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Vision While At Sea


Saturday April 14, 2018 while still ship board on a cruise off the Northern coast of Cuba I had a vision. I hope you don't think I am out of my mind and I assure you this happened. I tried to get my wife to watch this with me as it appeared in a cloud. I did verbally detail to her what I saw as I saw it.

As the ship traveled off the northern coast of Cuba at around 20 knots, I noticed a cloud over the ship. I pointed this out to my wife, as it was an unusual cloud. She however can only confirm that this cloud stayed over the ship in excess of 20 minutes, as she was more interested in reading her book. As I give details of my vision keep in mind we the ship was moving, yet this cloud remained directly overhead.

As I first noticed this cloud, I witnessed that there were several areas within the main cloud of small independent circular formations. Within those areas, while concentrating on the circulation the visions appeared.

The first to appear was a clearly defined image of the Cross. The Cross was radiant. As were all following images. Then three Crosses appeared on a hill followed by images of God the father. Then Jesus on the cross. Followed by visions of Angels and the Mother Mary. All clear radiant images illuminated by the sun.

After seeing these images in the smaller circular formations my attention was drawn to the main overall cloud as the sun had illuminated the top portion. At the top of the cloud appeared a cone opening, orange, red, and pink colors surrounded this opening. As the sun drew closer to the opening, there appeared a dark, almost black large disk in the center of the main cloud directly below the cone opening. The sun drew closer and as I thought the sun was about to become engulfed by the cloud, the light from the sun grew strange, as if we were in the first stage of an eclipse. At that point I became afraid, fearing God, to the point that I took my wife by the hand an expressed that I thought we were witnessing a biblical event and were about to see a 3 hour eclipse as if indeed the sun was being engulfed by the dark disk which was huge. Shortly thereafter the light given by the sun began to return to normal on the deck of the ship and the cloud started to evaporate. As the cloud evaporated I began to weep.

My wife then suggested I was seeing things and she wanted to leave the pool deck and we left. At that point I asked her how long we had been sitting on the deck? She looked and stated that we had been there around 20 minutes. I affirmed with here that she had seen this cloud the entire time. She affirmed and said she did not understand how weather worked. I asked how any cloud could remain over the ship while we were on the sea moving at cruising speed? She then said that she wanted to go to deck 7 at the rear of the ship where we had found a somewhat secluded place to sit where she could continue reading. When we arrived there, I noticed a small cloud moving with the same circular flow as the smaller formations found within the large cloud seen on the upper deck off to the right rear of the ship. As I again concentrated on the circulation, the same image of the first Cross I saw appeared within this singular small circular cloud. This cloud remained in view showing the Cross within it until we departed from the location on deck 7.

You may think I have absolutely lost my mind. And I would completely understand but be it for the fact that my wife will agree that the first cloud indeed followed the ship and was overhead in excess of 20 minutes while the ship moved at the speed of 20 knots. 20 knots is equal to 23 miles per hour. Although my wife did not see what I saw, how can the cloud stay over the boat for such period of time?

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