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Vision Becomes Reality


Helping people restore their lives was to become, unbeknownst to me, my destiny when mine fell apart. My educational background consists of a degree in Psychology and two years of Sports Medicine. I have been a Legal Assistant for the last 21 years. (All I ever wanted to be was a cosmetologist!)

In 1999, I began the process of my second divorce, which is what began the onset of what I would call the beginning of my destiny. It seems I was put in every situation and experienced every emotion a person could have at this time to the extreme and didn't know until later years it was so I could help people. One night I had an "encounter" so to speak with "someone" in my room who began speaking to me. Having a psychology background, I thought I was headed for padded walls! I thought God (and people use many different names for God, I just choose God) was someone you meet when you die. I was spiritually ignorant of just about everything, but I knew what I heard. Being the naive person, I would question and say, "If it is You, make the phone ring." Sure enough, it rang. I then needed more proof and said, "If it is You, make the phone ring and let it be so and so." Sure enough, it did, it was and I became a total mess! I began to listen and do what I heard and while I would like to say all was a bed of roses, I cannot. What I can tell you is that for the last 12 years, it has a been a journey that I would never trade one moment in time for, not even the bad ones. I must emphasize I am not "religious"; I know God, and the two are quite different.

In 2003, I began to counsel adults/children going through divorce and abuse and one thing led to another and I was soon teaching/counseling and became a part of a local coffee shop/ministry facility/radio station where I taught people how to hear from God. I appeared on television and spoke at conferences, but not even that prepared me for what was going to happen next.

One evening while at a conference, I had a vision of a room with blue carpeting and cream colored walls. Shortly after having this vision, I was in need of a space to counsel/teach and I asked God where that room was and He said "Rosemont". I found Rosemont Avenue in Camp Hill, PA and sure enough, a building with space to lease. The property owner took me to the 2nd floor, opened the door and there was the room with the blue carpeting and cream colored walls. So much happened during the time of Vision of Hope (that is what it was named), it is too long to write everything, however, I go into more depth at my seminars/gatherings.

When He told me to close Vision of Hope, He said, "Now the Vision becomes a reality." Since that time, much has occurred to "birth" Take Your Destiny. It is time for people to come to know who they are, use what they have been given and not slumber any longer. There is a lot in this Universe keeping people asleep and in old patterns so that they cannot enter into their destiny.

My purpose is to lead you out of the wilderness and remove the obstacles that are in your way in order for you to TAKE YOUR DESTINY!

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Anon (guest)
4 years ago (2020-01-28)
Restore to Feb 2019

Save the girl

This was and is against her will
Anon (guest)
4 years ago (2020-01-28)
That is really great.

I'm just wondering if you can help me undo what appears to be a body swap situation.


I used to be a middle aged man and an older man. As a middle aged man I lived alone and was severely disconnected and practiced dark magic thinking it wasn't real. As an older man I knew that if I used the astral to time travel and abuse someone I would find the source of my ability.

It turned out the source of both our abilities was a teenage girl. She didn't know she had abilities because what we did caused her to live in great fear. She suffered enormously.

Now that we've all met and completed the body swap and I've completed my side of the Faustian pact (younger man) I honestly regret it. She tried her best to heal all of us and this is what was done to her. What we did.

The bad things came for both of us. Her body and his body survived, mine didnt. Her spirit is floating (my part) and partially consumed by his body. His soul was taken a long time ago, it was only what he did to her recently that he is alive and that is why I am physically dead.

But my mind sort of lives on in hers. She is partially still there. She's devastated for obvious reasons. But holds very strong.

Please fix this. She tells me also she discovered that this same older man is the reason why I was trapped from a young age in the first place, and had those things put on me to make me turn to dark magic.

I didn't believe her until it was too late.

It's a very strange tale but what I do know is that she deserved so much better her whole life.

Please ask your God to restore everyone in this situation to where they were energetically, mind etc a year before this comment was written (February 2019)

It was never her destiny to live like this. It was through the works of evil men - one in particular. The older one. The younger one got tricked.

She deserves better.

I looked at her life this way I cried and I cried. I'd never seen so much suffering and so much talent and strength in one individual. In one woman.

And so much capacity for lies and deceit in another. He looked like the good guy.

She is in fact, the good one.

Not a hapless victim - someone that encountered seemingly impossible odds. With no awareness of what was really going on at each step. It took that long and just that much.

So ask your God to time travel back to the point of origin, the first seed that caused this issue for her - and remove it.

Your God can do it.

For as long as she is me, she is forsaken. That's really unfair. She was the one hurting in the first place.

Help her.

I thought I was winning, I thought I had succeeded. Until I read her files. Until I walked a mile in her shoes.

The older man shows no remorse whatsoever.

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