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Rainbow Column At Sunset


Just a half mile up on top hill behind my home, an odd rain began to fall inside a 50 yard radius, consisting of 3/4" drops 1&1/2" apart. I noticed the very bright white sun just above the horizon of the hills of west Sonoma Co. CA. The sun appeared to be setting into it's twin, a superior mirage of the sun! I descended the hill about 100' to get a better look. The sun was brighter than I had ever seen, staying white, I had to shield my eyes as not to burn them. I turned around to see 2 rainbow columns trying to focus as one 75' away on top of the hill I had just descended. They were trying to focus as one in an in & out motion as though it was alive & breathing! It was beckoning me to approach. I did very slowly & in less than 10', the column stopped moving away & became a single one. As I got closer things were changing, producing a false white horizon of white light reflecting off the grass right below the colored column producing a white inverted V pointing to the base of the column where a ball of white focused which I believe was the antisolar point. The closer I got the more narrow the V became, & the more narrow the column became. Until within an arm's length I encountered 3 large drops falling to my left with an inverted 3D pyramid in each! They were in separate RB colors in the correct order of an RB. I was aligned with the red spectrum & as I passed the colored drops. The grass, the trees & the sky turned red. I continued 25' to trees ahead where upon reaching a Madrone tree, the rain concentrated into a crashing mass of streamers as it turned golden-white. This lasted 3 seconds before the white vanished into that tree as the rain ended altogether! My mouth was wide open & I nearly fell to my knees. I felt a oneness with nature so strong that God was standing right next to me. I turn back to the sun, now a white speck sitting between 2 hills nearly 18 years back, February 21, 2000! I still feel it!

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