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Blinding White Light Behind Me


When I was younger I often went to church and always felt a connection to God, the Universe, as well as nature. When I was 12 I woke in the night. The only bathroom in our house was downstairs and there were no windows in the hallway, I had to go down to reach the stairs to go to the first floor. As I was descending the stairs I was blinded by a blinding white light behind me, it was so bright I could not even see in front of me. I did not feel afraid. I had no idea what it could be and I just continued down the stairs and pretended I did not see it.

I reached the bottom of the stairs and turned the knob of the door at the bottom of the steps. By the time I returned to go back to bed it was gone. To this day I feel it was divine light from an angel, God, or something heavenly. I have always cherished the memory and felt that I have had some connection to the non-physical world. That God had a purpose for me. Perhaps that is why I am often told that I am a light. Whatever the reason I am forever grateful for the experience.

Another experience I often have is with street lamps and lights and electronics in general. Often times when I am taking a walk at night or the early morning and as I walk by street lamps and lights on buildings they blow out. On a few occasions this has happened right when I looked at the light. This has scared me at times because I have no clue as to what it is or what it means. I have accepted it as a natural happening and feel good about it when it happens now. Also anything with a volume, regardless whether its a button or dial to turn up the volume, the volume always goes up. I have always wondered why this happen so much and just recently became aware that it might be connected to the other experiences I have had.

I also started experiencing 11:11 about 9 years ago on receipts, clocks, and in other forms. More recently I have been seeing more triple digits like 444, 555, and 111. I have woke up on more than one occasion to look and see 555. I only recently discovered that 11:11 is also the time that the Mayan Calendar ends. I feel like there is some connection between all this; what that connection is I do not know.

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SarahDenise (guest)
4 years ago (2020-03-08)
This time it started in 2014 when I saw '11,11' everywhere and for days.

A dove kept showing up outside on my balcony.

At Saint Johns day I felt an urgent feeling that I should pray, so I did. Then my soul suddenly popped out begging to come home. A voice behinde me said "Make happy", immediately I became very joyful. Then one night an angel woke me up telling me I had to meet the Lord. I flew out of my body from my balcony and saw a huge crystal stairway.

I was so amazed that I had to sit down on it for a while and looked around. There was nothing else but the stars and the shining crystal stairs that made rainbow colours because of the light from the crystal. Soon after I heard a voice saying "Sarah, come", so I stood up. And continued to the top, where I saw two doors; I chose the one I could hear music from, and now I was in space, when He (Jesus) came flying on my right side. We then went to Orions Nebula (Messier 42: where He opened up a black hole or a tunnel in the left side with the four stars in the middle of the Nebula cloud - he used some kind of spell word. Meanwhile I walked around and checked out the cloud. I wasn't worry at all, just happy and fascinated to be there with Him, and suddenly I recognised and remembered I knew Him from sooner in life, but had forgot about it...

As we walked through the tunnel I looked at the "walls"'. It was kind of flickering electric but still I had a view to cosmos that was around us... He said that I should'nt look to much because it would drain the faith out of me...

When out again, we flew in space. As we approached our destination I saw multiple glittering colors and music. He told me "that is inspiration to people on earth" and then he said that I would soon "fall apart" as we get closer but that he would "fix me" again when we get there... Then I woke up on his lap as a baby in the New Jerusalem (a star; all stars are homes for our souls) He smiled and nursed me and I was emencely happy to be in my REAL Fathers arms...

I was growing up VERY fast, my whole past away family was waiting on a little bridge in front of me. We hugged each other, some of them I did not know but I knew they were relatives - all of them was young again. I asked my aunt who had died the exact same year "Do you know who this is?" She answered "Yes, He is always here!" I had some alone time with them and we went up in what looked liked an old mill or water tower to talk a little. I remember that there was a big old closet behind the door and the floor was decorated with red tiles and I saw a little round window in the small room on 1st floor from where my aunt pointed out her house... Outside they showed me the plate with the names of this towns members, all my familymembers names written in gold. (so I think all families have a star of their own after life to live on)

After a while Jesus came to get me. He and I went outside in what looked like a courtyard with pillars. We sat down on a little fountain and he gave me gifts; toys I had as a kid. I became so full of joy to see them again and to see the marks I had made on them while using them growing up, they were still there - and because of that it confirmed to me that it was the same toys I'd once owned. He laughed out loud when I was silly.

At one point I got the idea to pinch my arm and I felt it.

I still had my body even though I knew that I was out of my body.

I looked up in the air; there were no sun but still everything shined like a beautiful summer day.

He called for a small cloud that came right above me, it was some kind of "cloud screen" on were he showed me my whole life and some of my future. The cloud somehow surrounded me, and I was reliving scenes from my life, sometimes from another perspective; for example I saw myself playing with my brother and sister when we were younger. When the scene was over the cloud left me and I was still sitting with jesus. At one point I was shown that he was the one that "installed" my soul in my body the day I was born; I actually was in the hospital watching him kiss my forehead one second before I came into the world.

