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Brilliant White Light


Background; I was born 20th of March 1951 into a Catholic family, my parents were 2nd generation Italian Americans. We moved to an adjacent suburb of Detroit Michigan when I was three years old. We were not, nor have I ever been overly religious. Our house, like the others in the neighborhood was a brick bungalow, a tract home.

I was the second oldest of five children. We slept upstairs. My two sisters shared a bedroom as did my two brothers. Opposite the upstairs landing was my sisters' bedroom. Behind me was my brothers' bedroom.

My bed was at the top of the stairs in what would be more of a study or sewing room. I always had by own bed. My bed faced a south westerly direction. I am not sure of the year, I was still a young boy. I think I was probably nine years old or so and the year would probably have been 1960.

I think the time of year was late winter or early spring because I remember a heavy blanket. It was early morning, long before daylight when I was awakened by a bright light. I opened my eyes and saw what I can only describe as the brightest, most brilliant white light that I have ever experienced. The light hovered in front of me at the foot of the bed over a cedar chest. I was terrified. I was so scared that as my heart pounded I stopped breathing on purpose, hoping the light would stop or go away. As I continued to try to look into the light, to try and see what it was or where it was coming from; the image of Jesus appeared. A typical image like you might see in a catechism or prayer book. It was the image of Jesus back lit by a brilliant white light. I didn't understand. I could not understand what was happening to me. Still terrified I looked into the image of Jesus. Jesus was looking into me as the light and image floated and drifted, and at that moment I realized I had nothing to fear. When the fear left me and I was calm, I understood. The image and the light stopped and then I was calm and exhausted and went back to sleep. When I got out of bed the next morning and there was normal daylight and it was just a regular day I put the experience aside. I knew it happened, I knew I did not imagine it but I could not fit it into my young life's makeup or reasoning. The light was there, that I am convinced of, but did my mind insert the image of Jesus to calm myself? That part I cannot be sure of.

I have never told this story nor have I told of this experience to anyone.

Just recently I decided to search the web. The search was for "brilliant white light". It brought me to this web site where I have found others who have had similar experiences.

This was a true and not an imagined experience. What does it mean?

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Tanner (guest)
3 months ago (2024-03-12)
My mother and I were engulfed in a brilliant white light. I was 12 years old and will never forget it.
Demi (guest)
2 years ago (2022-07-10)
On the 19th November 2020 I experienced the most purest white light and I will never ever forget it. I made a list of things that I wanted out of my life. Anxiety to go away, build relationships, guidance, good health for family and friends, to be mentally and physically strong etc. I was just repeating the same thing every single night as of the 8th November onwards. I closed my eyes every night and would just talk in my head and would hope that 'something' was listening. On the 19th, my eyes were closed and I did the same thing as I had been doing only this time, my eyes started flickering and this pure white light appeared, it felt so amazing. It felt like something was floating in front of me but I was so scared to I open my eyes. I started becoming fearful because I didn't know what was going on and then this red mist appeared and I randomly started feeling extreme fear throughout my body. I started saying things that wasn't coming from 'me' like protect me from all evil, keep me safe etc. I opened my eyes and the room was so still. I had experienced something supernatural which left me constantly wondering what was that, what was the purpose of it? So much happened after, I would be here for 3 hours typing. I started connecting with spirits and it was taking over my life, I had to leave my job because it was all so intense. I started seeing crosses in reflections of things and was literally googling 'symbolism of a cross'. I haven't been brought up in a religious family whatsoever so Jesus was never something I would ever have even thought about. My ex partner's mum was a catholic and I told her about what had been going on, I was so scared, I was being tormented by spirits, I saw my friends eyes turn completely black, something 'demonic' was attached to me and I could feel this constant 'presence' it was awful. She told me that in the bible the devil can disguise himself as light. She prayed for me and told me to pray to Jesus which I did, it felt alien to me. I started going to church every Sunday, my family and friends thought I was bonkers, I had no one to relate to. I know what I've seen and I'll never ever forget it. I got holy water, prayed to Jesus every night and put on the amour of god, prayed over my house, I was doing everything I was told to try and get rid of it and eventually, it all went away. I'm such a why person and that's something I'll probably never have an answer to. I'm still not religious because I don't feel I need to label anything but I 100% believe in Jesus now. Too many things happened for me not to believe! I'm glad I came across this page and others have also experienced the white light. God bless everyone xx
David (guest)
3 years ago (2021-09-08)
I was surprised to read the exact experiences described in the same way that I described to myself.

