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I have been attending medetitation classes with a medium for some time now. I enjoy the classes very much as I find myself looking at things in a new light. I asked the teacher (the medium) how I find my spirit guide. He explained that if I asked, the guide would come to me through meditation. That evening I did what he told me and I saw an american Native Indian before me. He did not speak but just stood there. I asked his name but he disappeared.

The next day I was in a second hand shop giving in donations when I was drawn to the end of the shop, I would not normaly go down there as there is just baby clothes in that section. On the shelf was a porclain doll of an American Native Indian, I knew I had to get it but also knew I was low on money. When I opened my bag I discovered I had money to buy it. The lady who sold him to me said his name was 'Sitting Bull'. I was so pleased as I felt this was my spirit guide's answer to my question. I was very excited about reporting it back to my teacher but instead of being happy in return he dismissed 'Sitting Bull' was my guide. He said, ' Why would Sitting Bull come to you'? I felt very disheartnened as I felt I was right, I had not known much about Native Indians up until then and I did not know how or why he was famous. I have read up on him a lot since then and I love the way his race used the earth and the elements with how they lived, I try to do the same, It has changed my life.

I left my medication class and now do it alone as I lost faith in my teacher. Can anyone please tell me if I am indeed right or is there a way I can find out? What about my teacher, why did he react that way, did he think I was making it up? I would appreciate any comments of advice and help in any way.

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