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My Time With God In Heaven


It was early November 2016 a Monday in Pasadena Ca. At the California Technical Institute campus. I am an electrician with a company that was doing work at the campus and my duties on that day I was to be the attendant of a confined space. This space was the tunnels used to house all the electrical feeders and other conduits used to power up the entire campus portions of the tunnel were built sometime in 1890s other parts built as the other building were built in later years. While my coworkers were in the access tunnels that ran for miles in every direction under the campus replacing conduits I was above ground sitting at an opening monitoring their safety.

On this day I already was feeling slow due to the night before staying up most the night with Tim. I sat there for hours not prepared to do so, meaning I had nothing to read or no paper to draw on so I just sat there. Lunch time came at 11 o clock during lunch I started to feel my face contract like my muscles tighten in my face, mouth, and neck area. The feeling was short and it was at least ten minute between spasm. I started to immediately feel embarrassed, trying hard to restrain my face from doing this while I was with coworkers. And in a very public place every crazy thought going through my head as to why this was happening. Wondering, did my nervous system give out? Was I going crazy? Panic was settling in. While sitting on the bench I kept my hands over my face and head down not saying a word to anyone which wasn't out of the ordinary for me.

Then thankfully it's back to work. All this time my body is in full panic mode and so I sit back in the chair and my leg starts to shake uncontrollably and the muscle tension starts in my legs and feet I jump up from the seat and try and shake it off, the whole time praying to Jesus, "lord, please send down your Angeles to help me ", please Jesus help me." barely being able to relax my body for a few seconds. I start praying the lord's prayer "Our father who art in heaven"... In-between my prayer words I would yell out stop! Stop!

Now I am pacing and obviously anxiously jumping around in circles like if I had ants in my pants sitting, then standing moving around trying to keep my body from contorting that way saying my prayers louder and louder even to the point of screaming out stop! Feeling that I couldn't control it much more and become in a more serious, noticeable panic state my boss says over the radio clean up time. I get up and quickly put all the equipment away avoiding any conversation or closeness with anyone afraid someone would see what was happening and think I was crazy or on drugs or something, I still did not understand what was happening to me at that time, I thought I was just losing my control over my muscles I was praying that I wasn't going to be left that way forever

So in a hurry to get out of there, I quickly get to my car and drive off, the muscles in my leg were so tight and intense all of my toes were twisted up in a muscle spasm the facial muscles and neck were being pulled and strained, a good example of what it felt like would be how a mother cat picks up her kittens by the neck that's how someone had me. I start to scream out loud no! Stop! Please stop! Jesus, please help me. The strain getting more and more stronger and painful I manage to get on freeway pushing the gas with only the tip of my big toe arms extended straight in a tense locked position holding on tight to the steering wheel every muscle in my body was pushed to the limit, as tight as they could be I continued praying, screaming nonstop.

It was the scariest moment of my entire life! I had no control, I couldn't calm my muscles down anymore not even for a few seconds, I was having the feeling like I would soon not even be able to control my big toe from just pushed down on the gas pedal and head straight at other cars causing what would have been a very bad accident I felt like I was going to crash thinking about my safety and the safety of others I decide to pull off the freeway before I lost the only tiny bit of control I had in my big toe. I jump out of my car and start to walk down the main street not even turning my car off or shutting the door just walking against traffic trying to mentally shake off the tenseness, still screaming stop, stop! Jesus help me! Using one arm to hit the back of my neck as to try to get whatever had a grip on me to let go.

Walking for three minutes or so I regain some mobility in my muscles. But now my eyes are ready to shut blinking so fast feeling like I could have just passed out that second I manage to get back in my car and get home all of the way home looking ahead as if looking through a film strip frame by frame only seeing quick glimpse of what was happening as my eyes fluttered and strained to stay open. Thinking back, it was like if I got home in ten minute when it takes at least 45- 60 minute to reach my house.