Eyes open and awake during operation
Wall open as door way with bright yellow
Sun light with fields about 15 ft from me
Different blazing white light filled the door of gold light
Move instantly to me and around me and hovered
Felt like my life was being read
Complete peaceful feeling and knew you couldn't say or think anything bad
Than instantly gone and a feeling you know when
You die there will be nothing to fear.
You know it is Jesus
You wonder why he didn't take you
You're not sure if you should tell anyone
The doorway with the sun like light seemed like it opened into another dimension.
Thought maybe heaven was here in another dimension
Dee (guest)
3 years ago (2021-04-01)
Hi. I'm a 63 year old female living in Japan. I was born and raised Catholic (US and Canada. My teenage years were spent doing volunteer activities for the Church.
I was blessed to have been good friends with a Brother in our Church in Ottawa. He passed away nine years ago. I didn't know he passed until I hadn't heard from him in a while and checked the internet.

I awoke Jan 19th as usual. It was cold and 5 a.m. I closed my eyes for a moment and a bright blinding white light came to me... I opened them and the light continued to grow in size (it was a circle).

Br. M. Was in the center.

I've been going through a lot of personal and financial problems (some covid related; others not).
I remained still, thrilled to see my good friend and these amazing circumstances. Such feeling of peace and calm poured over with me. AND every time I remember it, I get that same gift of calm and peace.

I found this site a few weeks later. I was looking for something else "angel" related in my pc history and found this.
At the time I didn't know you could comment.

Thank ya'll for sharing your beautiful experiences. It helped me understand mine better.
zbarsworld (1 posts)
4 years ago (2020-07-06)
I'm now 70. When I was 20 or so I was having an intense conversation with a friend about how we had arrived at that particular moment in time (we were in the midst of a spiritual retreat). As we both spoke about our lives as a process that led us to that particular moment we started to recall various connections and events and the words between us began to tumble forth at an amazing speed. Suddenly an indescribable energy in the form of brilliant white light enveloped us and passed between our eyes. I can't explain how long this continued. As this was occurring his brother opened the door and asked us be what was going on. This broke the experience and we began to laugh as we were unsure what had occurred. As soon as his brother left the room we discussed what had happened and found our experiences were identical. Over the years he had a few similar experiences and I did too, although my two other experiences were while dreaming. Both other times involved intense spiritual content. In fact one of the dreams also involved a rather incredible instance of synchronicity.
Rachel A. (guest)
4 years ago (2020-03-06)
I experienced this BRILLIANT WHITE BRIGHT LIGHT FEBRUARY 27th Thursday night I took care of my mother and would sleep with her on EVERY Thursday. I woke up to this light on top of my mother. I was in such shock I woke up to this light I know they were angels there were more than 1 billowing on top of my mother- the sounds were beautiful! The light I still can't get over I remember and will never ever forget. They told me not worry not worry all will be ok it was time for her to get ready for her journey. She left us on February 29th- 2020. A few days after this amazing touch of the WHITE BRIGHT LIGHT.
Paula (guest)
5 years ago (2019-06-21)
I saw the white light. It was back in the 1960's. I was deep in prayer for the salvation of someone I knew who was taking drugs and didn't know Jesus. I was kneeling at the side of my bed and I looked up and in the corner of the dark room was a light so brilliant, so bright, like nothing I had ever seen before, words are inadequate. I was terrified and prayed for it to go away. My fear was overwhelming. I think it must have been Jesus or an angel or Holy Spirit. I have never seen it since but I have on two occasions heard what I believe to be the voice of God. Once I was told "forgive yourself" and the other time "you are cherished". I wish I could see the light again or understand it> I would try to not be so afraid.
Barb (guest)
5 years ago (2019-05-17)
Me too! I've seen what I now think was Jesus! A very bright light in the form of a spirit that had a robe on, longish hair and had his arms spread out almost across the whole room. I was with a friend who also saw the vision! We both cried and were very frightened. It was incredibly beautiful but to a 13 year old, extremely frightening. I slept with my head under the covers for years. I am very spiritual but not Christian. I was brought up in a Jewish family but we didn't practice religion at all and I am this way today--no religion, but I believe very strongly in Jesus. He's visited me in a dream as well. I try to be a very good person, but I feel that I haven't lived up to being visited by God. I wonder every day, "why me" I have a very strong love for God but feel "not worthy". It is so comforting to hear others have experienced this. My friend cut ties with me the next day and hasn't ever talked to me since. Not sure why. I've always had supernatural experiences, but this and my dream were the most intense moments of my life!
Trent (guest)
6 years ago (2018-09-22)
A very similar occurrence happened to me at age 18, I'm 56 now. One night, after just falling asleep, a brilliant light came to me within my sleep and a voice said, 'You are to give your heart to Me.' I was also indescribably terrified.
It took me years to figure it out. You've been given an incredible gift. That was a calling to devote your life to Christ. Many are called but few are chosen. Open the New Testament and read!
HopeFaithLove26 (guest)
6 years ago (2018-04-15)
I just want to share my son & I's story. My son & I shared bed, since my husband passed away I was scared to sleep by myself & my son sneaked inside my room, so I let him sleep beside me. One time in the middle of the night, I was about to sleep with my eyes closed, suddenly, my son woke me up & asked me what's the bright light across our bed on the ceiling on top of our door. We were so scared that we just hugged & faced each other while staring at the bright light that we've never ever seen before, as if the light has life. The longer I stared at the light I felt peace & calm within me. It stayed for couple minutes. When it was gone, I told my son that it was probably his Dad or angel or Jesus himself visiting us. My son & I will never forget this shared experience we had. After couple days, I saw the bright light again. I really believe, we never walked alone on this earth. God is always with us no matter what we've been through... And that we're all connected to our Source!
Andy (guest)
6 years ago (2018-04-05)
I was reading this morning about moses how he had an experiance with

