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Spirit Guides And Becoming A Medium 2


Firstly, thank you for the assistance that I have already received from a reader. I will certainly follow-up on their advice about staying healthy in my aura. As an update I am feeling a lot better, this is mainly due to having recently signed up for a correspondence course in advanced tarot reading with the Australian Spiritual Institute.

I feel that this is the right course to save my sanity, as gaining knowledge in this area should allow me to take more control over paranormal occurrences, rather than continuing to deny their existence, especially as daily 'coincidences' continue to occur, to the point that I am having to accept them as normal and now I believe ever-present. For example, every time I use my tarot cards on the kitchen table, my step children only ever arrive home 'coincidentally' after I have put them away.

As well, I keep getting steered into certain bookshops, where I am now finding bargain basement prices for books specializing in dream therapy and control and alternative methods for healing.

I guess the only unnerving thing about all of this is that regular spreads of the tarot cards on myself that are so accurate and up to date with my moods, feel somewhat invasive, as clearly someone or something is monitoring every single thought in my head. They can even be somewhat of a nag.

Last night my back was a bit sore from stooping over the cards on my bed for so many nights and I hadn't done the dishes while my partner was busy with other things. They told me that I was neglecting my health, that I should get some exercise and that I should not be taking advantage of my partner (yeah right ok!).

Thank you

Take care


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Timfaraos (131 posts)
6 years ago (2015-01-22)
A girl got a 'spirit guide' from the ouija board. She spent hours on the board communicating with it. The spirit would tell her how wonderful and gifted she was, about stuff that was happening in her friends' lives e.t.c Then it said that this cute boy liked her, and she should have a relationship with him. She was over the moon with this, and got into the relationship... After some time, the 'spirit guide' communicated to her: 'you two are so much in love, you know you're going to marry him... Have sex with him, it won't hurt!' So she did that a few times... Then the 'guide' started saying: 'of course you know you're a slut, everybody knows it... Why don't you just kill yourself! Get it over with!' And every time she did the ouija board, her 'guide' would insult her and berrate her! Finally, the poor girl had enough, she felt confused!: 'how could my wonderful loving 'spirit guide' treat me like this? Didn't I do as it had told me?' She felt like DYING! Then, by God's mercy, she told her friend what was happening, and her christian friend told her that the 'spirit guide' was probably A DEMON!... Lol! She then woke up, and never did the ouija board again! So I ask you people: 'who are these 'guides' that you so faithfully follow?' God sais occult practices, and communicating with unspecified 'spirits', 'dead relatives' 'aliens' 'angels' e.t.c. Are a SIN! Watch out! You might get hurt, or lost FOREVER! GOD said this to protect us, out of His love for us! How come Jesus, our spiritual master, never did these things, because he knew that demons disguise themselves as guides, angels, dead relatives and aliens! DON'T OPEN YOUR SOUL AND YOUR LIFE TO UNKNOWN FORCES OF THE UNIVERSE!...YOU MAY NOT LIVE TO REGRET IT, BUT YOUR CHILDREN AND FAMILY JUST MIGHT. Better safe than sorry. Don't pretend you're phoebe from the 'charmed ones', you are not! But you ARE a beloved child of The King, Jesus Christ... And may He surround you and protect you with His True and Powerful Holy Angels...! (My mobile phone is just about on fire from me posting to all you brothers and sisters, BUT WE HAVE TO SPREAD THE LIGHT OF JESUS!). God bless! Timfaraos [at]
Ross (guest)
12 years ago (2009-08-10)
I know what you mean by being able to tell what cards are going to come up; it is like being in tune in the spiritual. I have been studying a lot about Angels, and Air is a common theme but be careful because Satan is called the Prince of the Air in the Bible, and remember he is the Father of Lies so he could give a false name to you. I am going through spiritual attacks and have been throughout my life, I am now owed over $640 Decillion due to harassment by Powerful Government and other entities possessed by Demons during encounters with me or my cases. Even my family is being effected and once I was so exhausted and the Holy Spirit talked through me that is what made me search your article up on the net. I have heard of Mediums before and talk of Aliens, including Edgar Rice Cayce I think it was I have seen some very strange occurances in my quick 40 years thus far on Earth which seems much longer as though time itself is changing at times. I seem to have knowledge of things before they occur as though I have lived through them previously, in other bodies. I have at times went to places that were supposed to be broadcasting signals also and there was no place there as though we are being controlled by some type of demonic or alien presence, at a minimum people are smart enough at times to know what is going to happen in great detail into the future and act upon it at times. I wouldn't call it controlling what happens as much as surfing along ahead in time. There seems to be a connection between Movies and thoughts/dreams in which reality starts to shift around in a magical way and you will wake up in a different time/space. Makes me wonder how sophisticated past cultures actually were with computers. Like you said Angels are part of what is going on and that is what the great mages of the past said also in the Grimores. They mentioned actually manifesting these powers into human like figures which they could communicate with, this I haven't seen done. The most I have been able to accomplish is the tarot cards like you discussed or with a oricle like the Key of Solomon or Oujia Board.
Phoebe (2 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2009-03-04)
As an update, through further questioning through my tarot cards, I now believe the entity communicating with me is actually the Archangel of Air or Thought, who has clearly indicated to me that they are my teacher and is of neither male nor female gender. I searched the web on this archangel and his name is believed to be Raphael. Has anyone else had experiences with archangels? I really thought my communicator were my spirit guides, but apparently this is now not correct. This entity is very authoratative and is definitely calling the shots, which I don't think spirit guides can do with their charges.

