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My name is Jennifer, I would like to share my story, and was wondering if anyone has ever encountered the same experience as mine.

My story begins when I was around the age of 13 when I was walking with a group of friends and walked in a church and sit on the last roll to listen to the word of God, maybe one of the first time I stepped in a church, when the preacher kept looking at me and talking almost through out his whole preaching, as if he were talking to me, as of then he ask me to come to the front of the church when everyone there turned and look at me, I stood there as I got saved, now back then I lived a rough life not knowing a lot about the Lord, I started getting closer and closer to the Lord, me and my parents was living in a 2 bedroom house and we had a family member move in with us so I had to move my room to the den.

Our den had 1 door and no windows, well one summer night I kneeled on my knees to say my prayers at the end of my bed as I got up and jumped in my bed, all of a sudden it seemed like someone turned the light on in my room, so I turned to look in the high corner, about 3 feet away from the door was a ball of a very bright white light with a touch of blue tint, so bright it light up my entire bedroom as if the light was on, but I was in a pitch dark room when I was praying.

As I sat there in my bed looking at this light it seemed to get bigger, I wasn't scared I felt as if I was relaxed, as I set there and watch this light get bigger the first thing that I thought was, what am I seeing, then I thought "maybe" I'm dying cause some people claim to see a bright light when they came close to passing, as of then I jumped out of bed and ran to my parents room, when I did, the light shrink up and disappeared. I was awake the entire time of this. I always wondered what would of happened if I was to "be still" I have searched for answers everywhere in books and internet to see if anyone else has had a similar experience like mine. Please feel free to email me or comment. Thank you for your time:)

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Susan (guest)
4 years ago (2019-06-13)
I believe what you saw was probably from God, maybe an angel - at any rate -it didn't seem evil & it happened at a time of prayer.
What I & others see is well documented on the Internet, l like to believe that we all have some sort of gift.
I see flashes of light & orbs I believe that they are entities of sorts.
I first saw bright blue, then graduated on to see other colors silver, gold, brilliant white & now many more different colours & shapes.
I believe that they are entities, both good and bad. I believe that the dark, murky & angry looking ones (eg firey orangey red) & the ones with black (I have an icky feeling when l see these & tell them to leave in the name of Jesus) around the edges are not good
The bright blue, white & gold eg seem good - they may even be from God as l began to see these things after a hard trial in my life. Keep praying & even ask for the wisdom to know what to pray for

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