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A Journey To The Holy Kingdom


Let me start off by saying that I am going through a rough time in my life. I am young at 23yrs old, I just had a child which is a huge change in life and I am completely overwhelmed! Last night 4/11/11 I had a slight mental break down at around 3 in the morning and contemplated killing myself (never a good place to be.) I did manage (with my husbands help) to get my head out of that space and go to bed eventually. Because I didn't go to bed until almost 4am and then woke up at 7 this morning with my son I did not get much sleep. So at around 6pm tonight I layed down with my son until he fell asleep then moved him into his crib and layed back down and went to sleep myself. I slept hard but while I was sleeping I had an amazing experience. It did start out as a dream, a dream of natural disaster which progressed into something very different.

In my dream I was inside a huge house on a bluff looking out over the ocean and I had my son, mother father and sisters with me. In the dream we had just had an earthquake and we were watching the water in the ocean recede and we were supposed to be getting hit with a title wave. I rushed everyone out of the house and we all got into a vehicle and I was driving. We were trying to get to higher ground before the wave hit. The first route we took was a dead end because the bridge we had to cross over was damaged from the earth quake and crumbled. So I turned around and started going back the way we came. I ended up taking a right hand turn onto this little logging road. As I began to proceed up this road the road began to get REALLY steep!

(This is where it gets weird!) I just kept going up and up and up on an angle that a car would NOT be able to drive on. As I continued we started moving REALLY fast, to the point where it felt like I was being propelled forward at sickly speeds. All I could see then was BRIGHT LIGHT and beautiful colors, the colors where other worldly - like nothing I have ever seen before.

As I began to slow again and things started to come back into focus. I was standing in a cave, the walls were covered in blue light and there were pools and water falls inside the cave. The walls and rocks in the cave were all covered in writing and arithmetic and all sorts of never ending knowledge. There was a man standing a few feet away from me who was a young man dressed in a white colored shirt and white slacks and not wearing any shoes. He was clean cut and very handsome. He embraced me and told me he had been waiting for me to get there because he knew I needed him. He told me that he had something to show me and to follow him.

I followed him out of the cave and all I could see in all directions was ocean and cliff face. We started walking along the cliff face and we came to what I can only describe as a huge castle. He told me that he built it for me, that he built one for all of us and that this one was mine. It was all built out of beautiful cut stone and marble. He told me that my friends were waiting for me and to go in. When I opened the door the inside was like a jungle and all the exotic wild animals that I have taken care over the years that have passed on were all in there living in this jungle on the inside of my castle (my "friends" that were waiting for me.) I do rescue and rehabilitation of exotic wild life and have for years.

Anyway the man walked in behind me and told me that I could come back any time, that he was always going to be here for me when I needed him and now I knew where to find him. He told me I couldn't stay here right now but that this home was waiting for me and the time would come eventually for me to move in. He gave me another hug kissed me on the forehead and told me that I had to go back because my son needed me. Again I started to travel through this hole filled with light and color only this time it felt as though I was falling. As I started falling I began to hear my son cry but it sounded like it was a long ways away, it got closer and closer until I could finally hear it clearly and then everything got really still. I opened my eyes up and I was in my house and awake (kind of) and my son was crying in his room. When I tried to get up my legs felt like jello, My Body was cold and stiff, I was dizzy and I couldn't walk, I couldn't think or see straight and I felt sick to my stomach. After about 20-30 minutes this feeling finally went away but for an hour after I kept getting these intense surges of energy starting at the top of my head and rushing down my spine. Where did I go tonight? This is the first time I have EVER experienced anything like this. I am not a religious person but I don't have any other way to explain this experience other than to say I traveled to heaven and saw god. Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this?

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scarlett2 (1 stories) (34 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-04)
Dear Kiki,

Here is what I think regarding your beautiful testimony... ❤

I believe G-D has blessed you immensely with a visit from Jesus Christ. I have had a few lucid dreams very similar to yours... Although it has taken me many years, and a recent Holy Spirit Baptism to open my mind, heart and soul to this truth.

