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A Final Journey Begins


This is a wonderful experience of discovery which happened earlier this month. As many whom have read my previous experience on the Bridge I would like to share this with you in the same manner, before you envision the experience please read the whole posting first then follow the last paragraphs. Beware though that the sensations are different for all and this will be explained later by another a little later on.

Those familiar with my previous posts know that I have but one more journey I must complete before " hour comes..." as I have been told and that is the journey to Golgotha.

I was enjoying my communion with the Divine while sitting in a dark room and listening to only my heart beat. This time there were no images in front of my eyes, just darkness and an empty void. Then without truly knowing why, I put my arms out to the sides along the top of the couch and put my ankles together and stretched my legs out a little further.

I then heard the Son of Man speaking to me and saw his face in front of me.

"James I am going to touch you on certain places on your body. You will either feel pain or a sensation of wonder; it will be different for everyone."

Then he proceeded to touch each wrist, my right-hand one first, then my ankles, no pain but a sensation of warmth and flowing energy from those spots only.

"Now I will place a Crown of Thorns on your head"

At that I felt, did not see, the crown touch my forehead and once again a flow of energy radiating from what would be the point of contact for each thorn.

"Can you move your arms?"


"Can you move your legs?"


Try as I might I could not physically move my arms or legs, they were simply dead-weight and would not budge. Now my breathing was beginning to labour a little bit as well.

"Can you move your head?"


"James the only thing missing is the spear in your side, I will touch there now"

Sure enough, that sensation of rushing energy from that location was overwhelming.

"You now have a sensation of what I went through on the day of my passing to the Father, the only thing missing is the struggle of gravity and its' effect, drastic and final effect on my body. There were no Angels to take away my pain, no relief from the agony for I experienced all human emotions and pain during my time on the Cross. Please let my children know that I too understand human pain and emotion and yes I do cry for my children when they are in distress and need comforting."

"This is but the beginning of your journey and it is not for you alone, it is also for ALL my children to read this and feel a sense of what the Son of Man endured on that day."

I was then told that I should be able to move, yet it took several minutes for my body to respond to my silent requests for my arms and legs to move. When they finally did move they felt like they weighed a ton each.

"James lean forward"

I did as I was told and Jesus placed his hands upon the back of my head and spoke the following blessing:

Heavnly Father thank you for your son James, my Brother

May your beloved blessings continue to be upon him,

May the Light that is you continue to shine upon him,

May the Love that is your Light

And the Light that is your Love

Be upon James now and forever more


At that I felt his hands leave my head and the empty void returned...

I opened my eyes into the dark, lay down on the floor and positioned myself as if I were on the cross. I found it quite difficult to breathe properly, my back began to ache and my arms were heavy. I can only now begin to understand, even if ONLY a little right now, the pain my beloved brother Joshua went through.

This was the beginning of my final journey to Golgotha; I have been told there is much more that lies ahead for us all.

As I mentioned at the beginning, please enjoy this experience with me now, go back, sit in a quiet, darkened room. Place yourself as if on a cross, empty your mind and relax your body, deep breaths.

Now, look for the Son of Man and envision him touching you, feel him touching you and feel the effect upon your body and finally listen for your name to be spoken as The Son of Man says a blessing for each of you...

Some of you will experience joy, others an energy flow, some severe pain. It is different for everyone, my sensation was of flowing energy followed by absolute joy later in the day.

May your journey to whomever you believe in be a beautiful experience, in the end we all arrive at the same destination.

"...My Peace I leave you..."

Bless you ALL


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Foundations (1 stories) (64 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-22)
Hello Joseph

I will check out your website and Metablog. I read your "Bio" and I could relate to many of the things you mentioned, especially that eye looking at you. I very often see this beautiful single woman's eye, but I cannot yet figure out who is is. And you are right. This is exactly what I am here for. I am open to hear children with an open heart. Like Jesus said, Let the children come to me. As adults we tend to close their minds, because that is what we have been taught. I have chosen to be different, and welcome their abdundant unblemished knowledge.

Have a wonderful day,
JosephRex (1 stories) (8 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-22)
Hello, Kathleen/Foundations.

I was amazed when I read your stories of how your children are awakening to a special direct kind of spiritual contact. As for your life's calling, I certainly agree that you're already doing it ~ for one thing, being a wonderful open-hearted mother to these kids, way beyond what usually happens today in such circumstances. Many parents react in fear to any sign of psychic sensitivity, especially if they're not open to the reality of religious experience and the spiritual realms. The most common outcome is that the gifts get nipped in the bud by soul-constricting drugs which pass as "medication".

So I was happy to hear about the remarkable events unfolding in your household. Then I went back and read your earlier posts, and I must confess that I'm concerned that you and the kids don't seem to be in a supportive situation. You said that your friends and family want you to "seek professional help". If only there were some true spiritually-aware "professionals" around, that might be OK, but such exceptional individuals are few and far between in the "mental health" industry.

My biggest concern is that you said that your husband doesn't share your faith, and even seems hostile to it. Even when people love each other, there's the potential for misunderstanding based on such divergent views of reality as spiritual vs. Materialist. Of course we can all share here in our virtual community on the Internet, but I feel it would be very helpful if you could also find a local source of spiritual support, perhaps a church or fellow Christians in whatever social context.

