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Seeing Jesus In My Dreams


About 3 years ago, I had a powerful dream. My aunt calls them visions, messages, signs from GOD. Before I had this dream I never hardly attended church, sometimes I would read my bible, but I hardly understood what it was talking about. I knew some stories. I was confused, part of my family grew up as catholics and some grew up as christians or some other type of religion. For me I didn't care what religion it was I just wanted to learn and know Jesus more. When I had this powerful experiences it turn and changed things in my life.

It first started out I was driving on a curvy road, I had my mother and my children with me. I went to turn on a curve and the wheel didn't want to turn. We went head on toward a tree, and had a accident. Now after you had been in an accident you would check on everyone who was with you to see if there ok, if you were able to do so. I didn't check on anyone. I was feeling light and floating upward into the clouds. All the feelings you feel on earth; worries, sadness, stress, bad feelings, angry. Every uncomfortable feeling you have known in this world, I didn't feel not one feeling. All I feel was happiness, joy, love and most of all I felt very peaceful. What I was feeling I will never forget.

I was in the clouds still go up slowly, and I seen this beautiful bright light. It was so bright like the sun but you can still see the light without closing your eyes. A man appeared, he was right in front of light. He had a white robe, short hair. I seen his face and just looking at him, I was happy and loved. I knew who it was, JESUS. He was looking at me, didn't say a word; he didn't have to. He took is hand out for me to grab it and as soon as I grabbed my clothes changed. I had a long white robe, and in the corner of my eye I seen something big and white. JESUS gave me wings. They were so huge I could rap myself. He gave that feeling everything is going to fine.

I had this dream about 3 years ago and a year afterward, I went looking for a church to attend and now I go every sunday my children also. I read my bible much much more, and I'm learning a lot about my Lord and its wonderful. Thank you.

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Kiara (guest)
5 years ago (2019-07-07)
I recently started praying every day since May 24 2019 and about a week ago I had a dream that I was in my bedroom talking to my husband about financial issues and all of a sudden I see a figure with a lot of light the face was actually a SUN but I was able to stare at it and I saw a brown robe and olive skin feet and he had said in the dream " you are going to conquer because Jesus Christ said so". It's so weird because I was aware that I was dreaming. I also once had a weird "dream" about 6 years ago and I quote because I can tell you I was awake fully awake but my husband claims I was sleeping yet I told him exactly everything I was hearing him do in the kitchen.Anyways, I was basically meditating on my bed before going to sleep when I see my window open up and a strong breeze enters and flips pages of my opened bible that I always had near my bed and all of a sudden I hear a gross deep voice coming from my closet saying Look at me, Look at me now, Look at me! Demanding saying I said Look at me Now! And for some reason I just New that what ever that was I did not want to look at it and the first thought that came to my mind was to pray so I prayed the only prayer I New at the time which was Our Father and I felt the strong breeze leave and my bible returned to how it was, the window closed and the voice left. I suddenly got out of that situation. I ran to my husband and explained to him what I just felt and he told me it was just a dream. Till this day I feel like it wasn't a dream.Also, I had another dream 4 months ago that I was in a cloudy gray park and the floor was coble stone's I see a group of people walking in 3 separate zigzag lines I see a white old woman looking at me and I ask her where am i?she never responds for some reason I just New I had to follow her so I am walking with her and as I walk I see a wrecked limousine with teenagers inside that are all talking to each other but what I found weird was there skin color looked so pale like how a deceased skin color looks like. There was a mirror on a wall and I go to look at my self and indeed it was me but as soon as I looked in the mirror I got this terrible pain in my head and eyes that I just couldn't look at myself anymore. So I continue walking and I get really cold and realize in the dream that I am dead don't no why I thought that but I start to cry and get on my knees on the coble stone and all of a sudden I hear a voice that says "Go ahead, Cry and then ask Why"I started pleading for forgiveness and another chance to live and I thought about my family and my children and how I didn't tell my love ones how much I love them and appreciate them. Then at one point in the dream I stopped crying and felt like there was nothing else I could do but just accept it. Then all of a sudden the sky opened up in my dream and I heard music like an orchestra type music but very peaceful music then a chain with the image of the Sacred heart of Jesus was thrown at me and it fell on the floor in which I picked it up and suddenly woke up from my dream. I was pale and super cold and once again ran to my husband to tell him my dream. Then on October 6th which is my birthday my grandfather passed away in a hospice in which I was always by his side in the hospice taking care of him because he raised me. So he was basically a Father figure. For some reason I had left his side that specific night to get something to eat but was coming right back. I left at about 5:30am and he was sedated with medication because he had heart failure and I told him "Papi,I will be back".I arrive back at 6 am and the nurse tells me that he had passed away at 5:55 am. I was by his bed side Day and Night because I didn't want him dying alone and eventually he did. The only times I would shower and eat was when a family member would come I would go about my business and would try not to last no more then 2 or 3 hours. It was every single day I put my life in hold I have a husband and 6 children but yet my husband New how important this was for me so he helped me alot. My grandfather was hospitalized Aug 24-Oct 6 that was my main focus at that time. Now to the point, on Oct 11 I had a dream that 2 female angels disguised as humans called my phone and told me that they need my help with my stubborn grandfather. That he was giving them to much problems so I go down my stairs and I see them coming with him. I look at him and it's like if I New exactly what to tell him. In the dream he ask me "Kiara,who are these people that I don't no I want to go home tell them to let me go with you".I respond by taking a deep breath and telling him "Papi,these people came to pick you up because you passed away and now you belong in a different world from mine it is not my time now so I can't stay with you I have to leave but they were nice enough to let me tell you this and he started screaming in the dream and I got so dizzy in my dream and everything blurred out then I suddenly woke up. The weird thing from that dream also was that while I was talking to my grandfather I was hearing the angels disguised as humans talking about what a nice washing machine I had. When I woke up I went straight to my washer for some reason I realized that it was in a wash mode that I have NEVER used I am am the only one who touches that washer so I was just thinking can that have been confirmation that the dream was real?. Sorry for the long post can anyone help me interpret my dreams?
James (10 stories) (151 posts)
13 years ago (2011-09-27)
One day a young boy was talking with his friends and they were laughing at the object his grandfather called a boat. For it was in total disrepair, the wood was rotting away all except the transom (the rear of the boat), for the wood here was a fresh as the day it was felled in the forests on Mt Hermon.

