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The Rainbow Lotus And Waltzing Shadows


First off, I have to say I'm NOT a religious or spiritual person. I don't partake with any god/gods or religious following.

This is what I clearly remember not even a few months after my level 1 Reiki attunement, I'm not even sure if it's related to that in any way.

It was a couple years ago, the night was normal. I felt normal, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I did my usual computer games, then layed down. I lay awake on my bed in the complete darkness, I wasn't falling asleep though. After a few minutes of relaxing myself I recall an incredibly bright and colorful lotus appearing before me. I shut my eyes and it was still there. The lotus was ringed with rainbow, and was opening as if eternally. The petals were moving in a continuous opening motion. I watched it for a little bit, maybe a few minutes. I was mesmerized. I even checked to see if it was actually happening. Pinched myself a few times, yeah I was awake. I remember it so clearly. It literally brought tears to my eyes, I was scared, confused, yet the sight was nothing I've ever seen before.

While I was watching the lotus, I noticed 2 shadows in the corner of my room. They were spinning together, they were shaped as people, holding eachother close and dancing. A waltz, you could call it. They spun across my room, disappearing into my curtains, they would appear again in the same spot, as if repeating themselves. As they moved it was like in slow-motion. Everything was, like a stop-motion video. They did this approximately 3-4 times until the lotus disappeared from sight, it slowly faded away. Then eventually everything went dark again. And I was left wondering what happened that night, if there was any rational explanation, I've told this story to people and they don't know what to make of it either.

As I said in the beginning, I am not a spiritual or religious person. At this moment in life I'm still debating whether humans even have souls. But this experience keeps me on the fence. I don't know what it means, why a rainbow lotus? I know a lotus is supposed to signify death and rebirth, beauty, and purity to Egyptians and Buddhists. I've always associated the rainbow coloring to the chakras, it's the only thing that made sense and fit.

I'm still wondering what the dancing couple signified as well. Maybe my troubled, long distance relationship at the time? My longing to be with my boyfriend? (at the time, I can't stand him anymore) Or my loneliness making itself known? To this day I can't pinpoint why I saw what I saw. I'm hoping I can come across someone more skilled in these types of experiences.

What does it mean? What did I witness? Was it at all tied to my attunement?

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