Sometimes even people who you might expect to be doctrinaire or narrow-minded can turn out to be very supportive in exceptional situations. I had a keypal who went through a *spiritual emergency* a few years ago, totally overwhelmed by visions and such to the point where he couldn't even pretend to act "normal". He lived in a rural area in the deep South, yet the people in his evangelical church did a special prayer-circle for him in the middle of the service. This was of great help to him in getting through the roughest part of what turned out to be a life-transforming experience.

May the blessings of God be upon you and your children,
NaturalScience (3 stories) (110 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-22)
Again for Foundations. "He also often says don't you get it Mommy? We are in the earth mommy. Earth, space, god, earth, space, god... What the heck does he mean?" oh it is all so clear to me! My favourite Hindu teacher, Haidakhan Babaji, said "we all belong to One earth" and Hindus worship the Soul of the material world als Our Heavenly Mother... The material universe is Her body and we living beings are cells in it! "We are in the earth" means exactly this... Your children know that the world is God's Temple and that both Earth and Space have the Spirit of God in them. God's Immanence, which is so often forgotten for our personal preferring Transcendence, but which is the aspect that everyone can recognize no matter if baptised or not. "Heaven is My Throne, and on Earth rest My Feet" says God in Old Testament.
NaturalScience (3 stories) (110 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-22)
Hi Foundations, as to music I am sure the "bad guy" has his hands in the matter, but angels too have.
And not only in Church or classical music, nope! Rock music too can be made by people on the right side.
Even if they play the Agnostic game to the public. Even if it is of the Metal kind. Even if the musician wears black clothes all over and sings about Death and Isolation!
To-day angels sometimes turn to disguise as Death Spirits just to reach everyone, even those desperate ones who turned to love death. The energy of the song itself will tell you what you have before you. And be sure if the music is "flat", no skill in performance and no depth in words, just stuff to hip and hop to, as that Lady Gaga stuff, then it is no good. Music must open up our minds, not make us stupid.
I give you some examples of songs that stem from musicians which you surely would be suspicious of but which are of a good energy at least to me. 1) "Faithless" of RUSH - the name of the song is a fake, saying the opposite of what the music expresses. 2) "LSD" of Hawkwind - those guys have done drugs to rise their hearts to the Formless Aspect of God and as God is merciful enough to-day to meet people even when drunk or stoned the result was this great song. 3) "M.E." of Gary Numan - this "dark" musician in fact suffers much from a mental disorder, Asperger Syndrome, it makes him feel more lonely than Abraham, this explains his wearing black, his tech fixedness, and other weird habits, but in this song, as in many others, he shows that there is deep knowledge of Eternity hidden behind his disability and his "repulsive" outfit; it is the tune and the choice of synth voices for the tune, not the words, that show this secret to some hearers.

I say it again: not all angels-in-flesh to-day sing Hallelujah!
lisa (18 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-20)
Foundations, I think your children ARE hearing God's advice speaking to them- because everything you just said is very true. Alot of the popular music we all listen to-- (and you will notice that it is music that has a large amount of followers) is very deceptive and appeals to the human lusts. Listening to this music does open the doors to demonic entities that will influence a person, so I can see why your daughter's behavior was changing.

Also- a person has to be careful what kind of stones one wears. They transmit energy many times- and sometimes the energy is not so good. Ask God which ones are okay for you to wear. In truth, I do not believe that it was ever God's sovereign will for mankind to be mining for gold, silver and precious stones in the first place. We humans have mined these things from the Earth out of greed but they were created to stay where they were within the Earth's crust to create an energetic balance.

Uranium, for example, was never intended by God to be stripped from the Earth- but intended to have a temperature balancing effect on the Earth. The fact that there is such excessive Uranium mining and drilling today may actually account for our wierd Weather extremes and storms--even earthquakes happening on this planet.

God seems to be speaking through your children- and He often does speak through children in the first place as they are often open to Him
Foundations (1 stories) (64 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-20)
Hello NaturalScience,

My children have been providing me with LOTS of information - right down to foods that we should and should not eat. That is why I desperately needed to contact James. The website they told me was not good is I still feel that I need to confirm this with James, due to his ability to sift out the good voices from the bad. Like James said, my children need to determine the good from the bad voices and they are all very young children (ages 7,6,4). They told me that website let's in the dragons. They also told me that many of the artists (music) have hidden messages and sounds in their songs to "trick" people who don't understand God yet. Examples they gave me are Britney Spears (they tell me Jesus tells them X in their ears), Rihanna, Usher, Lady Gaga- the list could go on. They told me their heart belongs to the bad guy now. They says that certain songs, TV shows, Movies can let the bad guy in. My oldest Emily, also told me that my little girl Valerie was being infuenced by the bad guy by listening to this music on the radio and her behavior was bad because of it. Since I stopped putting on the radio LO and Behold Valerie is behaving wonderfully. (Coincidence?)
Like I said, my children told me this, I do not hear Jesus or God myself. I also do not want to preach to anyone what to listen to or not.
Also, my daughter said that Jewellry is not good to wear. I had been wearing a literal rock that I had made into a necklace (a rock that is white but turns bright purple when in the sun, which came from the mountain I live beside Mont-Sainte-Hilaire) she said this rock was very bad. Please take it off Mommy. So I did.
I could go on and on. Please feel free to ask any other questions. By the way, I am of German ancestry myself (Lahr) - although I do not speak or write German (sorry!)
Have a wonderful day
Foundations (1 stories) (64 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-20)
Hello James,