I am not really aware of what was happening around me at that time I can't recall too much. My mind was still in a panic state still praying trying not to sleep. But thankfully somehow I make it home. Quickly I get out of my car, go straight to my room and hit the floor grab my blanket and wrap up in it. I take off my pants and shirt while under my blanket and close my eyes and in that second I was asleep. My body stops spasm and quickly realize I am having an out of body experience.

Suddenly I see myself in my mind or in another realm not sure where I was and still at this time not even knowing what was happening to me, but I see myself sleeping and I start to look around it's a space with no edges, no ending, gray in color and (smoke like) dust floating everything including myself is a bland grey color, then I see an Angel come down quickly dressed in battle gear and I see Jesus gently float down to me they both have their backs to me but they were protecting me shielding me. It's only then that I realize that they were there to fight the evilness that had me the evilness that attacked me from the hole I was watching. Jesus said to me "you must feel the ripples flow through your body or else it won't be any use so concentrate on feeling the ripples flowing from your center core to the ends of your body".

I understood and started to concentrate on that. Then Jesus had a staff and he starts to say," you shall not pass." as he slams the staff on the ground or spot closest to my feet I see the ripple like if you were to drop a pebble into water the ripple you would see is what I saw and I felt it go through my body to the very nerve endings. His back still facing me, his voice loud and strong. Thunderous sounding. Then the Angels descended down and they were both slamming their staff on the ground nonstop creating these ripples trying to push whatever had a hold of my spirit out of me.

While they were doing this I am in awe thinking to myself I must take a good look at all this because I wanted to remember every detail, until then I didn't know what was happening to me, but thinking this is what it's like when there is spiritual warfare I was in a battle against evil. Jesus never left my side but the angels kept coming and going different ones sometimes there were two angels sometimes only one they were wearing short robes with golden sandals a gold belt with some kind of armor on chest they had a bow of some kind in hand they were light completed dark hair dark eyes, very handsome, muscular build. Their white robes gave off a golden shimmer and their wings were beautiful very large and strong as they were swooshing back and forth up and down I reached out to touch one wing and it was just like wings of a bird soft smooth white with a golden tint. Very strong I could feel the wind they would create on my face and hair.

Watching Jesus and his staff I was still in amazement but still concentrating on feeling each ripple flow thru. I remember starting to think about what my body was feeling I could see myself laying there motionless and I thought I felt my body start to cramp up and I started to panic thinking that it was getting a good grip on me again and Jesus stopped and turned to me and said to me "it's up to u if you don't have faith then none of this is going to work you have to not have doubt, and I said to Jesus. I don't doubt you and I am sorry for losing faith you are the most powerful God and threw you all is possible and I lowered my head in shame and asked for his forgiveness. He turned from me and started creating the ripples again.

I started concentrating harder on keeping my faith and feeling each ripple flow, his chants were louder now more intense.

Jesus would have me turn over my physical body so that he could get to the other side it was like if my body was a big pimple and to squeeze all the ooze out of a pimple you start from the outer sides and push everything up and out, well that was what Jesus was doing to me in a sense pushing everything out of my spirit from the center out to the ends, and I could feel the heaviness start to slowly disappear. Then it got more intense every time the staff would hit or Jesus would you shall not pass I would see a bright light so bright I would say it was beyond bright it was beyond light it wasn't blinding but beyond the brightest light and loud like supersonic loud boom explosions but with no blow back the feeling of each ripple flowing through my body was like feeling every cell it's like if I ran my hand through each cell feeling each individual one releasing all things attached to my spirit that wasn't supposed to be there he wasn't just targeting the evil he pushed out everything.

