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People Made Of Love


It was 1973 in Vondelpark in Amsterdam. The park was empty except for my two girlfriends and their two boy company. I was alone and they where together in the empty big park. It was about 10:30 in the morning and the wind was about empty and the sun was shining. It was a lovely day. I went and sat down at a bench and in front of me grove bit white and yellow roses. I was meditating TM for about three quarter of an hour. I went up and went and sat down at the grass field. I turned my head and I saw two persons in white clothes coming walking on a little way. They came nearer and soon they walked in front of me. They had just only white clothes on, and naked feets. The clothes was going down to the hands and feets and were straight, not wide. Their bodies were probably made out of love and the clothes where clothes but not a earthly material. They where living more than earthly persons. He hold his arm around her and they where in love. They looked european in the skin. With dark brown hair and a bit long hair, not very. It was like many diamond around and you could see it was persons who had reach heaven. I turned my head away and I lost them in my sight. I was about to walk up and take a look but I hold it.

My friends came up to me. I got hold of a pencil stub and a notebook and drew a man and a woman with a stroke. Stopped them down quickly in the pocket again. It was scary that they came towards me. I asked if they saw anything different. They said no. We walked out of the park. We went to an ice cream parlor outside the park. Where asked a girl if they should have seen something. I said no. I began to think of this event in the park after that date. But I find it hard to talk about it. I have not talked about it with someone, however, wrote. This happened when I was 19 years old. I had been into trouble at home in many different ways, I am born 1954 11 25 and that day is three sagittarius in the sign, I have to say that I was born in the night before the last Sagittarius went in, it goes in at 8 o clock. Sun and moon I Sagg and the moode in scorpius. I got the idea to meditate from a Clive from Blackpool tree years earlier. I wrote this story to Manchester beat also. Have anyone seen them?

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harrypotterrules (11 posts)
11 years ago (2013-04-08)
We are all made of some kind of love. Nickr2, I agree with what you said: God loves us all. God bless
Nickr2 (2 stories) (18 posts)
13 years ago (2011-04-30)
Hello Rosemary,

I have has something somewhat similar happen to me, although I was in the dreaming state and not awake like you were. I was in deadwood South Dakota on a business trip to go to school for a week to learn about right-of-way. I was in my hotel and had gambled a little bit of money away (I find gambling fun as a time passer) and decided to head back up to my room and decided to start some physical yoga and meditate for a while. I then went to sleep.

When it was sometime in the morning and I "thought" I woke up to a beautiful white shimmering girl walking into my hotel room. She was a little naked so I started to get a little uncomfortable because at this point she was standing on my bed and I was saying to her "um, um, um..." and she looked at me confused and said "what?" I then noticed that she had a couple "gray spots" / less light places on her legs, I offered to take those dark spots away from her (what I exactly mean by this is an other entirely different long story) she transformed from this beautiful girl into a orb of pure white light, and as I held her in my hand I looked into her, and it was like looking into something that not even a diamond could mach. The beauty of this orb even surpassed that of her human form. I then thought about turning those dark spots into the light and I then put these thoughts into action. And when I did this the room lit up and rays of light were everywhere. When this happened I got knocked out and the next thing I saw was was myself and I looked like I was dark and all these colors were coming out of me and floating around me. I then woke up for real not exactly sure what had just happened, but I felt really happy, and I went to the training.

Anyhow, I think those people you saw were a lot like the person I saw. Remember that we are all beings of light and we carry within ourselves ever color in the universe (and there are a lot more colors than what we can see with our physical eyes). If you were afraid at all, try not to be. And as to why you maybe saw them I can't know for sure. But I do know that your mind let you see them reason, and maybe it was to show you that there is more to life than just this physical world we see day in and day out.

God loves you and you will never be alone... Never

Good Luck to you in all your travels.

Nicholas Ryan Rasmussen

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