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My Encounter With Michael


I have always felt close to God and always taken great comfort in expressing my love of God by putting others before me and making daily sacrifices in my life and found equal comfort in attending church and contributing to my community.

The past couple of years I missed church more often on Sundays because of the demands of my daily life everything from a new job that required me to work seven days a week to helping those around me to the sheer exhaustion of getting older.

On a recent Sunday morning when I was not at church I had a near death experience and quite literally cheated death. Without going into specific detail it was quite frankly a miracle I was not dead from a freak accident.

My thoughts quickly turned back to the burdens of my daily life and that night in the middle of a deep slumber I awoke feeling a presence in my bedroom and awoke at the same time as my five rescue dogs who sleep in my bed and they were excited and animated and bowing down to a figure in the room who was as clear as daylight and it was the Archangel Michael come down to heaven who spoke to me and told me what I already knew I needed to appreciate life and redouble my faith in god and he told me I needed to prepare now for a great battle before us and to search for those around me preparing for the same battle.

I fell back asleep and the next morning realized it was not a dream as my dogs surrounding me were as animated as the night before and I realized the face of the angel I saw as clear as daylight was not a face I had seen before but now one I knew as well as my own.

I'm still trying to figure out the meaning of it all, and have been very interested to see others having similar experiences.

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Diana (guest)
2 years ago (2022-08-31)
I also had a dream about archangel Michael. An unknown figure that I cannot see was showing me about my life and why it was important for me to continue to do good. He was showing me all the good impacts I did to people's lives that have benefited them. Then I was so near to finding the mystery or the secret of why we should do good. When he was about to reveal it to me, a silver-colored slightly bronze burnished angel with large body and wings directed his spear to an unknown target in the darkness, which I now understand to be that figure. I saw a short glimpse of that figure he was dark with wings and seemed to be the angel of death. Suddenly, I woke up panicking. My heart was racing. I felt that the figure was attempting to grab my soul out of my body right before I woke up. I realized archangel Michael had saved my life.
Marshin Chandanil (guest)
4 years ago (2020-03-02)
(I am an Indian and a 15 years old Hindu boy) I have always been interested in superheroes and their mythology. And I have promised God that I will help him whenever he needs it. Even at the time of last judgment and even if I have done something wrong then I will accept it. I also want some spiritual powers which control the reality of this universe but I can't reach a single stage. But I always had some uncanny experiences while trying to astral project (not yet successful) and while once I was meditating, what should I do to reach closer to God and Higher stages of kinetic abilities and reality. Please help me.
terry79211978 (1 posts)
4 years ago (2019-12-01)
I just found this site and put my own experiences on this site as well. Interesting enough for the last several years now about two or three my spiritual viberations been going crazy. Its feels like God snap his finger and made me even more sensative to things. I'm just now getting the hang of everything. But I do feel like I'am one of Gods soliders its crazy. I felt a rush of emtion and crying I asked God why people have to hurt and I did not want to see anyone hurt. I heard a voice in my dream (said my name) that not everyone will make it. It was deep and I'm not one of those people to preach. But lately I feel like God wants to me to tell people he loves them and he has not foresaken them.
Kevin (guest)
5 years ago (2019-05-30)
I had fallen on really bad times I HAD DEBILITATING ANXIETY WITH PANIC ATTACKS NEARLY EVERDAY AT ONE POINT. I was living in my car FOR FEAR OF HEART PROBLEMS and wanting to be close to help if I needed it, it was winter and probably around 25 degrees outside I tried to stay awake cause I didn't have much to keep warm with I was exhausted an at the time couldn't stay awake any longer. I fell asleep wasn't sure how long I was asleep but I remember hearing a loud commanding shout "I am MICHAEL" I JUMPED SO MUCH IT WAS AS IF I WAS IN A CAR ACCIDENT HIS VOICE WAS AS CLEAR AS DAY I WAS LOOKING EVERYWHERE FOR SOMEONE NEAR MY CAR WHILE BEING IN A STATE OF ACCUTE HYPETHERMIA FEELING LIKE I COULDN'T GET WARM AND SHAKING I WAS LOOKING AROUND NOT SURE IF SOMEONE WAS OUT THERE IT WAS AROUND 5AM AND I am very grateful for that wake up call thank you God.
Jasmelly (1 posts)
5 years ago (2019-05-14)
Thanks so much for sharing this. I too have had encounters with Michael after a dream of war I had. I've been searching for so many months trying to find someone who has slightly had some real encounter with him. He has spoke to me about war. I'm so curious to learn more about you. Please continue to share your stories.
TheChristologist8 (3 posts)
5 years ago (2019-01-12)
hi anthony I might have the answer to your vision what it meant the thing is Michael and his angels have come down for a final battle to fight again satan and his angels to let go of the children of God who are slaves to Sin I have more to tell you about it my whatsapp number is +263779539322 if you want more information just get in touch

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