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My Encounter With Michael


I have always felt close to God and always taken great comfort in expressing my love of God by putting others before me and making daily sacrifices in my life and found equal comfort in attending church and contributing to my community.

The past couple of years I missed church more often on Sundays because of the demands of my daily life everything from a new job that required me to work seven days a week to helping those around me to the sheer exhaustion of getting older.

On a recent Sunday morning when I was not at church I had a near death experience and quite literally cheated death. Without going into specific detail it was quite frankly a miracle I was not dead from a freak accident.

My thoughts quickly turned back to the burdens of my daily life and that night in the middle of a deep slumber I awoke feeling a presence in my bedroom and awoke at the same time as my five rescue dogs who sleep in my bed and they were excited and animated and bowing down to a figure in the room who was as clear as daylight and it was the Archangel Michael come down to heaven who spoke to me and told me what I already knew I needed to appreciate life and redouble my faith in god and he told me I needed to prepare now for a great battle before us and to search for those around me preparing for the same battle.

I fell back asleep and the next morning realized it was not a dream as my dogs surrounding me were as animated as the night before and I realized the face of the angel I saw as clear as daylight was not a face I had seen before but now one I knew as well as my own.

I'm still trying to figure out the meaning of it all, and have been very interested to see others having similar experiences.

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TheChristologist8 (3 posts)
3 months ago (2019-01-12)
hi anthony I might have the answer to your vision what it meant the thing is Michael and his angels have come down for a final battle to fight again satan and his angels to let go of the children of God who are slaves to Sin I have more to tell you about it my whatsapp number is +263779539322 if you want more information just get in touch

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