I am sorry to be such a pain with all these questions and thank you from my heart for hearing my call for help! However I do have one more question. Sometimes my children say that they hear the bad guy and see his "dragons" as they call them. What do we do when he comes around? He scares them very much. My son says he looks very scary in his mind and said Mommy I NEVER want to see that face again. He says he saw a "monster that went from sea to sea" and he tried to show me a "map". He also often says don't you get it Mommy? We are in the earth mommy. Earth, space, god, earth, space, god... What the heck does he mean?
I really MUST be blind! LOL

Your friend from the Great White North
James (10 stories) (151 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-20)
Hello Kathleen

Rest assurred your children are in good hands and are much more "aware" of what is around them than we adults will give them credit for.

Your fears are justified, however you can put them aside as they are talking to whom they claim. However they need to develop a sort of "checks and balances" system to verify it is whom they are talking to. The verification method I use usually catches-out some wise cracking random spirit and the session comes to a grinding halt.

We must each determine what the verification is for each of us. Mine is an energy flow affecting a specific area of my body, if I don't feel it I start to ask specific questions that I know the answers to and this usually ends things quickly.

Your children are young and not yet fully awakened. Continue your dialogue with them and see how far they are going on their own. Remeber spirituality is a very individual and personal thing, what is to you may not be to them and what is for one of them may not be the others.

That sounds like a riddle but it is not, if you think about it a while it all makes sense.

As for me being an Angel, well I can assure you I am flesh and blood, no more or less than my fellow man here on earth. I believe Sarah Brightman to have the voice of an Angel, that is an EXPRESSION of faith, as is your childrens' interpretation of WHO I AM. The Archangel who is here with me right now, is an Angel of God, that is a STATEMENT OF FACT.

Ask your children this question:

"... Did Micheal tell you James was an angel?..."

If they answer yes, or ", Jesus said so and that he is here to help people..."

Then just smile for your inner questioning has just been answered.

Kathleen, I will be away for the next month and a half on a journey I have been wanting to do for many years. Do not worry about your children, they are being cared for by wonderful parents and a few "special" on-lookers as well. When they get sick, and they will as kids do, love is the best medicine going, shower them with it, as a mother does and this will help them heal faster.

I will not be far away if you call again, for I use the same "messanger service" we all have, the price is right, paid in thoughts of love, caring and communion with each of us.

Till another day, my glorious friend from the Great White North.

NaturalScience (3 stories) (110 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-19)
I believe what your kids say Foundations. Tell us which web sites you have been warned from, perhaps they are not good generally and it would be of use to others to know.
Foundations (1 stories) (64 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-18)
James are you there? I sooo need to talk to you. I need your guidance about my children because they seem to have awoken. They are actively conversing with Jesus - but I need to be sure that it is him and not something bad. Please reassure me. What they speak seems only good, but I know how we can easily be deceived. They have told me you are actually an angel. But they have also told me that other websites I visit are not good. Please talk to Jesus for me if you are there. Thank you so much.
NaturalScience (3 stories) (110 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-15)
Thank you James and Joseph with all my heart. I now am over the doom-like feelings I had. If this is the beginning of a cataclysm caused by Man's lack of respect for Earth and Man's excess of greed for technical comfort - as I surely believe - I justly had to suffer some repentance together with my mankind brethren, for I was not strong and courageous enough to really cut meself off that exploitation system, although I looked through it and loathed it from childhood on, to say it exactly, from the time of First Oil Crisis in 1972 - 73 when I was younger than ten years...
But I don't have to suffer the whole load of repentance; only a part of it applies to me. For I at least knew what was going on and did at least some small things to limit the harm done by my very existence within such a system.
For example I became a Homeopathist who cures disease without lots of chemical means and helps people manage their weaknesses on their own by simple means that don't burden Earth.
And for example I did tell people from 2002 on that "oil is going out and thus money will go out too, prepare for poor and insecure times, how to do this you gotta know yourself." I didn't tell them more, for most ordinary people here will understand the oil issue but refuse to believe that Nature is striking back, for this idea would overburden their hearts- similarly to how the nuclear disaster in Japan now is overtaxing mine, no matter how sure I was before to have to see such things in my lifetime.

Let's now pray for atomic plants all over the world to be put off and closed for good because of the horrible example of their dangers showing itself in Japan. Haidakhan Babaji said clearly that atomic energy use is a threat for whole Biosphere and must be abolished. In our country hundred thousands of persons now do protest marches and watches in front of atomic plants, other places where Energy Concerns have their offices, and governmental buildings. They pressurize Government to put off the older of our atomic plants at once and the others as soon as possible. I hope that in many other countries similar actions happen. We are Adam's Children. We want Earth to live. We disbelieve in the old Atomic Energy hype. We want it to disappear from Earth!
Readers see also my "Dharma Stories" under the nickname of "FREEDOM" on Joseph Rex's web site. There are two now - during the next weeks six or seven more will be published there. Most of them tell about trials to limit the harm done by my living in a system that is greedy and inimical to our Mother Earth.
James (10 stories) (151 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-14)

I am but 2 days into my 40 day journey to see Raijan in her homeland, high in the Himilayas, lo and behold I open the browser to calls for help and self denials.

My Glorious Friend, have you and others forgotten the Glory of God that is within all of you!?

