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This is a true story of my experiences with God, miracles and visions. It is my goal, to share this empirical experience with all people of the world. I feel that I want to take this time to share this information with all people, for God. Jesus my savior!

It started one day after getting up early one morning to work for an employer. I inadvertently stepped into a sink hole in the asphalt. This left me with a permanent injury to my spine. I now have server pain to deal with every day. No morphine, I have, no life.

Miracles started happening right in midday or night. At this point in time I have been diagnosed depressed. Then six years later anxiety followed. I had a doctor with a lose screw, he provided me with the wrong medication for anxiety for two years. I made many trips to the E.R... I have done a lot of suffering for six years now. I still do not have a pain medication that controls the pain, the anxiety was left to run ramped in my body, for two years. I was a complete wreck!

My senses told me that God would be the only one that would be able to help me after all of those years of neglect. I found out that I will need to be able to learn to meditate before I could ask God to come into my life. I bought the tree of life and listened to that music to control meditation. Now I am ready to ask the heavenly father to come into my life.

That very night I had a messenger at the side of my bed holding my hand and rotating my hand while saying a chant. Maybe it was Aramaic? I struggled trying to move or even open my eye's, but was not able to do either. Then I felt the messenger put their hand on my shoulder. I felt so relaxed from this touch on my shoulder, I just laid still while the messenger started the chant over again. So I got to listen to it for a short time before I was completely asleep.

About two weeks later I was sitting in my home when I seen a white ball of light go right through the wall and down through the floor without a sound. I could not believe what I just seen. This ball of light was a little smaller than a golf ball.

In about the same time frame I went to bed this summer night when I had a vision. It didn't make any difference if my eyes were opened or closed, I could still see this vision. It looked like a swimming ball of light. This ball of light looked like about four wraps of wire for the head area with the long streaming tail in the rear. This ball of light kept swimming towards me over and over. Then it changed its form to what looked to me was the black and white profile of a very young cat. It looked like it was suffering, was the image I got from seeing this.

The very next morning I remembered seeing in the news paper that some people had some cats they were trying to find a home for. Yes, I found a cat that I had in mind of saving. Or should I say he found me. The man that showed me the cats said to me, there's one that likes you! He was standing right under my chin. Perfect, just the kind of cat I wanted. I named him Zen, he had been with me a few months when I took a picture of him outside. I had the film developed a few days later, when I picked up the pictures I got quite a surprise. The picture I took of Zen had about seven golden orb's around the back half of his body, but none of them touched his body. I showed the pictures to my youngest son, he didn't know why the golden orbs were around the back half of Zen. This picture gave me a good feeling that something wonderful has shown up.

This made me wonder, if I was supposed to go and rescue Zen. There was something very spiritual about this picture. I put this picture away in a safe place and have not been able to find it sense. But for those who cannot learn unless they see it. I have other beautiful pictures of orbs to share with you. (Still to come) This is a five year plus experience, so be ready to learn a lot more about the world we all live in, and about our creators, the God's that love us and will save us if we need them to help.

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gysyblue (2 stories) (80 posts)
13 years ago (2011-04-11)
I really enjoyed this story. I loved how you described the chanting as a messenger held your hand, something I haven't heard before, and very soothing and relaxing to hear and envision. Also, Zen - very lovely this little cat that came to live with you. Thank-you for your story.
Mbaliey (guest)
15 years ago (2009-08-23)
I do not know why everyone needs to feel that they have to have some kind of proof that Jesus is real. Just knowing and feeling his presence should be enough. Having the faith to trust what he reveals to you. Without feeling you need some kind of physcial identification to even start to believe he is real. All you need is what you feel in your heart.
tonyamendola (1 stories) (4 posts)
16 years ago (2008-10-07)
Hey Jack

It seems you have gone past belief to knowing:)
The orbs are quite normal and various light episodes - These will fade to some degree as Love within you guides you - the lights are the beginning - the end is within our hearts - The higher vision doesn't look with eyes but with Love:)

You will find you have everything:)

Take a look at ACIM if you get a chance

God is LOVE and Jesus is our Brother
Or perhaps better
We are all ONE in LOVE

There are no names in Heaven - No need:)
Jack (3 stories) (4 posts)
16 years ago (2008-09-30)
Thank you for your interest, I am still taking the same pain medication and the miracles have faded down from very frequent
To a few sightings a year. No, I really don't think that the medication caused the visions and the miracles. I say this because I have some pictures of some orb's and of three spirits that I have not entered in my story yet. Keep reading and you will see for yourself. Yes, I am doing much better now and am still taking the strong pain medication every-day. It was, my asking God to rescue me, is why I am doing better today. In the bible you will see that God offers you a lot, when you find faith, trust, and love in him. The Lord has given me every-thing that is stated in the bible. And I have a little
Note for you. I do not preach to anyone, but since the Lord my savior has shown his Love for me over a five year span, to help me pull out of the terrible state of mind I was in. I will now tell the good word about the Lord, in return for what he has done for me. How else could I ever pay him for what he has done for me? Keep your eye's open on this story, if you are open to learn about the God's that love us, in the same world that we live in now.
Aga (guest)
16 years ago (2008-09-30)
Jack,thanks for sharing your story.I'm very sory about the accident that caused yuou so much suffering. You have mentioned the strong painkillers you had to take and it makes me wonder if they are not the cause for your visions by any chance. I stil believe,however,that God tries to let you know that he does take care of you and wants you to be patient.It's a pity you didn't tell anything about your health now. Do you feel any better after all this? I wish you all the best.

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