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I am a muslim, which means that I follow a book called Quran and I would like to share my experience of astral projection whilst praying. This phenomenon happened when I was 12 years old I used to think and still do think about religion I was troubled in my thinking and confused over all in life which led me to great depression so I thought that I should yield to someone with more knowledge to help me and I did yield to someone--to my sister who motivated me to pray in a specific way it was on this same day that she motivated me that I had the experience I was crying and very emotional before I went to pray and while I was praying. I started off praying I wasn't expecting anything unusual to happen it went pretty normal until I prostrated I was chanting Allah (god) in islam is the greatest (biggest) and suddenly I started chanting something which I am trying to remember to this day so I could know if it was related to what had happened to me but I have no memory at all of what I was saying I got into sort of an unconscious state and I was floating somewhere high and I saw my body down of me it looked really small and it was surrounded by light. The light was everywhere even reaching me above I felt warm and protected. After I realized that It was really my body looking down upon it I suddenly became conscious and found myself prostrating I have no idea how long I was prostrating. It took me 10 minutes to remember what had happened to me. I didn't continue on with my prayer after that. I hadn't really fallen unconscious because when I became aware that I am in my physical body assuming I astral projected I was still chanting something and suddenly stopped. (I am Sorry if what I wrote isn't clear enough or if it has grammatical errors my first language isn't english. I would like to know if anyone experienced something similar or would know why this had happened. Feel free to ask me anything)

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