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I am a teenager and some of you know that some teenagers can be well out of hand and can be crazy but not me I have lived my life well I stay out of trouble I am polite, nice, caring teenage girl and I have been told countless times that I am way to mature for my age.

I mention all of that because I feel a calling while most teenagers my age are going out and having fun. I stay home and meditate or I try to figure out why I have this feeling of being "called" I guess you can call it a calling. I have always notice that when ever I get down or sad I just sit on my bed and when I do I just think about everything like the calling and every time I do that I notice that I always feel something awaking inside of me it feels like a light awaking inside it surrounds my body from the inside out.

I feel the light inside me I feel it in every pore of my body every hair every fiber I can feel the light covering my body and I mean my entire body. When my body is completely filled of the light the sadness begins to diminish and after several minutes the sadness just goes away until it no longer there.

When ever I feel the calling call me I feel like I am in a ocean with so many obstacles trying to block me from getting to where I need to get to yet I always feel that light pulling me to safety and to the right path but I still haven't reach the end. I feel something greater and I keep trying to find it what ever it is. I hope someone can help me understand what going on. I would have wrote this on psychic experiences but this web site feels like it the right place to write my story.

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AnandaHya (guest)
12 years ago (2011-01-11)
I always thought the light was the Holy spirit giving us peace. I thought everyone felt it when meditating...

I'm glad you find peace and meditate instead of wasting your life partying:) I was never very good at parties. I normally climbed a tree and watched everyone get drunk or stoned and then drove my friends home when they had enough or the guys try to rape them...
waterlily (2 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2011-01-04)
NaturalScience Thank you for your post it very helpful to me. I have to admit I feel really old and strong sometimes. I used to wonder if everyong could produce that inner light but it seems not everyone can do it. It made me more happy to know that I can do this. You answered all my questions that I had and you got stright to the point with your answers Thank you. 😆
NaturalScience (3 stories) (110 posts)
12 years ago (2011-01-04)
It was the right site. And I must say you are a lucky one. Your soul must be really old and strong. Strong enough to produce this Inner Light that can drive sadness away. Gosh what could I do in this world if I had such a great power over my emotions! My soul too probably has done more than 800 years on Earth (see my Past Life story) but it is unable to such things yet. Hope I'll experience a future incarnation when this is possible to me too!
You don't need to know more than you are on the correct way if you keep meditating, and if you courageously do what you recognize as necessary during meditation (this second point is the most important one, for if you get counsels from your Innermost but do not listen, no matter for which reason, fear, greed or whatever, the Innermost will give up counseling and leave you alone with your own foolishness).
You have no idea of the aim you are called to, but its final goal surely is what we call Eternal Life, or Liberation.
The "ocean" you feel has a double meaning. To you now still it means this big big world in which it seems so hard to find the right way. To you in twenty years, very probably, it will mean the Infinity of God Who Is Everywhere.

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