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Looking After Children


My daughter Paula died four years ago, and although very, very sad, I have enough Faith to know she would be alright in the Afterlife.

One night in the early hours, I felt I was floating, quite rapidly, out of my body, and there she was, my beautiful daughter, dressed in a bright yellow dress.

We embraced, and she took my hand, leading me through a door into the most beautiful room which was full of light, and vessels of the most wonderful flowers, the colours of which, I could never explain.

Paula sat at a desk, in front of her was a huge ledger. She looked at me and smiled, pointing to the words written on the page. I read 'I look after the children mummy'!

Coming back into my body, I was at peace. My daughter was happy, and doing something she loved in life, looking after the children! I smiled as I recalled the written words, Paula always called me mummy, even at the age of 48 when she died...

It is over 2 years since I had this Spiritual experience, and yet it is as clear to me as if it happened five minutes ago. Paula looked so well, and young, and yet in this life she had suffered so much with her cancer. The colours I saw were not of this world. Paula's yellow dress was more than vibrant in colour. The brightness of the room, and not just the amazing light, but the white of the walls was ethereal. And the flowers, I could never explain the vibrant colour of reds, purples, pinks, yellows, white, and the green of the leaves. We think in this world colours are gorgeous, but this is something only a person who had seen such things would understand.

One thought I had was that Paula never uttered a word. Yet by her smile she told me that she was happy, content, and that she loved me. She didn't need to speak, and at the time I never thought anything of it. She had needed to tell me, her Mother, that she was safe, and she had found an amazing way to do it, by taking me to Heavenly existence.

I can still feel the jolt when I reentered my Earthly body, and the peace I felt. And I feel very privileged to have experienced this, and above all I met and embraced again with my beloved daughter...

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