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I am a recovery counselor, and on March 27th, 2010, I was walking on 49th street in New York City with my latest client, a nice 43 year old woman that I had met on a cruise the prior month. She had tremendous issues, and I had met with her and agreed to help her. On this particular day, we were walking westbound as I was walking her back to the ship that I met her on, as she was employed by them. She spotted this little church on the street, now identified as St.Malachy's Church. (St.Malachy is the patron saint for actors and actresses, of which she was one--coincidence?. I doubt it). She grabbed my hand and motioned me up the outer stairs, saying that we should go inside for some holy water. I walked up the stairs with her and we entered the church. In the middle of the aisle there was a marble-based structure holding in it a metal cup. Thinking it was where the holy water was, we approached it but saw that it was empty. We stood there for a moment, and I noticed that the church had put up an additional cross to the right of the church for the Lenten season, and the cross was draped in purple. Trying to get a laugh from my client, I looked up at the cross, put my left hand over my head with my fingers pointing to the right where she was standing, and said jokingly supposedly to Jesus: " Look whose here!". As I looked up and focused upon His face, a white milky light came from His right eye and was staring right at me. It must have taken only a few seconds, but I froze in my tracks, and turned to my client when she reached out and touched me and literally crawled into my arms and we both began to cry. It was then that I knew that Jesus' left eye was looking at her while His right eye was looking at me. We were both literally blown away by the experience, and stood there holding each other and crying for quite a few minutes. I understood it as a message to me that Jesus wanted me to help this woman, and I made a promise and a committment that very day to do whatever was necessary to try and get her to a better place. It is 4 years later, and we have experienced things that I will never put out in public, but I'm glad to say that she is in a much better place today that before and trying to move forward with her life. We were made special to each other that day by Jesus, and I will consider her to be special to me until the day I die. I believe as never before that, when you are looked at by Jesus, you are being told that you are special. I do everything in my life today to try and please Jesus, and look forward to being in Heaven with Him someday. My client will be there too, and since I have grown to care for her deeply on this earth, it will be a very special day when we are reunited in Heaven. I have been truly blessed by Jesus and I believe that He truly loves me and loves my client. I continue to prsay for her each day, as her struggles in this life are not over, but I know that Jesus watches over her and protects her, and that gives me inner comfort. My life, my feelings, my everything is in Jesus' hands today. I trust that He will make all things right.

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frangelica1 (1 posts)
8 years ago (2016-02-21)
That was just a beautiful experience you both had! Thank you so much for helping this woman also!

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