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God Said He Loves Me


Dear friends here is something very important to me. Some years ago while studying the bible, I found to how the Jewish people had gone through hard times and how they went through hell in the second war.

I was so upset by this that on the way to work I felt their pain and I cried hard. That night in a vision I was awoken by a woman and she was wearing old style garbs. In her hands out stretched she held a wide sash with ancient inscriptions. I asked her what it meant, she looked at me and started to cry very hard and said, "this says that God loves you" and then she vanished.

Some days later driving to work I felt so much TRUE love that my heart literally wanted to jump out of my chest.

I had such a big smile it hurt, then all around me everything lit up, it all illuminated, green was greener, the sky's bluer, I had seen the world for the first time to how it should be seen.

In my search for Yod He Vav He (God) I have found many answers to many questions, I know how to discern who's spiritual voice is speaking. I know more about creation and God Himself, I know to keep away from churches.

Here is a brief encounter to me going to church. Every time I went I felt saddened, and I questioned God why was it I felt sadness instead of joy. I did not get answer until some years later, it's because I was going on a Sunday, this is a pagans day of sun worship, the mark of the beast.

I will give you some insight to how God is not. He does not have a body as we do, why not? If He depended on blood or cells this would make him dependent on other forces, and He has nothing governing Him.

Here is the biggest mystery and when retold say it is from a man close to God named Gerry (strong with a sword) as the archangels.

Everything including this beautiful mother Earth, is and including God, THOUGHT. Everything is thought and this is the mystery to how we are all united, we are one because thought is only from one source,GOD.

Love you all.

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Timfaraos (131 posts)
9 years ago (2015-02-17)
Of course, every person is very sensitive to the sufferings of his own people, and ALL suffering people... But the jewish holocaust is not the ONLY ONE that happened! But it's the only one we ever talk about, thanks to mass media. I, as a greek orthodox christian, feel sorry for the genocide of 3.5 million christians- greeks, armenians, assyrians- in Turkey in the early 20th century. Not to mention the rapes, torcher and forced deportation of their whole families, their death marches on a road to hell, through the Turkish deserts, with NO FOOD OR WATER, ONLY THE CLOTHES ON THEIR BACKS! A 10 year old girl who escaped, described the gut wrenching details, in a best selling book: 'NOT EVEN MY NAME', by Thea Halo. My Jewish friend, what about the SIXTY MILLION russians who were killed by the communists, from 1917-1992, most of them because THEY WERE CHRISTIANS! What about the 800. 000 orthodox serbs, that were torchered and killed in yugoslavia by the nazis and croatian ustashi... But it's always the winners that write history, and as we all know, mass media is owned by zionists... (No offence to the innocent Jewish people). Innocent people of all races, suffer and die because of the decisions of a few politicians...'the donkeys are kicking, and it's the chickens that die'. If the trillions of dollars spent for armies, wars and space projects were reduced, people wouldn't be dieing from hunger and preventable diseases... You see, God said love your neibour, feed the hungry, clothe the naked... But world leaders spend the money elsewhere! So it's not God's fault...
NaturalScience (3 stories) (110 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-01)
Every day belongs to the Lord. Your frustration when attending Sunday mass did NOT come from worshipping the wrong way, or on a wrong day. God is not narrow-minded, nor will He refuse to understand one language and prefer another; for He made all the human tribes and languages on Earth.
God bless you with the gift of feeling His presence everywhere - even in a honky-tonk, or on the loo!
Onawingandaprayer (30 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-20)

Amen Brother, someone who gets it, wow!

We are all one, come fromm the same place, will return to that same place.

I also do not go to church anymore, I was filled with anger whenever the priest would demand, not ask, but demand we contribute more money, yell at the parishoners for being late or not attending as often as he felt they should.

I love the buildings themselves and can sit for hours in a Cathedral just being still and in communion with the Divine. I remember feeling anger at an easter service because of what we (man as a whole) had done to Yeshua and how we had forgotten much of what he came to pass along.

It was that inner voice of reason that calmed me down, the Holy Spirit, God, whatever one chooses to call the voice.

Like you, I too have spent a lot of the past couple of years exploring the greater consciousness and awareness of our faith and being within the cosmos. How EVERYTHING leads back to the ONE. One thought, One being, One source whatever it may...

I will be branded a "false prophet" by those who can't see beyond their books, however if they would close their books,seek, learn about their true relationship to the Divine. I am sure they will have a little more to think about.

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