Now Isaiah was a proud man and he knew his grandson didn't think much of his tired old fishing boat, for it has been on dry land since he retired several years before from a life of fishing on the Sea of Galilee off the shores of Bethsaida.

"Grandfather why don't you just get rid of that old boat, it will just sink when it returns to the water"

"Why don't you try it and see what happens" replied the wiser old man.

"No way not on my life would I trust that boat" answered Ismail rather abruptly

"are you afraid"

"I am not afraid of anything, but that boat..."

"try it you'll see"

The three youngsters began pulling the vessel to the water, it creaked, the wood twisted and it was heavy. As they pulled it closer to the shore it was as if the weight of the boat was vanishing, it seemed to come alive, stiffen-up and boy did it float!

The boys jumped in and spent the afternoon sailing around from Bethsaida over to Capernaum and back again. They had such a great time and were filled with questions for the Grandfather.

When they asked why the back of the boat looked so new, they asked if he had just had it fixed.

"Oh heavens no that was 70 years ago!"

Now the boys thought perhaps he had been in the sun too long so he told them the story.

" A long time ago when I was just a boy, not much older than you three, my father died and I had to man the nets to catch fish for my family to eat and live off.

We had a bad storm one night and I came down to the water to see the stern all broken up and I knew there was no money to fix it. I tried casting my net from shore but no fish would swim into it, I tried to wade in the water and catch them that way, nothing. For many days we went without food after our money ran out and we had no fish to sell.

My mother became distraught as we tried to make everything work, my younger brothers and sisters could not help so it was left to me.

I became very angry with God and wondered why he had forsaken my family, first my father dying and now our livelihod was taken away.

When I thought it could not get any worse a man came by the water one day and looked at my boat, I muttered some profanity about the boat and he just smiled. That smile seemed to remove the weight of all that had happened from me and I didn't feel pity anymore.

I explained what happened and he just smiled again, as if he knew exactly what had happened. He left me saying "Go in Peace my Brother" which I thought was odd as I didn't know this man,

When I returned the next morning, he was there again, only this time with tools and wood. He fixed my boat with the precision of a stone mason, look for yourself can you see the seams in between the planks of wood?"

The boys looked closely and to this day 70 years later there was not a seam to behold, not a speck of battan in a joint and yet it was clearly many pieces of wood.

"As I was looking over the work and admiring the craftsmanship, I hadn't noticed that he had gone, just vanished and I never did get a chance to thank him.

Until my retirement that stern has held steady and true keeping the entire vessel together as if God himself was holding it together"

"Grandad did you ever find out who the man was, or where he came from?"

"There were many stories afterwards about a stranger who would help those in need, always seemed to be there when they were at their last breath of hope and would just as quickly vanish when things had been set right'

"Grandad that sounds like Jesus from Nazareth?"

"No Ismail, I don't think so, he was the son of Joseph the carpeter, he died in Jerusalem before I was even born. My father told me he was a rabbi of sorts but didn't amount to much in the end"

"Grandfather then how do you explain the man and the fact the wood shows no sign of rot after all these years"

"I have wondered that myself for many years"

Miracles abound every day and yet we very often, like Isaiah, never realize it.