These are not words of a man who is "out there" but the words of a man who has travelled the road you are now beginning to walk down and it is indeed a very dark and lonely road. YOu will not find the Divine on this road, the Divine is there waiting for you to open your eyes again. Turn from this road of self denial, feeling of vulnerability and yes, diminishing faith in yourself.

You plea for God or someone to come along and pick you back up and protect you from the disasters that will continue to be felt on this wonderful planet of ours. God has been protecting you, caring for you and trying to steer you in the right direction, put aside your PERSONAL fears and open yourself to the Divine.

A group of men were trying to help a lady one day, they tried desperatly to "cure" this women of what ailed her. In desperation they turned to the leader of the group and pleaded for his help and mercy to help this woman. He did exactly as they had asked and when the woman went on her way having apparently been "cured" by the leader, he pulled them aside and rebuked them for their lack of understanding and faith. Despite all they had been taught, observed and beheld of the miracles, still they did not fully comprehend what was there in front of their eyes. That woman, in an instant fully understood everything the Son of Man represented.

What happened in Japan was not a judgement by God, a rapture of the earth or an atonement for mans ways. Mother Earth is a living, breathing and loving entity. As such she also undergoes mutations that we all go through, these occur in the form of plate-tectonics.

Natural disasters have occured on earth since the first pieces of space dust were spun together at the hand of the ALMIGHTY. They will contiue to occur even if man disappeared in December 2012 like people are fanaticizing about. If you think these events do not pain Gaia due to the loss of the fragile children who inhabit this planet with each event, think again.

Some will say how can God allow such an event to happen and will point to scripture for proof that God is indeed vengeful, I guess that is their beliefs and so be it. To me God cries just as much as we do when NATURAL events happen, for the love of the children who live on this wonderful planet in the cosmos is never ending, has never left us and never will.

Heavenly Father

Thank you for the days gone by and the days ahead,
Thank you Father for understanding our human emotions
As we endevour and struggle every day with them,
As we struggle to comprehend what has happened in Japan, Christchurch and elsewhere,
Why did so many have to leave at once...
We humans do not understand your glorious ways
You are the Father of all of US
You cry a tear when we hurt ourselves
You pour your love out on those who are lost and homeless
You send your Angels to comfort us in times of desperation
You send your Son to welcome home those who have returned to you
You shower your children with wisdom
You watch your children grow and flourish in your garden
You provide your children with free will to experience life
You watch and cry like your children do when disatsers happen
You throw your protective arms around us and yet we do not see them
You shower us with the love of a parent, yet we are numb to those feelings
You sing songs of mercy in our ears and yet we do not hear them
You never tire of being a parent to us
You are there with loving, open arms when we finally awaken from our spiritual slumber
You are LOVE
You are LIFE
You are ALL



You see NaturalScience we are never alone, without protection or loving arms to guide us. I may be yet proven wrong, for I am always open to evolving ideas about the Divine. Till that day I will not fear waves, rumbling of the earth, or the loss of friends. I can see the glory that is the Divine whether in the ruins of a fishing village (this will a very difficult concept for many), or a stroll through a maternity ward. For in the destruction of the last week, the Japanese have also celebrated (muted celebrations I concede) many births as life continues to move forward in re-birth and renewal.

It is time for me to continue my journey, with GysyBlues poem in hand and heart, I will be back in May...

Take care my Glorious Friend, for while you may be losing a little faith in yourself, my faith in you is as strong as ever, for I only see the glory that is you and what you have yet to do

Until another day, Namaste my friend

JosephRex (1 stories) (8 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-13)
To NaturalScience:

OM RamaChristos, hail unto thee!
OM KaliMaria, listen to our plea!

Death and devastation ~ we ask: can it be just?
OM Namah Shivaya ~ strike the earth you must!
The heavy load of karma: we've brought it on our head,
And if we alone must answer, it will surely strike us dead.

Please may God support us,
And Goddess lift our hearts!
The Gods will not desert us
Nor withhold their healing arts.

Our shame and guilt enslave us,
We beg your grace to set us free!
Du bist Niemand, du bist Alles,
We pledge our love to thee!

In our darkest hour
We call upon Your power,
Let no soul go untended,
Let no heart be unmended!

Your light is never dimming,
No matter how we fall.
In the end as in beginning:
God's Glory over all!

OM RamaSavit Jaya
NaturalScience (3 stories) (110 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-12)
Fear and feelings of guilt, of having failed, of doom for my soul strike me at the moment. I feel it is perhaps also our shared fear because of the disaster in Japan but it is also personal. I calling you here up to pray am plagued with repudiance to pray meself. Help.
NaturalScience (3 stories) (110 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-12)
Greetings to you James and all readers here. Earth quaked in Japan and now our hearts quake at the sight of an atomic plant going mad and poisoning the air... Hindu tradition says in turmoil do call the name of the Lord. Literally. Repeat it. As Christians or Jews we can use for this a short Psalm quotation. Catholic monks and nuns say it at the start of each of their official prayers. I oftentimes think or say it too.
For it includes the core of my Faith:
No one ever saw God in true form or shape, our dreams and visions of THAT all are just translated stories - from Eternity into images taken from the mortal world -; but Jesus the Sadguru of the West gave us His Golden Rule as direction how to worship God best, and His Verification of the Real Existence of God and Cosmic Justice by His being "awakened from the Dead according to the Scripture", and I trust in Him, and His Holy Prayer Book were David's Psalms, so I use them too;
No matter how THAT He/She/It looks which we dare to call God and even by temporary names based on myths or fairytales, as Rama or Jupiter, or how the true name of THAT may be which we today don't know how to say anymore (this is why Jews don't call God by Name but only by fixed circumscriptions as "the Sacred One praised he be"), THAT hath really made us and Universe and still liveth in every atom and still is fond of every living being and being all-wise also understands any temporary name which humans use to evoke HIm/Her/It.

