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I figured I would consult this forum because I'm not sure what to make of my experience. I completed a YouTube hypnosis for "third eye activation" (I was just bored so I did it, not expecting anything). I entered a part of the hypnosis that was left up to my mind, although I do not know if it is imagination or reality, of course the hypnotism being real but the rest is unsure. Here is some of what I experienced for analysis:

"I entered a rocky far up cavern full of purple glowing crystals. A large purple glowing dragon crawled down and faced me, asking me questions about spirituality with the hypnotist's voice. It got closer to me and then I turned around and it put its horns around me. I was then placed in another world and I was traveling as light then approached a big tree in the grassy plains. My body was on top of the light and I was gently put down. I met three of my spirit guides, one purple one white the other pink.

We discussed, made an energy flower that touched the sky, and then they all touched me and I felt a bunch of chills and warmth going through my body so I thought that was interesting. Each one took my hand and made me draw a mark on their forehead then they disappeared. I floated up to the energy flower, playing with light until the hypnotist said it was time to go back so I was transported back into the cavern and then the dragon crawled back up."

What perplexed me the most was the sensations I received upon being touched by the beings in my mind. Was I actually experiencing this or was it imagination? Any help is appreciated:)

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-o0I0o- (2 posts)
2 years ago (2021-01-18)
You need time and experience growing accustomed to perceiving higher levels. Insight, creativity/ideas have subtle characteristics. It is thought but this comes with energy. You need to examine and notice the nuances.

People receive direct input from their guides but discount it as their own thoughts "talking to themselves" sometimes that is what is taking place, other times not. The conditions set up for "brainstorming" are such as not to inhibit but to encourage the flow of ideas. It is not the time to evaluate. Get the uninhibited ideas out first. Later examine and evaluate. Maintain a passive awareness. But pay attention to your feelings.

At some point you will be able to distinguish characteristics enabling you to sense the differences between your own thoughts and ideas coming to you from within you yet not from you. This delicate sensitivity is important for you to develop so you can also distinguish whether the source is a guide, The Universe or other people. We are all multidimensional and interact on multiple levels simultaneously. People can have separate conversations on multiple levels simultaneously and most are unaware of it as it takes place.

Within the non-physical world of thought and visual imagery, both the real and imagined co-exist. The difference is in the energy vibration. Of course the brain can produce the components of a perceived reality convincing us of something that is not real. What I spoke of initially is dependent upon mental health and subsequent handle on reality and imagination. In Western society we are conditioned to discount a deeper reality and to focus emphasis on the external world. A degree of undoing is required.

Did you actually encounter a purple dragon? What is more important is what that dragon meant to you and what its message was. One of your guides was also represented by purple. The objective was opening the third eye which is associated with purple/violet. I have no idea how much the video you were guided by contributed to the imagery of your experience. Whether real or imagined there is a message for you regardless of it coming from you for you or from something outside for you.

It looks to me like the "purple, white and pink" addressed the psychic/third eye, the highest level/pure source and love. "Chills and warmth"" are typical of energy sensations psychic input frequently comes with. Usually there is more information like a theme, idea, explanation (at least partial) accompanying the vibration.

Comprehending the message takes experience and/or suitable conditions. That is, even standard communication between two people can be muddled, confused, misunderstood, overlooked entirely. Again pay attention to your feelings. Words are mere representations of ideas and many times fall short. Third eye awareness can open you up to perceiving the pure essence of an idea... That is, the substance we strive to represent using voiced language.
Anon (guest)
3 years ago (2020-01-27)
Then you get to higher dimensions from. Therr ok

You saw purple dragon

That means you are probably going to have big third eye when it opens

If u meet an actual dragon trust me

It's very different

Yes they exist in other planes

Some of them are arseholes

This one might be ok

Better to stay away from dragons the arsehole ones breed by raping humans

The good ones are okay they just fly around and make rain and stuff
Anon (guest)
3 years ago (2020-01-27)
Okay so you took the sounds and made pictures

And you put your body in feeling mode cos more than one sense overlapped

It wasn't a different world literally

It was how you activated it

You make your senses overlap
Anon (guest)
3 years ago (2020-01-27)
Cant tell you if it was just you or not

I am thinking you might have experienced sound as light
Gayatrishiva (7 posts)
4 years ago (2019-02-11)
nice experience... Your third eye ight have started feeling senses as it happens as you were listening the third eye awakening video. The coor of third eye is purple and that's what you saw and experienced... What you experienced is your own and its a very good loving experience... Well it iant your imagination... Its what you felt in the higer dimensions as you were in higher viberation during that time

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