When I was with the Lord my soul didn't care much for my body... I was still me but in my soul it felt much more important to please and obey Him. Jesus also showed me the several times when he saved me in life; one time He saved me from a car accident. He also showed me many of the times I prayed as kid, it felt like I was reliving all the scenes again.

He then gave me some paperthin flesh like papyrus that he wrote his name on with his own blood. I had to eat it... Before I did so I asked Him if I could see His hands - He smiled and showed them to me; I could clearly see that He had huge nailmark scars in them. He then began to teach me with words from the Testament, but in some sort of "code" - words I had "to heal with", he said, and names and words was flashing fast on a screen; all the deciples names and some letters. I said "It's so simple that a child could understand it!" (It was so so easy there!) He then showed me a stonepillar that someone named Symeon Stylites used to sit on and something about the "ANKH".

In the end he showed me myself as about 80 years in a nursing home and that he will come and get me the day that I die. He then gave me eternal life, while he did that, he drew something on the ground and said that I should try to endure the daily temptations and stop saying harsh words in anger. Then He hugged me and a big bright warm light surrounded us and we had to go back to my body. On the way back we were very close to Saturns rings and walked on clouds...

I've been there two times now and everything He said came true (in the first experience I was sitting with Jesus looking out on a sunset and a beautiful wheat field, he then told me it was going to be a hard life but the outcome will be good for many and that I will be allowd to see more of heaven when 25 years has past and that promise he keept

Behind me was a large tree with fruits I've never seen before and a ladder that angels and I used to transport to another place...

Later He took me to a throneroom where I saw two chairs; in one of them in front of me on my right hand I saw an old man looking exactly like God, you know from Micheal Angelos painting of The Creation of Sun and Moon. Ont the wall behind me I saw a big old wooden wheel with saphires between the spokes.

I heard a loud voice saing "'Bend for your master!", so I did and now Jesus was sitting in the other chair but I still felt like He was both of them. He told me that I had to save a girl from doing drugs. I met her later on in real life and manage to convince her; she is now working for the Government (when being "spoken to" it wasn't done with sound and words, it was going on telepathically but I could still think and feel). I've also been filled with the Holy Spirit twice; the last time it lasted for five days - I was full of pure joy and love, infact I've never felt more joyfull and happy in my whole entire life. I was "glowing" for days and the dove outside on my balcony kept showing up.

One evening I saw tall blue/grayish men in the sky flying up and down everytime I heard an ambulance in my town. I also saw "energies" in purple/turquoise colors like rain coming towards us from the sky all the time (maybe Neutrinoes).

I forgot to tell that.Jesus' hair was VERY big and beautiful, like the mane on lion and His beard was just as beautiful and on His neck He had some sort of an ancient "hammercut style". His robe was light blue and He wore old sandals...

The following days I saw His face in everything; in shapes, in trees and shadows and in almost everything living on earth...

When I came back into my body I checked out the name Symeon Stylittes and I realized that He really did exist! I had no knowledge of the term "pillarsaints" before I was with the Lord, and I still don't know why I was shown this.

UPDATE: A few days later I saw the old man sitting next to Jesus in the throneroom; he cam flying right towards me in a vision when I blinked my eyes for a short moment.

Painting of jesus as I saw him⤵


The old man in my vision and the troneroom⤵


Orions Nebula with the 3 - 4 stars jesus used to open the tunnel with on the left side ⤵


Symeon Stylites Stonepillar⤵


Throughout all of my experiences I didn't feel any jugdement, only understanding and directions to be a better person!

The first time I was up there 30 years ago Jesus showed me that I one day will be contackted by a man who needs help and if I did help, he would give me a gift 25 years later, I begain to cry and asked jesus if I will remember this, he said No it has to come from a good heart, 10 years later I met a strange man sitting in a street where they are selling drugs, he cried, and told me a story I knew was a lie to get money, but something in me got soft and I gave him to a fix even though I didn't have much cash to live for... Then 15 years later under this time experience I came to remember everything, what jesus told and promised me... (I did not remenber anything before he showed me)
Jesus kept his promise...
dreamer01 (6 posts)
9 years ago (2015-08-13)
forgot to say, check out Doreen virtue angel numbers meanings. Maybe another avenue to go down. Hope that helps.
peace, dreamer.
dreamer01 (6 posts)
9 years ago (2015-08-13)
I have been checking out some different but related sites for some time now, and, the one thing that has stood out for me is that I really did not realise that deep down there has always been a skeptic and a synic lurking beneath my seemingly spiritual veneer.
I find a great deal of what I am hearing very difficult to come to grips with but I am never the less keeping an open mind. There is some reason I have been drawn to join this forum. So, I look forward to delving into things with you all and sharing any experiences that I have... Peace, dreamer.
Seaenergy (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-05)