The holy Words from the Book of Psalms read in Catholic church language i.e. Latin:

"Adjutorium nostrum in nomine Domini, qui fecit coelum et terram."

"Our support is in the Name of The Lord. He hath made both Heaven and Earth."

In German:
"Unsre Hilfe liegt I'm Namen des Herrn. Er hat Himmel und Erde gemacht."

James if you know it in Hebrew or Arameic please give to us here the transcription of the words in Western letters,
So that all readers here,
Even if Agnostic but open for possibility of a Creator to exist, or believing in magic and some Soul of Nature but not surely in a personal Creator,
Can use the language of Jesus to say and think the holy words!

Then they will have maximum white magic in them would say the Hindu theologers. And they know well about Word magic. In fact they are the world-wide experts for it.

See, this is how I am "half Hindu". I seek knowledge for doing good from all sources possible, like a chemist who tests all plants even poisonous ones for possibly medically usable compounds.

If Jeshua my Sadguru, praised he be, is against this attitude and tell you thus let me know, my e-mail is on my profile on Psychic site.

To you and to all people of the world, particularly now of Japan:

God bless you, forgive your sins and spare you suffering.

Earth quakes. Nature is in wrath.
Let us watch in Faith what comes; let us call the Lord by His Word or His names according to our religion; and no matter if we manage to feel some faith or not, do what we have before us to do as good as we can, for this too is Prayer.

To call God's Name or repeat His Word is how we even can do something for our Japanese brethren if we lie sick in some hospital bed. Take the chance folks!
James (10 stories) (151 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-10)

Today it is your words that have touched me, thank you my freind.

May your days ahead be all that you desire them to be

Foundations (1 stories) (64 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-09)
Hello James,
I will keep this short as I know you have many souls to help. Just a message to thank you for the inspiring message - Faith without Actions is empty as is Actions without Faith. I get it. The past few days I have been living by these words and what a diffence it makes it one's life. Not so much the words I speak but what I do. So easy but many of us aren't doing this. Please continue your wonderful work as you have truly changed and inspired me. I will continue to wait patiently for my calling - although I am sure like you said I am already doing it.
Love and peace to you and your family,
James (10 stories) (151 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-07)

Not shocked my friend, just very happy to read your candidness about your journey to date.

Haven't ventured over to the Psychic side yet I will get there eventually, more things to be dome here first though!

NaturalScience (3 stories) (110 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-07)
If your energy suffices for over a hundred posts, read me on Psychic Site too James, and then you will really know me. For I am not purely Christian. I am half hindu so to speak! Another mouthful to swallow, ey? You seemingly were shocked about me having tried to be atheist... My reaction: "what, you are shocked at this trifle?" In Europe hardly any literate person among believers in Christian Church and also in Judaism has NO atheist phase behind him / her - thus are the facts. If you want real shocks go to psychic site. I'm sure you'll stand them WITHOUT getting a negative image of me.
James (10 stories) (151 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-06)

Trying to have a family member understand how you feel is never an easy thing, particularily men who have set ways about them (travelled down that road most of my life).

At present I know for a fact I have progressed much beyond my wife spiritually. Two years ago a different matter, this was all crap to me and I wondered at times when I saw her using her pendulum to converse with her Guides whether she was just making it spin in the desired direction for the desired answer to her question or whether it was doing it under the influence of an external source. I now know it was not her but her Guides. I do not use a pendulum for my confirmations as she does, I just ask and the answers have been there, without fail and always correct.

I wondered at first if she felt threatened by this and indeed she was because of how quickly I progressed compared to her. So I adapted my speech around the house accordingly and would only show a little bit of my spiritual side every now and then. She now knows she has nothing to fear from me and I can show my spiritual side all day long and we have no issues.

With family members it truly is much more difficult to raise the issues, it shouldn't be but it is, I have once again been asked to pass along for you to be patient, enjoy the world around you and within you. Don't try to place your faith right under your husbands nose.

Let your ACTIONS be a symbol of your faith, not words. SHow your children an example of a person who is good towards others, kind, gentle, firm when she needs to be however. Remember The Son of Man did not stand on the street corner and profess his faith, he didn't have to. The example of how to live ones life was shown by him through his actions. Yes, he talked about the Gospels and the Kingdom of the Father, but what we in modern times have long forgotten was how he lived his life as a shining example to others.

If one had no knowledge at all about God, if that person lived his life by those principles the Son had demonstrated 2000 years ago, then would the Father love that person any less than one who reads about God every week in Church?

Some will argue vehemently with me on this point regarding children and faith, however I am a firm believer that as an individual Soul your child will discover the Divine in his or her own way, regardless of what we as adults do or say. I believe we should let our children know there is a God and what OUR beliefs are and then they can enjoy the glory of discovery themselves.

