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A Lesson By A Spiritual Guide?


My spiritual story started when I was probably 8 or 9. Me, 2 of my brothers and my sister were walking along the street talking about an event that happened a while back when we were chased by a gang of individuals and we escaped through the woods. While we were walking, we passed this old chinese lady, who appeared homeless. She wore a long brown sweater over a dark blue dress and a brown rag over her hair. Her back was slightly hunched, her face was old and ugly. She didn't particularly stink or appear dirty, and she pushed a cart with grocery bags full of clothes and other objects.

As she passed she turned towards me and touched my shoulder. She spoke in a heavy chinese accent, which at the time, I had a hard time understanding. I looked over and my brothers were leaving me. They looked back at me, and kept walking. The lady told me a few times, " stay a virgin, or you will never be a master", I asked her what she was talking about, she answered me, but I couldn't understand her with her accent. She repeated stay a virgin, but I just looked at her like she was crazy, as I didn't want to stay a virgin and I didn't understand why. She replied angrily, nevermind your hopeless! Hopeless! As she walked away. I tried to tell her just explain to me why, and she ignored me. I turned to see my brothers were pretty far away, so I ran to catch up. When I finally did, they acted as if I never left. None of them remember this occurring.

The reason I called this spiritual was because at this time I knew nothing of martial arts or spiritual practice. I later on in life got interested in taijiquan and daoism. It shocked me when I first discovered that being a virgin was believed to advance practice in both of these arts. Needless to say, I'm not a virgin, but this event got me interested in daoist practices that involve sexual activity to build energy. I feel this event was there to guide me to something I feel I discovered and am thankful for. However I want to know others opinion. Who was that lady? Why did she tell me this? How come no one else remembers her? I would also like to mention I am not delusional and never had a similar experience again.

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