The beautiful man, dressed all in white was Jesus Himself. How Blessed you are to of been with Him. He was telling you that He is always here for you, and that He loves you fully...always. He is telling you that no matter your earthly trials & errors... All you have to do is remember He is with you, a part of you, always. He wants you to always rely on Him during good and bad times. He wants you to always take His hand and He will lead you to Paradise with the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit.

He loves you mightily... And I sense from your words that you are a very special soul, full of warmth, compassion and love for others. He is so proud of you... He sees and knows you better than yourself.

What a gift you have been given! I am in awe of your experience. ❤

Try an Internet search of "dreams about Jesus from isolated people who have never heard of Him." I have read about this miracle a great deal... Dreams of Jesus Christ... Especially from people like in Africa or isolated jungle tribes in Amazon... Who have never heard of Jesus before. It will drop your jaw and make your heart go pitter patter for love of Our Creator! And especially when you read about people having dreams of Jesus dressed EXACTLY like you described him... All in white and bare footed. Wow!

Please, Kiki, write more when you can. I would love to hear how life has been for you since your divine encounter.

Praise G-D...He is pure perfection.

Blessings, my friend always. ❤
helen_kit_chi (1 stories) (13 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-04)
Dear Kiki,

I often journey to a similar place you have visited. It is a positive experience, and you have nothing to fear.

I think you can call the place the Holy Kingdom, although I think that is only one of the many layers of the 'Holy Kingdom'. The highest of the layers presents no image or form, but the experience of what Jesus said in the Bible, 'I and my Father are ONE.' And you would essential be the bright Light as well.

The method of your journey to this 'Holy Kingdom' is very similar to climbing the Jacob's Ladder as mentioned in the Bible. The idea is to have a sense of going up, and seeing brighter and brighter of the Light as one goes. Other religions and traditions, such as the native Americans, would visualize going up using other means, such as climbing a tree. The results are the same.

The being that you saw is your spirit guide, as spiricat mentioned. I think you can also call him an angel. This being is your guide or teacher, and is also a protective being for you. He\She\It is often dressed in bright white, or radiate white light. You saw the place covered in writing and knowledge, because that symbolizes a place of learning for you. You can ask your spirit guide or angel questions or directions in your life.

This place is also a place of refuge for you whenever you feel exhausted, or drained, or down in spirit, or need help, or simply want to enjoy a visit. I encourage you to try to revisit the place as your spirit guide said you know where to find him now.

If you are a little unsure as to how to start, as spiricat said there are books about astral traveling or meditation you may find useful. I think you can also try following your original method in your dream of going up to the Light using a car. You can try to visualize yourself in that car in your mind, and then visualize going up, with the Light getting bigger and brighter as you go. Some other people find it easier to cut to the chase, and visualize the place itself (the Holy Kingdom you visited before) without going through the journey. See whichever way works better for you. And once you get a certain proficiency of going to meet your spirit guide, you can simply ask him which method would work better for you. He can also show you much joy and love and peace and wisdom.

May peace and light be with you,
gysyblue (2 stories) (80 posts)
13 years ago (2011-04-27)
I haven't experienced this, but am so glad that you did, and also for your son and family. The marble building is so spiritual and you were brought there with love, and sent back also with love.
spiricat (9 posts)
13 years ago (2011-04-27)
Hello Kiki, I think you had an out of body experience and visited the other realm. You must have been gone a while for your body to feel the way it did when you returned. I think you met your spirit guide. When he said you can come here anytime, now that you know where to find him, he may have meant that you can reach him easily through another out of body experience or through meditation. True, when you know where you are going, it's easier to get there. Search for "out of body experience," "OBE," and "astral projection" to learn more about this phenomenon and how to do it - if you are interested. There are many methods. In your experience, you did it through a lucid dream. I hope this helps, even though most of this may sound strange:)

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