Our daughter went to a Catholic school for the first 6 years of her schooling. Even though they taught a very strict religious belief, I am very proud of her in that she has chosen to trust her own vision of God and how the Divine relates and interacts with all of us. Her belief is different than mine, but that is what makes it so wonderful

Said the blind man to the group of zealots as they were about to stone him for his unorthodox beliefs in God,

"my faith and belief in God is not better than yours, it is just different, nothing more, nothing less"

At that they all gave pause, not knowing what to say, dropped their stones and dispersed to leave the blind man all alone...

A little over-dramatic perhaps, but I think you see my point about dealing with ones faith and others sensibilities.

Kathleen you're children will be naturally curious about your ideas and beliefs, if and when they ask in the future tell them how you feel, when they ask why Daddy doesn't believe any of this is real, just tell them in a very loving and positive way that they are his beliefs.

Our kids are much smarter than we think and their minds are like sponges, Jesus loved children for that very reason, innocent of the world and yet open to everything placed in front of them and free to choose their own path. Sadly it is we adults whom have lost that childish way of looking at the world...

One last thought, yes I know I should have ended many paragraphs ago!

Faith without ACTIONS is empty
Actions without FAITH are empty

Let your children see WHO YOU ARE through your actions (not your words so much) and they will learn an education about life that will stay with them forever and they will pass along to their children.

Remember another word for LIFE is LOVE and a word for both of them is GOD!

"...My peace I leave you..."

James (10 stories) (151 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-06)

Good morning my Glorious Friend!

Whew that last post of your was a mouthful to swallow, interesting yes, fascinating, absolutly.

I truly love hearing about HOW people have made their way through the minefield we call religious beliefs these days. It shows a lot of WHO THEY ARE to me, whether they have just come upon this wonderful way of life, or like yourself have fought with many issues alongthe way.

Your depth of knowledge regarding theology is starting to really make sense as I read more and more of your posts, keep it up I love hearing, rather reading about your experiences.

So before this old wind-bag gets carried away I will simply end here for now...

Bless you my friend

helen_kit_chi (1 stories) (13 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-04)

I love your wonderful vision of the Middle East. I pray everyday that it will come true, to all.

When I was first awakened, I saw that everything is perfect as is, including all the pain and suffering in the world, which is transitory. I thought all the world need is to see the transitory nature of pain and suffering, and they'll stop fighting and moaning, and join me in my constant state of bliss.

Only later did I know my role, that I have to join them instead, some of the most lost in their pain and suffering, before they can join me.

My role is to tune in my energy to the full spectrum of the human condition, and with every gesture of mine, every word, and sight and heart, join in the prayers of others, and see to a brighter future for everyone. And that everyone does not mean mankind alone, but also all the animals and plants and ecosystem that mankind is intricately linked to, and cannot thrive without.

As you said, a tsunami of change is beginning. This cleansing tsunami is needed, and cannot be stopped, I am told. I also see plenty of suffering before clear skies; suffering due to people's ignorance and rash resistance and clinging to their false security of solid ground. I cried for people's suffering. I pray with all my heart that these ignorant people will be brought to your bright vision of the future.

I also want to thank you for reminding me that perhaps I have tuned in to people's anguish and suffering too much. I should remember to get back to my center of peace before I could help others effectively.

Peace to you and all.

Foundations (1 stories) (64 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-04)
Hello James,

Thank you so much for your reply. You have no idea how much it meant to me. I feel a sense of peace within myself now that I did not before. You see, I thought that because I smoke I would be "dammed" as the Jehovah's wittnesses had claimed because I am polluting the temple that God has given me. I could not understand how this would damn me considering that besides that one bad habit, I truly try to do my best to be a friend to everyone. Thank you immensly for clearing that up. I think you are right that I am trying to hard - just let things happen and go with the flow.

Also, when I sit in silence and pray I do find it hard to concentrate fully and to let go. It's as though I am afraid to see the truth and beauty even though I want to (if that even makes sense!). I will continue however to discover myself, and to take your advice about not caring what others think. However, one of the most important people in my life, my husband, is very frustrated with me and gets upset when I mention anything to him about my faith. He is sick of hearing about it and says I should concentrate on more meaningful things. I love him very much and hope that he can open his eyes and be with me instead of against me... He also gets upset if I encourage my three children to be open minded about their spirituality. They are aged 7, 6 and 4. He says that I am scaring them and leading them into fantasy. Am I doing the right thing by encouraging them, or should I let them open up by themselves and keep my thoughts to myself?

Thank you again for your wonderful inspiration- I will continue to enjoy the world of Kathleen with open arms as my journey unfolds.

Peace to you James.
NaturalScience (3 stories) (110 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-04)
Hi you verbose old wind-bag, your wisdom is wonderful! You could have made ten times mor spelling or typing mistakes and it still would be super.
"Remeber your conscious mind is at play every second of your waking hours, subject to human interference, for example your fmaily telling you that you are sick and delussional. Your brain is interpreting that and saying "...hey perhaps they are right..." Your Soul, well that is a different matter, it sits back and says "...okay I'll just indulge them for a while..."
This is what I for example experienced when I tried to be Atheist after leaving Catholic Church in disappointment. Unable to realize that God is greater than His dogmatic image I thought it to be rational to try to live without the "concept" of a Heavenly Father. But my Innermost just used this phase of trial-and-error to find a way to a Theism with a wider horizon, and reaped as an additional boon the proof by onw daily life and experience of the Bible's word: "Only the Insane can deny the Existence of God." For I really came near to insanity trying out atheistic (marxist) thought patterns! They were alien to my nature and deeply confusing to my mind.
James (10 stories) (151 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-04)

I have just re-read my post post and my spelling is atrocious!

