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Is It Her?


My loving wife was abducted and presumably killed septeber 19 2012. About 2 months before, I was working in the garden when suddenly I started to cry. I wasn't sobbing, just tears rolling down my face. I was totally taken by surprised and unsure as to what was going on. Then the tears stopped and I heard the song 'you'll never walk alone' playing in my ear from my mp3 player. I never did tell my wife about the strange occurence and soon forgot about it... Until after she disappeared.

10 days after her disappearance, I was out in the garden late at night with a close friend... When we saw 5 purple colored lights arranged in a boomarang formation, drifting slowly acoss the night sky. We could not think of a rational reason for what we both saw that night.

About 2 months later I cracked. I could no longer stay in the house surrounded by memories of the good times we had together. I rang a friend in Bali and told him I was going to visit him. The night before I left I went out into the garden, kneeling down I told my wife about my desperation and that I'm going to leave the next day. I looked up into the night sky and I saw a shower of small lights... Purple and gold... Moving away...

Purple, by the way is my wifes birth colour.

I could not think of a rational reason for the lights. I wonder if anyone have had a similar experience?...or if somebody can shed some light as to what it was we saw.

During these past 2 years I have had some other spiritual experiences as well but nothing definitive. One night not too long ago I asked my wife to come back to reassure me. The following night a stray cat crawled through the window slats of my apartment (I have moved from our house in thailand since) in singapore. It was very insistent on coming in as I had to catch her and bundled her out 3 times. I spent some time talking and stroking her and when I asked if her name was Udomlak (my wife's name) she jumped up on to my lap. My wife used to have a cat...

What I'm really looking for I guess is some kind of closure as her body is yet to be found... But I know I will never walk alone.

Thank you

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