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First Encounter With Archangel Michael


Last year on November 2013, I will remember that night when I first encounter archangel Michael into my life. My partner, love of my life and soul mate of two years we had a massive augment.

I had depression and the fight was enough. I wanted to die because our relationship is everything to me, without him I'll be nothing. My partner and I were fighting (verbally) for hours. I couldn't handle myself anymore, I had a huge anxiety attack to the point I felt like I was choking.

I'm a spiritual person, sometimes I can be distance with god. I didn't know who to turn too, all of a sudden I was shouting 'Michael' remembering I was saying 'take me with you' back then I didn't know who Michael really was to the angels, I heard of the name but never took any notice of Michael.

I saw a straight purple/white lightening ran into the room? Everything turn into peace (even tho my partner was helping me) everything we were fighting about felt like it was gone. My mother came into the room, she was shock to see a long crack on the floor (room in the garage) her first words to me. The angels had enough, somebody came with a sword to stop the fight, she scared me a bit because my mother is very open to the spiritual world.

Maybe week later it was my 18th. Mum bought me a archangel Michael oracle cards. I found it strange after I was screaming out his name, I looked at Michael for the first time I saw him holding a sword in his hands, my mother also surprise me when she said something was dragging her to buy the Michael cards for me. Now my partner and I have stop the massive fights, we slow down a lot ever since that night. I'm now working with Michael whenever I need him for guide or feeling scared because I have a strong feeling his always looking over me.

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