My apologies to you and any other readers, must be an age thing this morning!

James (10 stories) (151 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-04)
Hello Kathleen

First of all let me make it very clear YOU ARE NOT ALONE, NOT NOW, NEVER HAVE BEEN AND NEVER WILL BE. We are there with you in spirit every step of the way. That may sound like a cheap retort, but it is true. We are all conected spiritualy, certainly not physically. We come from the same place and will return to the same place when our physical experience is completed.

Reading your post you remind of another young lady who posts frequently on this site and will pass along the same advice to you as I did to here quite some time ago:

"...she needs to be patient and let things happen..."

This is what came through when I asked the Divine about you and your vibrational energy levels.

Do not worry or fret over what your friends and family think, or for that matter what we here on this site think. Many think I am a complete loony, an old wind-bag spouting hot air. I recently advised a young lady that it was the Son of Man who pushed her from behind and I believe she doesn't really know what to think about me now.

You are the 2nd person this week to feel you would be judged by me for writing, I tell you now I will never judge you, how can a man who has a running dialogue all-day long with God, Jesus and Mary be in a position to judge anyone!

A long time ago a man walked with lepers, broke bread with beggars and street urchins (see using judgemental words, oh well!) and yet he never judged his accusers even as they sent him to be scourged before nailing him to a cross. Even then he didn't judge the two men who dided beside him, but welcomed one with all the glory the SOn of Man could muster at his time of human sorrow and need.

You see rainbows, hues in the sky nobody else sees, good for you, what a wonderful experience. Cherish those experiences and embrace them and let no one say different to you. Spirituality is a very individual thing, I do not see orbs, rainbows, men in black, to me I see only Jesus and feel the prescence that cannot be seen. Others see Angelic figures, balls of light coming form wiothin and surrounding other people. We are all here for a prupose and all see things differently and yet combined we all come together AS ONE fullfilling whatever portion of the ONENESS that is needed to complete the whole.

Earlier I mentioned that you need to relax and let events happen, please try hard to do this. Right now you are struggling internally to discover WHO YOU ARE, the answers are right there within you and in fornt of you, seek them do not be afraid to ask. Open your heart, mind and soul fully to the SOURCE OF ALL.

As humans we look for the quick and easy solution to things, at the soul level we already know the answers, we just need to re-awaken and remember what those answers are. You are on a journey, we all are, your path is different than mine or your neighbors, but we will all meet ion the same location wherever that may be, in the end. Part of this journey is for the Soul to also experience things that it determined (before you were born) it need to complete. For the human conscious mind this isn't always easy to comprehend and it will fight tooth and nail to say things cannot be so. Remeber your conscious mind is at play every second of your waking hours, subject to human interference, for example your fmaily telling you that you are sick and delussional. Your brain is interpreting that and saying "...hey perhaps they are right..."

Your Soul, well that is a different matter, it sits back and says "...okay I'll just indulge them for a while..."

Remeber that the majority of pleople on earth are spiritually in a deep sleep. Many go to church on Sundays, or to prayers on Fridays and yet they are really noit aware of what is actually happening about them. I have faith in my fellow man and believe that before it all ends tragically, the majority will awaken.

Kathleen, I have gone to great lengths above to prove I am indeed a verbose wind-bag at times however to discover WHO YOU ARE all you need to do is observe how you interact, what makes you feel good and what doesn't. Those things that do not make you feel good, remember them and try to avoid doing them again. Before you relaize you will discover WHO YOU ARE and how events and people affect WHO YOU ARE. If one wishies to stop something, slowly put it out of your mind and in time you will indeed stop doing it (smoking for example). While smoking itself is not an issue, the chemicals inside are, if you wish to stop, then stop trying so hard to convince yourself to stop!

I love my Scotch whisky, not the Islays, too much like paint remover to me. Some will shout loud and clear that I cannot be a spiritual person because I drink alcohal, what a bunch of crap that is. The Heavenly Father gave us all FREE WILL to decide what we would like to be a part of WHO WE ARE. As we go through life we continual evaluate everything around us to see if it fits into our plan for ourselves and further improve WHO WE RE all the time.

If one is a faith healer, or a Doctor, that is not WHO THEY ARE, that is what they are and what they do. In the end WHO YOU ARE is in relation to how you act, think, love, are, what you do and how you inetract with your fellow man.

If you choose to be angry in certain sitiuations, good, if you choose to love unconditionally, outstanding. Only you can truly define WHO YOU ARE and that is something the rest of us can assist you by just being WHO WE ARE around you.

Your prupose in life will be shown to you in time, not to worry, like me and most others you will more than likly stumble upon it only to realize you ahve already been doing it all along!

Your Soul is slowly re-awakening Kathleen, enjoy the wonders as it awakens fully, fear not the world of men, embrace the world of Kathleen, it is a wonderful place for you are the creator and we are all part of it as we create our existance and they meet as one.

