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Bright White Light


I am 21 years old and I would like to share with you what happen to me this morning on the 3rd of July 2014. In a past few years I had to face many difficulties, going throughout that dark phase of my life, I became a very sad person. I lost hope of finding happiness and harmony.

However 3 month ago I mat a great man, I fell in love with him, thought it was a great change that I waited for this years. Letter I discovered that a man is not willing to commit yet and he has lot of fears coming from his past. I felt lonely and miserable again. As if I thought he was a new wave of a good energy. Reviling his deep dark secrets brought me down again. I truly believe that I love that man even tho he is not ready yet to share his feeling with me, I decided to open up to him and and support with my love and kindness. I noticed already good changes in our relationship and his behaviour towards life and my self.

Suddenly Last week I woke up and realized that only my inner energy can change future events. There for I start praying for happiness, love and piece. Today when I left my house I stepped by a coffee shop on my way out I was blinded by extremely bright white light, I couldn't stand I just felt down on my knees!

Everyone who saw that thought that I fainted as it was no reason for me to fall down. I was in shock for a little while but later on I have realized that I was the only one who saw that light! I googled a meaning of that sight but failed to find an answer to that! I really hope that's a good sign of future transformation!

Thank you.


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Emmanuel (guest)
5 months ago (2018-10-29)
Hello It was Jesus in all his glory. I have seen his white light more then once and its who he said he was the light of the world and in him there is no darkness.
Barrisa (guest)
9 months ago (2018-07-03)
While I was driving, I saw a brightlight in front of me...
Maybe about 20 ft in front of me. It was so bright that I couldn't see the sidewalk to my left nor to my right. And it wasn't a mirror in back of a truck either. I immediately turn right into another street to avoid the light that was so bright.
Daysha raye (guest)
1 year ago (2017-10-15)
I have white lights in my son's bedroom where my nanna dies. I have caught this on video please look up daysha gullick on YouTube and watch my video of my camera ghost on video. Has anyone else seen something like this
sbmidzi (1 posts)
2 years ago (2017-03-20)
I am researching on bright light. I had a very strange experience in 1999 at Victoria High School, Masvingo, Zimbabwe.

The experience has changed how I look at life. I am not a perfect man but I am in search of the truth and would like to serve the Living God honestly and wholeheartedly.

At the time of the light appearing, I was not alone but with another student as at that time I was doing Advanced Level. I spent days not able to see properly and has kept a lot of details about this incident private because its stranger than fiction though a reality.

Anyone with an idea what causes this? My hands were almost numb and something kind of left my tummy. The light appeared while we were in prayer after a brief discussion on Genesis 22
ISawtheLight (1 stories) (5 posts)
2 years ago (2016-11-04)
I believe the light you saw was God's Light. I was an atheist until I had a very similar experience. My story hasn't been posted yet on here. Please, read it at God came to you to save you! Believe!

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