Jesus turns to me and I take a good look at him I see he was wearing a long robe, white in color with the golden tint and sandals made of gold, a golden rope around his waist, no armor, just a staff in hand his hair was dark and wave his eyes dark and penetrating, very handsome man not as muscular as the angels but still very strong he had no wings he was around six feet tall light brown skin he was perfect. He says to me "this is enough we are going to end this now"

Jesus starts to spin in circles that circled me making a tornado type vortex, telling me to feel everything every wind gust sending everything attached to me flying off the angels dropping down to join in on the spinning that was so fast and so strong and only got faster and stronger I strained hard to keep the momentum going I could hear myself yelling bent over eyes closed concentration feeling the power of the wind. It was not like being inside a tornado it was like being one. Everything that was wrong lost its grip from me I instantly felt free from bondage. This tornado went on for about five minute so I felt. When it was over there were two angels around me placing what looked like square pieces of wet paper or something similar they were very quickly making a barrier wall around me I remember asking what is that they were doing and the angels said," nothing can penetrate through this nothing can reach you" as they were doing that Jesus turned to me and placed me in some kind of wooden cradle and said." it's time for you to sleep as he touched my forehead with his finger at least twenty times each time saying sleep, sleep, and each time he touched me I felt like I was falling into a deeper and deeper sleep but at the same time still seeing my body lay there and also seeing my body fall into deeper sleep in this cradle losing sense and sight of my body just becoming grey dust in the cradle.

I now see Jesus's angels take me up. In the cradle I ask where are you taking me?." he says to heaven to rest he says," he will not leave my side and that I am safe". So I can not only see myself being whisked up into the sky seeing myself get farther and farther away visually I get smaller and smaller, but from the cradle, I can see all around me and what I saw was so beautiful and amazing, so peaceful. Thinking about it brings me to tears, the colors were beautiful red, white blue it was the cosmos the beautiful star lite sky with all its amazement but I am not only seeing this I am up close I reach out to the particles that are floating around and I feel them. Seeing the stars so bright looking so close but they were still so far I don't have words to correctly explain what that was like and the silence it was so silent that it was the absence of sound when we stopped I thought this is heaven and I was at peace. I could no longer see from the cradle view. I could only see from the ground where it looked like I became bright like a star while Jesus's angels stood aside me

Then instantly I was back in my body no longer able to see heaven no longer able to see from the realm that we just fought in but I was awake asking what time it was, and to my surprise, ten hours had gone by I laid there for ten hours never awakening. Until now. Remembering fully what happen I start to access in my mind what I was feeling. And what I felt in my flesh was fear!

I was afraid to move because I didn't want to tense up my muscles thinking if I did they could go back to being tensed and spasm again. I was afraid of my mind wondering, with fear remembering that Jesus said I must believe and have faith so I tell my daughter to put on Joel Osteen and to just let it play over and over again so that I could hear the preaching of his sermon, I was afraid. Then I felt something come up from my stomach and projected out of my mouth it tasted like pure bile I threw up repeatedly and still I moved to the bathroom very slowly because I didn't want to tense up kind of glad the vomit was shooting out of my mouth and I didn't have to use any muscles, falling in and out of sleep for the next 15 hours not having any emotional feeling except fear noticing every twitch I had.

Thinking wow was that true? Did that really happened or was it a dream? Hours had gone by and I threw up everything in my whole body it felt like but it was different kind of vomit it was like if it was all the poison or rotten sludge I don't know it was pretty gross. I barely made any movement other than what was required to get to the bathroom too scared to move. But at the same time, I felt freed from whatever had me, feeling free but far from normal. Feeling like I was not connected to the ground.

Another 16 hours go by I am still on the floor. All this time I am mentally going through what I experienced. Sorting through emotions and prioritizing which problems to address first. Figuring out the possible solutions and outcomes and tracing each one back to its origin. It's the way I solve everything.

I get up shower quickly feeling a little more confident that if I move my muscles it won't happen again. All I can say is wow still trying to figure out what I was feeling it was like if I had no depth, no direction, not grounded, no belonging, like if I had no spirit or soul although I was not feeling hopeless or like giving up it was just like I was missing a part of me. And that was it I was still missing my spirit. I saw Jesus's angels take it up to heaven but I never saw it come back down.

