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Jesus And Me In The Clouds


When I was about 16 or 17 (27 now) I was in my room middle of the day using my computer. I believe I was burning a CD or surfing the web. I was wide awake so it could not have been a dream like many I have told the story to have told me it was. Out of no where I was literally in the clouds, not physically more like out of body like my soul had been pulled from my body and summoned to the clouds, and Jesus was there. His voice was soothing and comforting. He had the long hair and beard he is often portrayed with. I believe he chose this form as I could not be ready to see him in any other form. The sky was beautifully blue and bright while pure white clouds gently brushed by us. He told me not to worry and that his father told him to tell me that everything would be ok.

And just like that I was right back at my desk and computer. I kind of freaked out because I was just in the sky so to speak and now I'm looking at four walls again. I had to share this experience with my loved ones who mostly told me I must have been dreaming or gave me a are you crazy look. I've never experience anything like it before or again. I was instantly convinced what I had experienced was real and my memory of it is so vivid. It happened at a time in my life where things weren't going so great and I feel God just wanted to let me know that he's there for me and that I truly had nothing to worry about, my life was in his hands. When I look around and see the natural beauty of things on earth and consider just how vast and complex the whole universe is I believe it. Such a profound experience I hold onto so dearly that even if it were proven to be just hallucinations I'm glad it happened

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