Gra (guest)
12 years ago (2009-02-28)
My Advice for you, which I hope you will take very seriously is to remain objective.
Taking on whole belief systems because a part of it resonates with you may cause problems, sometimes you will find the sources proven to be fraudulent and others will contradict eachother. This can lead to confusion and even depression.
Develop spiritual discernment, View your studies as Ideas and Theories until verified by your OWN experience. Exercises and practice are the way to go. Also read up and study skeptical views on what you are exploring, though they may be biased, the have many useful insights too, many problems arise when people become unwilling to see more than thier own point of view.
Sometimes the activeties of people trying to make a quick buck or name inadvertantly creap into the work of those genuinely trying to help and teach. Many people in spiritual fields become very good at using emotive language and leading statements to pamper to the need of "feeling special", be aware it is very easy to create a mental ideal that may or may not reflect what is awaiting your discovery.

John Edward for example, I'd ask you to carefuly read his disclaimers on his TV show, books etc. And do some research on "Cold Reading" then revisit his works with this understanding.

Reaserching the areas you feel you would be helping people in is also a good idea, like supplying a toolkit for your guides, I think you can understand when I ask you how hard would it be for your guides to send a word you have never heard before.

Find out how to challenge your guides, which they will tell you is a must. I think I read somewhere if you ask them 3 times "In the name of God, do you serve the light?" it must be answered truthfully, not sure but its something else to look into.

Meditation is one thing I recomend to anyone, the more stress and "stuff" you clear the less distortion you will find in what you recieve, if you consider the possibility the message comes through you, the clearer you are the better.

Most important is to have fun, there is no hurry to get to the "good stuff" though I'm sure your starting to cultivate a strong desire for it! Hehe.

I hope you become not only a great Medium, but a wise one. Enjoy the journey!
BeautifulDay (guest)
12 years ago (2009-02-24)
Hello, Phoebe your life sounds like a spiritual path, guided in every direction. You have lovely guides. As they indicated exercise is part of a grounded life style. Exercise distributing endorphines (releasing stress) also creating a feeling of being present in the physical body here and now. The idea of Grounding: all that encompasses here and now=growth,physicall/mentally/spiritually. You will experience: personally healing in this path as well as expand our auric energy + psychic abilities. So all these other books are helpful that you have been lead to. You may find that your food changes due to the demands of your psychic energy changing and expanding. Water is a conduit for psychic energy. Healthy foods ground. When you do move into mediumship you will get lots of dreams,preminitions,reading,even visions. You will need loads of water. If you get cravings for Sugar, try fresh fruit juice instead of cookies. Craving: of surgar indicate a need for earth grounding. Salt is sky energy. If you ever Holiday in UK-London, So Kensington has a school which was part of the spiritualist movement in England= on weekends Sat/Sun, As you've been lead... Continue to be lead choosing your instructor is an excellent rule I go by! If you like a few names I would be happy to mention ones that I and my fellow students see true teachs and gifted. Blessing to you! "I do rejoice with you"!

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