Was I ever going to have my spirit back? I wasn't sure what was going to happen next I just knew I didn't like the way I felt. Afraid to return to work. Afraid I would lose my job. Just complete confused...

by this time it's Thursday and I get up but I don't get dressed or put make-up on I didn't even comb my hair cut it was like I just didn't want to or need to but at the same time realizing that that was not like me, a better explanation would be to say I just didn't think about it either way, and after throwing up for three days I still was not hungry or even thirsty. The most important issue in my mind was how do I get my spirit back? I go to my best friend's house his name is Nick and tell him what happen and I talk about how I was feeling and what I thought was happening with good feedback from him I came to the conclusion that Jesus took my spirit up to heaven in the cradle that I saw and he never brought it back down so I was just flesh and bone but I didn't have any spirit that's why I feel the way I did. I figured out if I wanted my spirit back I had to be worthy of it. Think of this a person wouldn't take a bath then put on dirty clothes right because that would defeat the purpose of the bath so I could not just get my spirit back and put it in my flesh that was weak and dirty.

I needed to strengthen my flesh against the things of this world that were wrong. Like the poisons we put in it. Things like indulging in pleasures of the flesh I was going to stop doing because my spirit is much more important to me than any of those things it isn't going to be easy but I am going to do it.

I not only believe what happen to me to be true because I lived it. But some other things happen to me that convinced me that it wasn't just in my dreams. Like... When I was younger I used to get cold sores on my lips and mouth doctors said I had a certain kind of herpes virus that causes cold sores well I haven't gotten any cold sores for years like fifteenth or more years and that kind of virus never goes away but it can stay dormant for years so for years this virus is dormant and all of a sudden when I woke up I have cold sores on my lips wondering why all of a sudden and doing some research I read that an outbreak after a long period of not having them is caused by trauma or severe stress on the body I feel like when Jesus was squeezing everything out of me that didn't belong those things were brought to the surface. I don't know kind of strange but that for me kind of confirms that something serious happened to my body.

So what now...

Fear weekends the flesh and I am very fearful right now. Just thinking about Monday coming up so quickly thinking I can do this but at the same time scared. If only my coworkers knew, but would they believe me? Or would I become someone who everyone pointed at and whispered about as I walked by Never to be taken seriously again. Known as a crazy weirdo, overall just hoping that I still have my job because I love my job and need it.

Feeling so anxious about entering those grounds almost to the point of it overriding my love for my job... I don't have a clue. I figure Monday before walking up to work I will give this to my boss let him read it and see what happens I don't expect any special treatment just want to be treated as an equal. When Monday comes and if I should be crippled by my fear and just walk away they will know why. I hope that they will understand.

Monday came, I attempted to get dressed and head to work but I didn't make it still very afraid, so I sent my Ray the HR representative at work a copy of this letter explaining what had happened soon after I get a call from the corporate office.

A lady on the phone named Stephanie is telling me that she wants me to go on medical disability and to see a doctor she says she doesn't want to lay me off because she wanted to reassure me that I still have my job. She sounded concern I didn't get the feeling she thought I was crazy, so I agree, but it ended up that I did get laid off, only because we couldn't find a doctor that would give me an ok to be on disability at least not for the reasons I needed to be.

There would be no doctor that would agree to give me time off so I could find my spirit. It just wasn't happening, so she reassured me that when I was ready to return to work they would rehire me. I believe what she says and I feel a little better, I am just worried I can't make rent I haven't a penny saved and no one to turn to for a loan, I believe it will all work out somehow.

A few days go by and I am still feeling like lost I was just not myself. I would stare into space and get stuck looking at nothing, sometimes I would be so scared for no reason, Tim stood by my side and watched over me always making sure I felt safe. He never left my side.