May the SOURCE OF ALL life, love and evrythign there is be with you, within you and around you now and forever. If you have not heard of the musical group Casting Crowns, look up one of their songs "God is WIth US" and truly listen to the words, not just hear the music, but LISTEN and comprehend the WORDS. You may see things in a different light after that...

Namaste my Precious Friend

"...My Peace I am Leaving you..."

Foundations (1 stories) (64 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-02)
Hello James,
I have been wanting to write to you for some time now, but haven't for fear that you also would think that I have gone off the deep end like most of my friends and family do. They have been suggesting that I should seek professional help for what I have been experiencing. However, I know within my heart and soul that I am truly here for some purpose which I can't seem to figure out at this time. For my soul, reading your posts has been a source of peace and knowledge, as I truly feel that you also are feeling and seeing things as I do. I can no longer look at things as I once did. The sky is full of rainbows and shades of beautiful green and pink hues which no one else can see. I see beautiful white orbs all around me floating in the sky. When I pray to creator, Jesus and Mary I feel their presense and can see colours all around me. Also, when I close my eyes I see tunnels with Kaleidoscopes and often see an eye of a beautiful woman looking back at me. I also saw someone crying tears - I could not tell if the person was male or female. I truly feel that I am not able to make this all clear at this time because my vibrations are constantly being kept low because I smoke. I am so trying to quit and ask relentlessly for help through prayer. I am hoping that you can help me to discover who I am, and what my soul's purpose is and to remember my life's calling. Love and light I send to you.
NaturalScience (3 stories) (110 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-01)
Hi Helen and James, I at once sent a prayer to Jesus for the people of Near East when reading of your premonitions.
And I enjoyed reading your positive premonition for human future, James! For my only mundane hope that deserves this name is to see the beginning of The Kingdom on Earth in this lifetime. This is for sure, then all things I once was mocked at or hindered from because of superficiality, atheism, and/or mundane thoughts of "what is rentable and what is not" will be acknowledged and supported so that I, first time in life, really can live 100% the way I want, and I, until now most of the time having been among the Last, will be finally among the First - even in mundane terms. People then will greet me on the street, and say that I was brave according to my potentials during the evil past times.
Keep fingers crossed for me brethren so that this dream may come true!
James (10 stories) (151 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-01)

Thank you for your wonderful reply, you are an example that we are all on different paths and yet this idea just doesn't sit well with many organizations.

The Son of Man has said you have a different role to fullfil here on earth, embrace that role whatever it may be, live your life within that role and enjoy every moment of it.

Every time you write a piece, be it e-mail or here on the site I feel pain and an internal anguish from you, I have just asked about this and you must work your way through it, seek the answers within they are there.

I have also seen images of the Middle East and to me it was in the image of a huge tsunami sweeping over the entire Middle East and washing it clean. I see it coming to pass as I type, the tsunami of change is sweeping across the Middle East, will all be well in the end, I truly believe so, perhaps not as the religious extremists believe it will be, but a better place.

I have been envisioning images of wonder for a long time now, I have faith in the future of Man and where we are going moving forward.

Your prayers are a powerful tool Helen, more so than I think you are aware of. Keep moving forward in your prayers and the world around you will follow, see the wonder of what is there, imagine it, feel it and it will happen. For collectively WE influence the outcome at every step of the way.

I am just beginning my "Final" steps to whatever it may be and as I gain a little more knowledge every day I see the beauty that lies ahead, the killing is over, the torture and murder in God's name is finished. Will it be this year, next year, next decade, cannot say, but my time "on the cross" has allowed me to experience a little of the ultimate in suffering and I do see with much more clarity now than I did before.

The day is coming Helen, I see it clearly, when we can all stand up and say "hello my brother" or "bless you my sister" and not have to worry about insulting an individuals belief system, a glorious young man died on a cross 2000 years ago for this idea, 2000 years ago and we still haven't figured it out...

"...My Peace I am leaving you..."

helen_kit_chi (1 stories) (13 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-28)
Here's a report of my experience.

I have followed your instructions, James, of laying my body on the floor, as if on a cross. Then I asked Jesus to come to my vision. It was not long before I saw him in my third eye.

Jesus appeared in his human form clothed in divine light, which is bright and loving. I have seen Jesus only a handful of times before in my visions, and mostly as light, not in form. I usually experience the divine and divine beings as loving light.

As I was laying on the floor with my arms parted and hands facing up, I was beginning to feel energy in my open palms. But then I was told I didn't have to do this, that I have already experienced enough of the suffering.

I said I wanted to help. Jesus indicated I have other things to do. That I should follow the practice I have been doing. He then led me sit up, and gathered my hands together, palm to palm.

I then have a glimpse of certain things to come in the Middle East. Or what appeared to be the Middle Eastern region. I saw dust flying. I asked - what happened to all the people? What happened to all the structures? I cried. I saw Jesus cried too.

I asked what I could do to help? I believe my role is to pray, and to envision a better future.

I would like to ask all of you who read this to say a prayer with me, a prayer per your particular religious practice, to say a prayer with all your heart and soul, to give loving energy to the Middle Eastern region, and to all the people there. Every single one of them have a beautiful soul and are our dearest brothers and sisters.


What I saw in my vision doesn't have to come. This I believe, or have to believe, because otherwise would be devastating. I think your collective prayers are especially powerful, because people who are on this site are awakening\ awakened souls. Thank you all for your prayers.

And thank you James for sharing your story.


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