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Several years ago I posted my first story about my twirling light (reading my first story may help you to understand what I mean) but as the years have gone by, and I have gotten older I have realized that I am becoming less spiritually aware.

I am unsure as to why this is happening but I have some ideas like for example I think maybe because I am becoming more involved with modern society I am losing my spirituality

little by little.

I am now a young adult but I haven't changed a whole lot. I sti ll don't like to party, drink, smoke, or do anything crazy in fact I don't do any of those things nor have I attempted to.

I am in school so I do stay up late to do homework so I am losing sleep sometimes. Is it possible my lack of sleep is causing me to become less spiritually aware?

I haven't been able to meditate as much as I want to.

I do still feel a calling but its like the calling is being muffled out. I do live in a populated city so I am not surrounded by nature that much however I do attempt to go visit places that are by nature.

It has occurred to me that possibly my school education is starting to interfere with myself being less spiritually aware but I do not believe this is the main reason but a small contribution to my situation.

I don't want to lose my awareness so If anyone has any advice for me I would be happy to know what it is.

I would like to know if anyone else has gone through this before and how did you cope with it? It has occurred to me that this situation is probably temporary but nonetheless I still would like to hear other people's opinions.

Thank you for reading

my story.

Have an excellent day.

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