Part XXX

Reuniting with My Spirit

Then early one morning while I was asleep, I find myself back in the spirit realm where everything is gray and hazy. I see myself coming down from the heavens still in the wooden cradle with an angel by my side. The Angel next to me says, "you are getting your spirit back" and I say 'but my flesh is not clean yet' the angle says "Yes we know you're going to clean it right now".

He does something to me and now I have just the skin to my flesh in my hands like if a snake sheds it skin it was an outline of me but in the inner layer is this thick lard looking substance that lines the inside of my skin the angel says, "scrape off the stuff and by doing that it will clean my flesh" so I am using some kind of scrapper and I start to scrape off this thick lardlike stuff doing it quickly leaving behind spots were I didn't get it all off. I show the angels and he says "now scrub it," I find myself over a sink scrubbing my skin together like it was a wash towel.

Then the angel holds my skin in the air and I feel the cool breeze flow through the inside of my skin it was A very refreshing amazing feeling. He says" it's not clean enough" and I start scrapping some more this time he stands over the sink and starts to scrub me together then hanging me up in the breeze to dry. I see my spirit and I see the outline of my body blowing in the wind. Then the angel says," now we will unite your spirit with your flesh" and I see myself come into me and I feel WOW like a brand new person, I immediately wake up feeling like I was bursting with life. I wake Tim up smiling so big he looks at me strangely but I don't get up I fall back to sleep.

Seeing the angels again in the spirit realm I was so happy I was dancing in the angel's presence excited that I had my spirit back. The angels say." listen." I instantly calm down and pay attention, He says," I have been given a gift from GOD, GOD filled my spirit with his energy and grace, He says I must pass on this gift to those who need it. I ask him to explain he says," there are so many people who are at a point in their life they are so humble and they have surrendered their self to Jesus but their spirit is so close to dying out those people need a boost of what Jesus had filled you with" I ask am I Supposed to go out and preach the word of GOD? And to my to my surprise, he says no. He says," I was to just put my hands on people and send the positive energy through me to them.

But that I am not supposed to tell them that that's what I am doing because the moment people are aware of it they will fall on the weakness of the flesh and they will put up barriers to resist it without even knowing it" I asked what if these people have evil attached to them and it comes to me. The angels showed me my body and showed me that my body was completely covered he said: I was totally safe that nothing absolutely nothing could get to me." I believe him and I felt completely safe. The angle says," this will take practice, and determination if I decided to pollute my flesh again it would take longer to do maybe I would never do it. But if I wanted this gift I would keep my spirit new and fresh and clean as I could and I would practice meditating and the transferring of energy and I would be able to spread GODs positive energy to those in need." He showed me that it wasn't going to heal anyone but it would give them the extra strength to carry on. Then the Angel kissed my forehead I awaken.

With a big smile on my face feeling like myself. Totally grounded to the world, I feel sharp, alive, I feel like energy is bursting out of me I was not only myself I was a better self. I feel so happy and so fresh it's hard to explain. I not afraid anymore of anything

I haven't yet tried to pass on any energy yet but I will, I've just been getting to understand the feelings that I've been feeling, I've noticed my feelings getting hurt easily, remembering that it was hard to hurt my feelings with all the things I've been through my feelings were covered so good no one hurt me. But here I am being hurt over the smallest of things. I feel super sensitive to other feelings, I realize that this is because my spirit is cleaned it's like if It is brand new my feelings are not shielded by years of hurt they are out fresh and clean undamaged.

So I have a little bit of work to do figuring out how to avoid damaging my spirit. I know Jesus will give me the answer soon he always does. I also know that I will spread the positive energy of GOD when the way is revealed to me. I understand that the things in this story may seem far-fetched. We must understand that the way I describe the incidents that took place is the way my mind intrepid the things experienced. I promise that every word in this story is true.

