, she tore his shirt from behind.


This one happened in the next day, crossing the street to go back home, the street was occupied by so many cars not moving because of the crowded street, anyhow while crossing the street in front of a car I heard those words coming from the radio or cassette of the car;

"She shut the doors, and said,"

This is a psychic experience, synchronicity type.

5- I hesitated so many times in revealing this one to anybody, again in order to avoid getting titled as a liar or psychotic, even for myself it needed some time from me to be certain about it;

It happened that in so many times (if not all the times) in the days I spent in a village where I have a piece of land;

Sky starts raining!

It happened so many times but I had difficulty to consider it as a psychic experience, until one of my neighbors said to me "Dr. Ahmad this is very strange, it does not rain except in the days you are spending here"!

I was so shocked that I pretended that I heard unimportant thing.

'"So this is also observed by others"!

And it happened so many times (again if not all the times) in summer and rainless days to see clouds above my home in that village while the rest of the sky has no clouds!

This was also noticed by my wife!

Then it happened that I went to the main city in this region, I had to spend the night in a hotel in order to meet somebody in the next day, talking to myself "now in the main city in this area, most probably over this night there will be flooding from rain.

In the morning I found that no rain at all!

Again talking to myself "so it did not rain as I was expecting", maybe I am making a big thing out of nothing!

But in my way back to Alexandria (where I live), when I arrived ras alhekma (head of wisdom) which is a city 10 kilometers away from my land, I found water all over the area (It seemed that it rained in this area in the night), water was everywhere until the village of my land, and this was the area I am moving in whenever I am there.

And surprisingly this was the same area where King Farouk (The last king before 1952 revolution) had his farm nearby my land, and has his castle in ras alhekma!

"those are unexpected coincidences, psychic experience, and synchronicity type.

I had so many other synchronicity experiences which are less complicated, examples are;

6- Seeing a cross in the ground 3 times (within couple of hours), no this was not hallucination, the crosses were made from different things thrown on the ground, and this happened in a beach of a city its old name was Ras alkanaes which means "Head of churches", but this name was changed and currently named Ras alhekma which means "Head of wisdom".

7- Others are repetition of numbers in very short time, the number 7 is the one which was mostly repeated, and next to it was number 3.

Example; One day I was going to a market and the money I had 700 pounds

And in the market I bought a number of things (which I did not know their price) and when I went to the cashier the price was 70 pounds, and I went to other places that day and that number was repeated so many time until lastly when I came back home I found that the remaining money I have was 17 pounds.

It was explained to me later that number 7 is referring to the nation of sons of Israel and number 3 is referring to the Christian nation.

VISION (vivid dream)

I was a servant in a church, and it was in the end of the day, about time for people to leave the church, wandering around preparing myself to start cleaning the place I found a very elegant black rolze Royce car, the driver of the car was sitting in the front seat, it seemed that he was waiting for the owner of the car, I admired the car very much so asked the driver to enter it and he allowed me to do so, but once I stepped inside the car I felt uncomfortable and stepped outside it.

Walking around in the church I found a stream of water and some persons standing beside it and everyone is throwing a small wood stick in the stream.

They had a prophecy saying that whoever was throwing the stick and his stick was able to reach the end of the stream will be the last messenger, and everyone was throwing his stick and all of the sticks were falling down in the middle of the stream, so I took one of the sticks and threw it in the stream and my stick was able to reach the end of the stream, one person noticed that one stick reached the end of the stream and he started shouting; "almaseh almontazur is here", "almaseh almontazar is here" so people gathered again and every one of them threw his stick and again all of them were falling down in the middle of the stream.

And then they started praying "singing" thanking THE LORD that HE sent to them almasih who they were waiting for.

And I was standing in between them while they did not know that I am the one they were waiting for.

Vision, synchronicity experience

In this vision I saw a friend of mine who died about ten years ago, and I awaked up in the middle of the night and after few minutes I heard from the computer which I left open on Koran the word; "Boshra" in surat Joseph peace be upon him, which means; good news.

This friend was the only person from all the people I met in my life who was calling me "Boshra", close to my name "Albasheer" which means; the bearer of good news.

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joshuakien57 (1 posts)
2 years ago (2022-09-13)
I find it really disturbing. It is almost similar to the stories I read at the website -
Anon (guest)
4 years ago (2020-01-27)
Sorry Ahmad

I didn't even see you are in Egypt

Salaam no offense intended

Maybe it was ruqyah chants on YouTube or dua from friends I don't know maybe you know
Anon (guest)
4 years ago (2020-01-27)
Hey Ahmad

I don't know if you changed your name because your experience lead you to revert or not

If you have Arabic language before you have the experience if you were already Muslim this is your intuition guiding you to your noble Koran for further guidance

Although I have heard of khodam and these are good beings maybe they guided you... They care a lot those guys

I am not Muslim but I got told by a spirit recently they were a mowakil messenger and due to exceptional circumstances they would help me. I had to avoid smokes and clean my room. So I taught myself a little that's how I heard if khodams

Unfortunately I didn't do that.

So I await my own thing maturity or something. And you just taught me a word that probably means I forgot to do that bit so I never met them yet

Be cool to meet mowakil they sound like good ones

I thought it was weird they wanted to see me but I've been in the shiat so maybe they felt sorry for me

And yeah I should have given up the smokes and cleaned my room cos they can help aye

Thanks for sharing

I don't know how to say that word but maybe my thingies of that sort kept me smoking ciggies and not cleaning my room

So yeah Salaam and remember your mowakil are looking out for you and even unbeliever like me and I just didn't clean my room

Or maybe I was imagining things I don't know seems a bit much for mowakil to want to help me

Be nice if they did though I really had a rough trot lately. Thanks and salaam

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