God when he saw the burning bush It reminded me of my experiance I had with God I have done possibly everything you could imagine in the world I was a thief,fighter,smoker,drug attic for years and other things iam not proud off I hit rock bottom so low I tried too suicied twice went through a seperation hit depression lost my son in the process I was done I was laying down on my sofa thinking about all this that was happening to me then out off know where a bright light hit my face I was still awake when I saw this it blinded me for a second I through my blankey over my face I was scared then a that moment I knew God was calling me I fought my calling about a year God was dealing with me I had conviction like you wouldn't believe everything I was doing didn't feel right anymore I was still getting high and talking to others about God this is how God dealt with me I know it sounds wrong but it happened that way I remember my last high I was up for two days straight on coacian and crank I went to my sis house to pick my son finally got to see him an old apastolic preacher called over my sis house he wanted to talk with me he said are you coming to church this morning I told him no I have been up for two nights and I didn't want to disrespect Gods house he said God said come as you are so I went sat there in church that morning he got up to speak and out of know where I felt the power of God strong I remember putting my face down and cryied I felt a battle inside off me I grunted like a wild beast two preachers came down to pray for me it seemed like five minute but two hours had pass when they let me go I felt a joy,peace,love,and I knew God clensed me from the filth I was inn I was set free that day until now I have been clean for twenty four years now never went back on drugs and all those things I use to do I want to thank him for the calling and to let some one know that God can change the very worst and make beautifull I repented off my sins that day few days later I was baptized in Jesus name then filled with the holy ghost speaking in tonuges Acts 2:38 God bless
Justin (guest)
6 years ago (2017-12-30)
I too have seen a brilliant blinding white light. It was not just a cloud but completely encompassed my vision. I could see nothing but the white light and it happened in the middle of the Lord' Prayer! I have never seen anything like nor seen it again. It was so intense I felt myself becoming disconnected from everything which scared me... I believe it was the Glory of God and it was no coincidence it happened during the Lord's Prayer and at a tie I had been praying day and night for a sign from God.

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