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Dawson Rodrigues (guest)
4 years ago (2020-11-03)
My testimony is very long. So this is the summary on my experiece. I had gone for the mid-night Christmas Mass at out church. Before the church service had started, someone came seraching for me. He kept asking everyone, "Have you seen Dawson, I have not meet him for such a long time, Do you know where he is. I want to meet him." So when he found me, he came towards me and offered me a hug with open arm. As soon as I hugged him, I got stuck at my place, unable to move and so were the people who were there with me. Then I was snatched to Heaven in Spirit, There were unusal things that I saw and enperienced in Heaven. I have written everything about my vision, "Hug From Heaven" in details on my website:, Details like where it happened, how it happend, what I saw in heaven, who I saw in heaven, what I experienced in heaven, what happened when I came back and what was the message that he gave me to tell everyone. After this amazing experience my life is not the same, It has completely changed. I also received a revelation about the real location of the Second Temple where jesus taught. It is not where we thought it would be. My testimony, HUG FROM HEAVEN, will change your life, Please visit:
SarahDenise (guest)
4 years ago (2020-03-07)
This time it started in 2014 when I saw '11,11' everywhere and for days.

A dove kept showing up outside on my balcony.

At Saint Johns day I felt an urgent feeling that I should pray, so I did. Then my soul suddenly popped out begging to come home. A voice behinde me said "Make happy", immediately I became very joyful. Then one night an angel woke me up telling me I had to meet the Lord. I flew out of my body from my balcony and saw a huge crystal stairway.

I was so amazed that I had to sit down on it for a while and looked around. There was nothing else but the stars and the shining crystal stairs that made rainbow colours because of the light from the crystal. Soon after I heard a voice saying "Sarah, come", so I stood up. And continued to the top, where I saw two doors; I chose the one I could hear music from, and now I was in space, when He (Jesus) came flying on my right side. We then went to Orions Nebula (Messier 42: where He opened up a black hole or a tunnel in the left side with the four stars in the middle of the Nebula cloud - he used some kind of spell word. Meanwhile I walked around and checked out the cloud. I wasn't worry at all, just happy and fascinated to be there with Him, and suddenly I recognised and remembered I knew Him from sooner in life, but had forgot about it...

As we walked through the tunnel I looked at the "walls"'. It was kind of flickering electric but still I had a view to cosmos that was around us... He said that I should'nt look to much because it would drain the faith out of me...

When out again, we flew in space. As we approached our destination I saw multiple glittering colors and music. He told me "that is inspiration to people on earth" and then he said that I would soon "fall apart" as we get closer but that he would "fix me" again when we get there... Then I woke up on his lap as a baby in the New Jerusalem (a star; all stars are homes for our souls) He smiled and nursed me and I was emencely happy to be in my REAL Fathers arms...

I was growing up VERY fast, my whole past away family was waiting on a little bridge in front of me. We hugged each other, some of them I did not know but I knew they were relatives - all of them was young again. I asked my aunt who had died the exact same year "Do you know who this is?" She answered "Yes, He is always here!" I had some alone time with them and we went up in what looked liked an old mill or water tower to talk a little. I remember that there was a big old closet behind the door and the floor was decorated with red tiles and I saw a little round window in the small room on 1st floor from where my aunt pointed out her house... Outside they showed me the plate with the names of this towns members, all my familymembers names written in gold. (so I think all families have a star of their own after life to live on)

After a while Jesus came to get me. He and I went outside in what looked like a courtyard with pillars. We sat down on a little fountain and he gave me gifts; toys I had as a kid. I became so full of joy to see them again and to see the marks I had made on them while using them growing up, they were still there - and because of that it confirmed to me that it was the same toys I'd once owned. He laughed out loud when I was silly.

At one point I got the idea to pinch my arm and I felt it.

I still had my body even though I knew that I was out of my body.

I looked up in the air; there were no sun but still everything shined like a beautiful summer day.

