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A Vision Of Our Lady


The vision comes about when I am awoken from a dream. This happened over 20 years ago.

The dream is as follows:

I am following a nun who is wearing the old habit, a long black dress and veil, down a corridor in my old school (l was taught by teachers, some of who were nuns) though she does not look behind at me she keeps the door open so that I can walk through. Yet I never seem to catch her up and I want to? Finally I enter a room that is an auditorium it is dark and no one else is there. The screen is on but nothing showing it is hazy grey like a TV with no signal. I continue walking as before 'straight on' down an aisle in the auditorium, the screen shows a hand, side on, vertical, so I see the side of the little finger. The hand fills the screen and it is going from one end of the screen to the other just going left to right all the time. I continue and walk straight ahead and go onto the stage / platform and don't stop walking so am going to knock / bump into the screen.

I literally wake up from my dream as I am scared of the hand swiping me.

This part I do not dream but I do see a vision of our lady as on the front of the Miraculous Medal, Mary stands on a globe, representing the earth, with a crushed snake under her feet. This image represents Mary's role as "Queen of Heaven and Earth". The snake represents Satan, who was defeated by Mary's obedience to God. The rays coming from her hands symbolize the graces Mary gives to those who ask her. She is transparent but I see the outline of her robe her veil, her folds in her veil and robe and her face. The outlines are all in the colours of the rainbow. She does not speak she is above my bed in mid air she is there for a few minutes. I close my eyes and open them again she is still there. It is only years later that I find out colours of the rainbow are always mentioned when others have seen visions of our lady. I don't know what the message was for me and worry that I am missing such an important message.

A few days ago I had reiki healing and thought of the vision above the woman who was giving me healing said afterwards that she felt someone take over her arms and hands and her body and that they were healing me. She said it was our lady and she even felt her veil fall over her [the reiki healer] shoulder and arm as she was healing me. I then told her about the dream I woke up from above years ago and that I was actually thinking about the vision of our lady that I saw when she was healing me.

This just reinforces that God is everywhere and with and in everyone.

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