When I was a young girl, my parents worked shift work and I, at 7 or 8 years old, still slept with mom or dad, whomever was home that night. My first dog, Pixie was a poodle/hound mix and was never a barker. One night I woke up to Pixie's incessant barking and looked out the bedroom window to the back yard. She was in a pen and with teeth bared, she was staring at a luminescant bright light hovering just above ground. It was the size of a car tire. She had never bared her teeth before or barked like that. I touched my face several times to see if somehow I was dreaming... I began trying to wake up my father and of course at the same time, looking back at the light several times in the process. By the time dad awoke the light was gone. My birthday is 7-11. I have another light story to share but will do so separately on another comment. Good to know others experienced this. I live in a place where many Native American Indians once thrived and I've always thought it a kind Native spirit and God's light blessing me as a young child. It does seem that thoughout life I've always touched people as a person of light.
Gerry (1 stories) (11 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-29)
Hi Foundation, it was on this site under the heading:
Look to God and feel the heat...

Is this site disfunctional, I sent a story over a week ago and nothing as yet.
Foundations (1 stories) (64 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-29)
Hi Gerry,
I would love to answer the question but I did not find it. Is it on the pychic experiences site?

Gerry (1 stories) (11 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-28)
Hi to Foundation and Naturalscience. I have sent you a message in the other page will you respond? ❤ ❤ ❤
Foundations (1 stories) (64 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-28)
Hi Gerry and NaturalScience,

This site has seemed "dormant" lately. Hopefully it will pick up again! I agree with NaturalScience, God bless everyone who participates on this site!

I hope that you do find an ego definition NaturalScience. Sorry that I was not able to be of help to you. But I am confident that your defintion will come along when least expected.

NaturalScience (3 stories) (110 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-28)
hope it was not me, trying to come to a valid "Ego definition" (which is still missing) by discussion on this page, who made it "inactive"...
God bless all people who read and write here.
Gerry (1 stories) (11 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-27)
Testing this page seeing if it's still in action
I repeat testing
Gerry (1 stories) (11 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-22)
Hello optimystic1111 =4 April
1:11 1st November 2012
444 = 12 = 3
555 = 15 = 6
If you minus 555 from 444 = 111 = 3
On the third of April there is something you must be cautious of.
On the first of November you are seeing a change which will be big or small depending on what you do with April.
Take care you are reached out and now do what your intuition tells you, and remember there are no such thing as coincidents. Gerry ❤
optimystic1111 (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-22)
Thank you for all the comments and feedback-I greatly appreciate them all. I do filter what I talk about with others because I know it might sound out there to some. The other day, on Presidents day, I went hiking. As I was crossing the bridge I noticed that someone had stuck decals to one of the signs reading 1:11. As I was returning from my hike to go home I opened my phone to see what time it was, and what do you know, it was 1:11. Synchronicity I guess. 😊
goldstar (1 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-18)
Well, I don't really know how to explain the whole electricity thing, but I saw on a TV show once that when a girl with strong psychic abilities and ties to spirits walked by a nightlight the light grew brighter in response to her presence, so maybe it's something like that- just a strong spiritual connection where electricity will react to you and your presence.
I really don't know about the number thing either, but...
Well, let's say that when I experianced a flash of light like you did it turned out to be a very good thing, and I felt like I was touched by God. I felt very special, and you should too. Remember that no matter how small or insignificant we may at first appear in the grand scheme of things we all have our own role to play in life, something that God has planned especially for us. This bit of knowledge has carried me, and I hope someone else finds it useful too... 😊
Anyway, I think the light just shows when we're really spiritually intuned, or something like that; although, from what I've gleaned it only seems to happen when it's least expected...
lynnaz (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-15)
It's not blinding but I sometimes see a white light shining down at a slight angle from behind me. It's like I'm in front of the headlights of a car but I'm in my home with my back turned away from the nearest street actually and now that I think about it there are closed heavy curtains are on all of my windows anyway. The last few times I noticed the intensity varies a bit- dimmer or brighter but I can't figure out why. Thought it only happened while I was at the computer listening to music. Last week however; it happened while I was lying on the couch reading the Bible of all things- something I don't do reguarly. I hesitate to even mention this for fear it'll make me seem like I'm realy out there- but my boyfriend and I were making love last year and it happened with an intensity I'd not experienced before. I didn't say anything at the time thinking I was the only one seeing it but not long afterwards- he asked me what I thought that light was. That really freaked me out. Neither of us have a clue what it may have been and it hasn't happened since even though our relationship has grown stronger. Other than that time, I've always been by myself and it's always happened at night. The streetlights turning off is an oddity I've only known one person mention happens to them. While driving with a friend in high school (1987-ish) a streetlight went off and he said "94." I asked what he meant and he told me he'd counted the streetlights that turned off as he passed them. Said he'd been doing it for a while. Don't know him anymore though.
anneke8 (1 stories) (12 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-13)
As for the lights and street lamps, this happened to me too in the past, don't know if it had a rational explanation though. Sounds like the bright light you saw could have been an angel, or another entity.
The time on the clock is very weird...

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