He called for a small cloud that came right above me, it was some kind of "cloud screen" on were he showed me my whole life and some of my future. The cloud somehow surrounded me, and I was reliving scenes from my life, sometimes from another perspective; for example I saw myself playing with my brother and sister when we were younger. When the scene was over the cloud left me and I was still sitting with jesus. At one point I was shown that he was the one that "installed" my soul in my body the day I was born; I actually was in the hospital watching him kiss my forehead one second before I came into the world.

When I was with the Lord my soul didn't care much for my body... I was still me but in my soul it felt much more important to please and obey Him. Jesus also showed me the several times when he saved me in life; one time He saved me from a car accident. He also showed me many of the times I prayed as kid, it felt like I was reliving all the scenes again.

He then gave me some paperthin flesh like papyrus that he wrote his name on with his own blood. I had to eat it... Before I did so I asked Him if I could see His hands - He smiled and showed them to me; I could clearly see that He had huge nailmark scars in them. He then began to teach me with words from the Testament, but in some sort of "code" - words I had "to heal with", he said, and names and words was flashing fast on a screen; all the deciples names and some letters. I said "It's so simple that a child could understand it!" (It was so so easy there!) He then showed me a stonepillar that someone named Symeon Stylites used to sit on and something about the "ANKH".

In the end he showed me myself as about 80 years in a nursing home and that he will come and get me the day that I die. He then gave me eternal life, while he did that, he drew something on the ground and said that I should try to endure the daily temptations and stop saying harsh words in anger. Then He hugged me and a big bright warm light surrounded us and we had to go back to my body. On the way back we were very close to Saturns rings and walked on clouds...

I've been there two times now and everything He said came true (in the first experience I was sitting with Jesus looking out on a sunset and a beautiful wheat field, he then told me it was going to be a hard life but the outcome will be good for many and that I will be allowd to see more of heaven when 25 years has past and that promise he keept

Behind me was a large tree with fruits I've never seen before and a ladder that angels and I used to transport to another place...

Later He took me to a throneroom where I saw two chairs; in one of them in front of me on my right hand I saw an old man looking exactly like God, you know from Micheal Angelos painting of The Creation of Sun and Moon. Ont the wall behind me I saw a big old wooden wheel with saphires between the spokes.

I heard a loud voice saing "'Bend for your master!", so I did and now Jesus was sitting in the other chair but I still felt like He was both of them. He told me that I had to save a girl from doing drugs. I met her later on in real life and manage to convince her; she is now working for the Government (when being "spoken to" it wasn't done with sound and words, it was going on telepathically but I could still think and feel). I've also been filled with the Holy Spirit twice; the last time it lasted for five days - I was full of pure joy and love, infact I've never felt more joyfull and happy in my whole entire life. I was "glowing" for days and the dove outside on my balcony kept showing up.

One evening I saw tall blue/grayish men in the sky flying up and down everytime I heard an ambulance in my town. I also saw "energies" in purple/turquoise colors like rain coming towards us from the sky all the time (maybe Neutrinoes).

I forgot to tell that.Jesus' hair was VERY big and beautiful, like the mane on lion and His beard was just as beautiful and on His neck He had some sort of an ancient "hammercut style". His robe was light blue and He wore old sandals...

The following days I saw His face in everything; in shapes, in trees and shadows and in almost everything living on earth...

When I came back into my body I checked out the name Symeon Stylittes and I realized that He really did exist! I had no knowledge of the term "pillarsaints" before I was with the Lord, and I still don't know why I was shown this.

UPDATE: A few days later I saw the old man sitting next to Jesus in the throneroom; he cam flying right towards me in a vision when I blinked my eyes for a short moment.

Painting of jesus as I saw him⤵


The old man in my vision and the troneroom⤵


Orions Nebula with the 3 - 4 stars jesus used to open the tunnel with on the left side ⤵


Symeon Stylites Stonepillar⤵


Throughout all of my experiences I didn't feel any jugdement, only understanding and directions to be a better person!

