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For a very long time I have had these spiritual visions that come out of nowhere. I notice they happen more often when I'm in a relaxed state. I very recently had this vision that seems very important and I'm wanting to hear others thought on it.

The other night when I laid down in bed I was thinking about this alien race called the Arcturians, and I was just wondering how one might be able to vibrate at such a high frequency like these beings. After this thought I went into one of my visions. It was of me and I was this small naked fragile body. My body felt completely awakened and I had this strange blue shield- like band around my head. I was then picked up by this huge tree being. It was not psychical but I could see it because it was made of these blue and pink sparkles. While in the hands of this spirit I was being nourished with the purest energy and my whole body felt warm and protected. These beings made me feel like they were there for me would be there whenever I needed them. As I was visualizing all of this I could feel my body in my bed feeling completely warmed, and all the discomfort I had felt went away. I kept finding myself surrounded with blue light, then white light. Id be wrapped up in this light then Id go back to the hands of the tree. At one point I had control and I imagined a friend who had been struggling recently in the hands of one of these beings, to send them love and comfort. At the very end of this I felt the whole entire universe, it was absolutely beautiful. And for the first time in a long time I felt like somebody was listening to me. So I sent out some good vibes and prayers to people and I knew these things were being received.

Ive done some researching and I'm having a bit of a hard time understanding this. It was such a strong and clear vision. Does anybody have any knowledge on anything similar to this?

Thanks you for reading:)

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Dave M (guest)
4 years ago (2020-02-24)
It seems you're more aware of the metaphysical than most. The large majority of people these days don't at all notice these things. Look at the media, music, political, and business arenas; all centered on the material. They gain security and fulfillment from what will not last. Our connection with the universe is of utmost importance. I have also had synchronicities which I've noticed as general repetitive "themes". Yours seem to be of a higher nature, you may have a larger purpose you have not realized.

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