"...My Peace and Love I leave Upon You..."

alphaandomega (1 stories) (28 posts)
13 years ago (2011-09-21)
Armatinez, I saw Jesus in a dream also, but it was before he was crucified. Too many details to go into, but in my dream his hair was black, very wavy and short, not quiet touching his shoulders, and his beard was nice and trimmed as you said in your vision. The cross was lying on the ground and there was someone beating him with a long whip as the others tied and nailed him to the cross. I felt so guilty as they kept beating him because I knew it was me that had done wrong and he was taking my punishment and as they kept beating him, he said, "I did nothing, I did nothing!". I felt so ashamed as I looked at him and his beard was dirty and his face was bloody. They pulled the cross up with ropes and stood it up straight and a man in a long robe stood at the foot of the cross and he had a small piece of mirror and used it to reflect the sun light on the face of Jesus, and I could still see his lips moving as he said "I did nothing", "I did nothing". I'm Michael, and I'm almost 50, that dream was around thirty years ago. Isn't is Amazing? I saw him before he was crucified, and you saw him in his Glory. "HE Has Risen!"
Margarita (1 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-21)

Hi and thank you for sharing this story with everyone. I am a 20 year old christian Greek orthodox university student. I had some experiences with GOD and JESUS and also with death... I lost my faith when I was a teenager trying to find the meaning of life all this years... I had my first dream with God when I was 15. I was inside the church I was baptised and standing in front of some wooden staircases on the other side there was a man with a long white cloak white face and big eyes, the man reached his hand to me and said with a voice I never heard before just like hearing the voice of god and he said come come with me and I touched his hand and we sat on some wooden chairs talking to each other... I can't remember what he was saying to me but it was as he was trying to help me or advice me on something... After that dream I woke up scared because my faith was not strong... The other dream I had was With Jesus. It was again outside a church opposite my house and Jesus gave me wings and a white cloak like his and we flought at the top of the church... This dreams were so real that I started believing since then. After the dream with jesus something unbelievable happened. I got accepted in a good university in the uk... I'm using the word unbelievable because at school I was never a good student and everyone said I would not do anything good in my life... Some expiriences with the dead made me who I am today... A woman who knows what she wants... I went to college and graduated after 2 years with honours and the best grades in my class and know came to the uk to study for another 4 years... My experiences with the dead a) I was watching tv one day and I had a vision of my old neighbour that I haven't seen for ages. I asked my mum immidiately if he was ok and she said yes he is fine... Then later that evening we found out he died... B) I went to bed one night and when I turned of the light I saw an old lady saying to me goodbye from grandmom... After that in the middle of the night the phone rang and my mums best friend called and said her grandmother died... The last experience I had was with my grandfather... I always loved him but I never told him and then he died 2 years ago because of cancer. That summer I suffered from depression and anorexia and lost 30 pounds in a month... One night before going to bed I asked his help crying myself to sleep and then a miracle happened... The statue of an angel that I had next to me moved... It was my dead grandfather saying to me he was there... I immidiately stoped crying and saying thank you to him...

After all this experiences I've been trying to find other spiritual people who had similar experiences to me... Now I know I'm not going crazy and I'm not alone so thank you to everyone sharing their stories... This stories give hopes for many and change the lives of others...

PS. I'm sorry if my writting skills are not well:)

Margarita (the spirit)
AnandaHya (guest)
13 years ago (2010-12-26)
thanks for sharing. I had a dream when I was at a very dark place in my life that I was in Heaven and the Lord of Host came to me as I was performing my job of purifying energy and showed me the world and its suffering. I asked Him why didn't they just listen and I got the answer. "they want more than is alloted to them" I asked in my dream if I could help them and if He wanted me to go tell them about how beuatiful it is to live in the presence and obedience to GOD. He sent me into this world with warnings about the temptations of the flesh and the Bible of this world written in my heart. But my bible doesn't look like the one in the world. I don't know why, it has more chapters and includes a lot more religions and scientific revelations and other things that people look at me funny when I mention. I've read the Earthly Bible in various translations and find it confusing why they are not all the same. Can anyone explain it to me?

Please email me at clupt012 [at] is you can shed some light on my Bible questions and have experienced seeting Angels and Demons, because I've seen both and watched angels drag demons into hell. I'm Christian but believe that other religions lead to God too.
girlforjesus (1 stories) (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-01)
That's wonderful! I'm so glad you found Jesus. He loves you with an everlasting love. He isn't about religion, but a relationship!
James (10 stories) (151 posts)
14 years ago (2010-11-24)

Thank you for your post, a wonderful experience to behold. The Son of Man is a remarkable being to embrace, just think what sort of life he lead when he walked amongst man 2000 years ago, a shining example of what a beautiful life can be.

Many years ago, I spoke to a man, much like yourself not religious at all. He had a car crash and he and his daughter were on their death-beds.

All he said to me was "I spoke to the man himself" it was a changing point in his life for at that moment he had it all figured out, it took me almost 10 years later to truly understand what happened to him. We are both changed-men forever-more

May the Divine bless you and yours

James 😁

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