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Gold Flashes Of Light


I was alone in my room yesterday morning getting ready to do some homework (I am in college working on my bachelors in psychology) and all of a sudden a flash of gold light caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. I thought at first that a lightning bug had gotten into my room. I turned to where I saw the light and 2 more flashes of gold light flittered around the room and then disappeared. I got out my phone and turned on the camera to try to capture a picture of it if it came back. I then tried to take a video while asking questions like who are you and why are you here. Nothing more happened and I text my husband about the experience and he asked me what I thought it was. I blurted out 'angels' and I didn't know why I said that or why it felt like that. I finished my homework and took a nap waiting for my husband to come home.

Later that night I had forgot about it and had a strong urge to clean up my storage room, which was a huge mess and more than an all day project. We have lived in this house 9 months now and this spare room had just become a collection room for all the stuff I didn't feel like unpacking from the move. I know, I'm a bit of a procrastinator, lol. I sent my husband downstairs with a box intended for goodwill and I hear him say 'what the f*** is that?!' I looked down the stairs and saw that he was pale white and watching something. He looked up at me and he says 'You weren't kidding! You really did see little flashes of gold light!' I said 'I take it you saw them too?' He said 'yeah, 3 of them' and then his head darted to one side as he saw a fourth one and he ran up the stairs. I said 'So you thought I was crazy? You thought I was making it up?' He said 'No, I believed you, it's just different when you actually see it yourself'. I said 'Ok, so I felt the presence of angels, or at least thought of angels when I saw it, what did you feel?' He said 'I felt comforted, and strangely at peace".

We decided to look it up on the internet to try to find out what we saw. First website that pops up was about angel lights/angel sparkles/angel trails. It gave me goosebumps from head to toe and I read the description of which colors of sparkles mean which angel is visiting you. Gold wasn't on there but yellow was, close enough I guess. This is what it said: "Yellow (dark): Gabriel, who helps messengers and parents". I immediately burst into tears because right now our two boys were removed from us and placed with my sister in law because I posted on a mom blog site that I was overwhelmed (both of them are autistic) and not looking forward to the summer because I would be with them all day long. We have been struggling to understand why they were taken, and why it's taking so long to get them back since DHS already investigated and found nothing wrong and determined that our home environment was safe. My husband and I have been fighting a lot from the stress of losing the boys and all the confusion surrounding the whole ordeal. I took these flashes of lights and references to angels as a sign that God is watching over us, and that everything is going to be ok, and that he has been hearing our prayers.

On this angel website, it had a 5 card oracle reading for free. One of the cards suggested rest (we haven't been sleeping much), another card said to consider donating old stuff we don't use anymore to charity or the less fortunate (funny how that came up after I got the sudden urge to clean the storage room). While upstairs cleaning the room I saw one last flash of gold light and haven't seen anything more today.

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jay (guest)
6 months ago (2019-07-07)
For months it was flashes of light usually gold. Today they stayed and floated around me starting on the right then some to the left. Seem to have white light mixed in them. Like diamond fireflys. They stayed long enough for me to think " no I'm not dead"
Andypandy (guest)
9 months ago (2019-05-03)
I just started seeing small golden light today in the shape of a pencil is the best I can describe. I am going through a lot of health issues at the moment including brain fog which is driving me crazy as I find it so hard to get anything done. Well today I decided to start setting up a blog & try to do some affiliate marketing as I want to be in a situation where I can pay for my own healthcare as things are becoming so bad here in the UK: (. Whilst I was sitting here trying to set these in place I saw 3 so I am taking them as a sign that I am on the right path with what I am doing.

I hope your situation has changed with your boys for you & your husband. Much love.
Dillmyster (guest)
11 months ago (2019-03-02)
Not long ago I was sitting on my bed and was day light outside. I spoke honestly from my heart with my mind in tune with my heart confessing and asking for all bad things that have been done to me along with lose of time an death of my dog. To help and solve all that I have had so many problems I live with that I know that we're not of my fault even though all who have lied an blamed me for their own doings an scapegoated me an all who listened an not one person besides my new best friend now days didn't listen. Now from having many people that were suppose to be my friends I no have a few. I'm not sure how long after I yelled out to God coming clean with my sins asking for forgiveness and for help to fix everything that been taken from me and all that I rightfully worked for earned and deserved but been robbed off that never should have happened that is something that only I seem to strongly feel that no one else seems to share with me. But about five to maybe ten minutes after words and never experienced before that hard to seem to find info on subject that hope was God's sign that I asked for to truly help me to see something but also left me in confusion. Don't get me wrong but it's not something that much can help explain and always seems to be that be more helpful for God to show in physical form an tell me and that's not how he works. I experienced seeing gold or yellow sparkling which best way to describe as shooting stars all around me going in every direction most of them came from out of my vision like from behind me around me to front of me then vanish with many of them for few moments an possibly like time may have stood still cause may have which seemed to me for short time like maybe for a minute but maybe shorter than that.
Sparked (guest)
1 year ago (2018-08-08)
I see sparkles when I wake up they are floating around up by the ceiling they slowly disappear what is that
Fatima ali (guest)
1 year ago (2018-08-06)
I also noticed this golden light in the corner of my right eye, more than 9 times. What is it really means?

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