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Describing Enlightenment (or Trying To)


I experienced enlightenment 29 years ago. At what level I'm not sure? But the absolute truth of the experience is irrefutable.

The experience is impossible to imagine let alone describe, but here goes. An already beautiful day became a perfect one whilst absentmindedly thumbing through a newspaper I was destined not to read. Suddenly I was the "Cosmos" and everything that is. All knowing (and I mean all), perfect bliss (and I mean perfect). Of course there was no "I" for all things are one. There is so much more to it than this, that I could be waffling on about it for another 29 years, but I shall spare you the ("indescribable") details and give you my electricity metaphor instead.

Imagine an impossibly large warehouse with every different type of electrical appliance there is, all plugged into their different electrical wall sockets busily working away performing their individual functions. A Hairdryer is doing what a Hairdryer does, likewise the Washing machine and so on. Of course this being an analogy the appliances could be You and I. The Warehouse could be the cosmos or all that is. You think of yourself ("as an example") as a hairdryer, a single separate entity, and when it breaks down That's it (death) absolute. Yet that is but a concept of the mind and the real "you" is of course the electricity that is coursing through each and every appliance simultaneously. The One permanent thing, the source, the life force that exists outside of time, that can only be experienced and even then never fully understood. This can be called whatever you want. "God", "Nirvana", "Dao", even Billy Bongo but whatever name One uses will never be correct.

So what does all this mean? Firstly it really is impossible to die so there's no need to hurry, for you have been and always will be aware, let that sink in for a minute and enjoy it, this moment, for that is all we can ever truly experience, just remember especially in the bad times nothing is permanent and in the end all will be good. How can it be otherwise if we all one.

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JH (guest)
2 years ago (2020-09-20)
Hello Markolo,

What you experienced was a flash of enlightenment, a taster which leaves you with an expanded consciousness. There are many such levels and names of these heightened states such as Samadhi and Satori. Life seems to be a continuous lesson to find oneself, and when you find your self, you find all others. As for enlightenment, no levels exist, you are or you aren't, and if you are, the question won't arise.

In peace,
Anon (guest)
3 years ago (2020-01-27)

Way cool

I look forward to going back there again

I think I know what u mean

It's an interesting way of putting it

I saw an orb at the end of a rainbow bridge and I jumped in and there was a squllion fractals of perfect geometry in every colour

And this was a multiverse

So I was like full on who needs drugs

I suppose each bit would be like different appliances as analogy
wow (guest)
3 years ago (2019-11-26)
I think there is quite a few of us that have had a cosmic experience. How did you get back to reality. Did you ask
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