The first time I was up there 30 years ago Jesus showed me that I one day will be contackted by a man who needs help and if I did helpnot, he will give me a gift 25 years later, I begain to cry and asked jesus if I will remember, he said No it has to come from a good heart, 10 years later I met a strange man sitting in a street where theyi are selling drugs, he cried, and told me a story I knew was a lie to get money, but something in me got soft and I gave him to a fix even though I didn't have much cash to live for... Then 15 years later under this time experience I came to remember everything, what jesus told and promised me... (I did not remenber anything before he showed me)
Jesus kept his promise...

When I moved in my appartment I heard someone saying (telepathic) Hi Sarah' in the bathroom and then my lately experience started, the night before my out of body exp something big smashed in to my glassdoor to the balcony and the temperture shifted to icecold.
Then I was taken to heaven and the 1111 story (above) started
(still I didn't recall jesus words about a gift many years before) the next night I went down with trash and I saw an huge triangled UFO right above me... Since I become so confused sinfull doubfull tearless soulless coldhearted and angryi all the things I wasn't before, i even can't pray and I can't koncentrate to read the testiment, I got no belive. And passion anymore

Earlier in my life when I was 19 I was raped or it felt like it under a sleep paralysis attack, I knew it was somekind of animal eventough my Eyes was closed and I couldn't move, I thought 'when will God show up and as soon I thought that the room lighted up and the. Beast fleed...

Im sure that my out of body exp was real (even with my low faith)
But that something is trying to mess up my life and everything I So strongly believed in before, I'm sure it hates that I was pretty good to get answer under prayer and that the holyghost cleaned me 2 times


I still feel empty and without soul I still can't pray and can't even believe.
I just feel lost and, can't even cry... So strange because all of my life I knew I had God, but now I got 0, I don't even like myself anymore, I changed and become like all others who got evil thoughts and no God...
Lisbeth (guest)
5 years ago (2019-06-13)
I believe all illnesses are a construct of the enemy - think about it!
Eg "7 deadly sins"he incites a sense of greed, envy, wrath, gluttony.
Many witches etc who do evil are somehow narcissistic (even sociopathic) in nature & have a feeling of entitlement, somehow justifying their actions.
So pray that people are freed from the chains that bind them, pray for everyone you pass in the street, especially for people who seem down on their luck. Pray for your family, your friends, neighbors that they get what they need & that they know God. Pray that you remember to pray & even pray in retrospect! Pray that your given the right words to say x
nickatnoon61 (guest)
6 years ago (2018-07-20)
I am analyzing these stories and comparing notes to what true spiritual adepts live by, as the REAL ones are vegan who fast regularly. I am sure Jesus didn't want you polluting your body with the dead carcasses of innocent animals! As well as any alcohol or drugs, prescription or otherwise. VERY FEW have the inner strength to RESIST their addictions. I am at that point in my life now. It took 62 years, but better LATE than never! I am at relative peace now, even though I am surrounded by BRAIN DEAD FLESH-EATING ZOMBIES.
Im Open (guest)
6 years ago (2018-06-13)
You can pass some this way I'm open. I'm in Mississippi and probably won't even check to see if you reply. There are plenty of people ready for harvest more deserving than I God bless you pass it on.
Hi (guest)
6 years ago (2018-03-09)
I believe you because (I guess I'm "spiritual" so I'm open) and this is so interesting. Your life has turned around!
Guest 1 (guest)
7 years ago (2017-11-27)
Posted 2017-03-11 and no comments? How can this be? It is because readers cannot relate to your presentation.

I believe you. In December 1989 I was taken in spirit from my bed and spent 40 minutes with Jesus. It was the experience of a lifetime. Words are inadequate to convey what happened to people still in the flesh.

When I returned I remained in my bed for three days as I gently wept. I could not keep silent and people thought me mad. I did not, and do not, care what others think. Do not doubt your senses. Do not doubt yourself.

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