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Is The Universe Trying To Tell Me Something?


My name is Austin Woody age 21 and I would like to share these strange accounts I've been having. This isn't for some writing class, only for my sanity. I'm not calling myself a special prophet my any means. That being said I'm not religious, more spiritual if anything. It just seems like I've been growing a weird connection with owls lately (I do live in central Georgia so they're not uncommon). For example just a couple of months ago I was hanging out on my back porch around 8 or 9 and I see this giant bird in the tree, I got out of my chair and just look at him for a moment, we both peered at each other and I let out a calm whistle and took of flying right over my head almost in slow motion. It gave me a weird since of protection. After that about another month goes by I was heading to work around 5:30am I open up the front door and there's an owl, closing resembling the first one staring at me a split second before spreading is majestic brown wings and flying away. The last encounter was just last week when I was on my front porch around 2am at night because I was having difficulty sleeping. And I started hearing something moving around in the brush; I look down in the yard and about 10 yards from me I see an owl staring me with is golden eyes walking towards me. Stood up to get a better look and he took off into the low hanging branches of he tree just about 20 yards from me and kept staring. But I consider myself a warm and welcoming soul so I walked to the base of the tree and did the same whistle. Quick flew to my neighbor's tree and kept staring at me. I didn't bother to walk over again because I enjoyed his presence and I didn't want to spook him.

That's the last time I've seen that creature. All the strange sightings seem to happen since after my life seemed to start bouncing around from the death of my brother (May/27/17) the death of my father (February/3/17) mixed in with a lot of other hardships dealing with those; My girlfriend of one year broke up with me the night before my brothers funeral; My Brothers (at the time) soon to be Ex-wife blamed our side of the family for his death and slandering our names including his. Even though they were a couple of days away from signing divorce papers she refused to let us keep any of his belonging or let us put a headstone on his grave, but by the grace of god (or that higher power) she finally agreed to sign his plot over to my brothers step mom, so my brother can have the respect he truly deserves. A couple months down the road I was trying to find my new "normal" rather it be finding a religion I fit into or finding new love, and I did! Right before the New Year, I moved in with her everything was going great until late February she confessed her love to her previous lover who doesn't have the greatest soul. During this phase is when I've been seeing owls the most.

My Research of the owl

Because these weird phenomenon's I've done a great deal of research on the internet. But I know you can't always believe the internet. My Momma always said believe half of what you see and nothing what you hear. But this is the information I have gathered about the spiritual essence of the owl. Of course everyone says it's the animal of wisdom and fertility closely related to Greek Goddess Athena (I'm not very educated on Greek mythology but do think it's very interesting). Other meanings include Intuition, to see beyond deceit. But the major meaning that caught my eye is that the traditional meaning of an owl spirt is death, but not in the literal since but the death of a chapter in your life and a rebirth of a new one. I don't think this means that the new chapter will be fantastic; you know what they say life is what you make it.

The last 10 Days

Okay if all this didn't have me all confused before and desperate for answers. After my last owl sighting just a couple days later I had a dream (and I don't have a lot of dreams I remember) I was standing in a parking lot and these 3 giant auras resembling some type of northern light or rainbow cloud? These auras where in a triangle shape one facing south (mystical gray with black) next one I look at turning to my right was a northern light seeming aura (very bright and colorful) and the last one caught my eye it was almost eye shaped with an extremely beautiful emerald with green waves pulsing from it. I just couldn't stop looking it was euphoric. I noticed the green aura was right above where my last ex lived and all of a sudden the green mass exploded but almost a calm explosion. I saw the explosion wave come toward me and I was fully at peace I could probably say happy. As the wave reached earth I woke up feeling... Well felling different, that's all I can say. Later on I was just causally surfing the internet and saw a weird picture and video closely resembling what I saw in my dream called a rainbow cloud, a very rare occurrence. And of course did some research, and this is what I found.

My Research of the Rainbow Cloud

I found out they are common signs from the angelic realm and they appear when needed most. Rainbow clouds in most religions carry the spiritual significance of rainbows which are symbols of hope, inspiration, promise and more.

  • Hope
  • Ascension
  • Divine Presence
  • Life Force Energy
  • Promise
  • Infinite Potential
  • Spiritual Initiation
  • Expansion
  • Serenity and Harmony
  • Spiritual Connection
  • Transformation
  • Gateways to the Realms of Spirit
  • Communication from Guides and Angels
  • A Message from Loved Ones in Heaven
  • Crystalline Consciousness
  • Accessing The Crystalline Grid
  • Activating the Rainbow Light Body
  • Spiritual Support
  • Validation

After all these strange things happening to me, and two days after my dream, I just learned my Ex is pregnant, a little over 5 weeks, which lands right in the middle of February 2 weeks after we split. But that being said we still don't know how the father is. But we're pretty confident its mine. After hearing the news I was extremely happy at the thought of being a Father. But her Ex she left me for is not and kicked her to the curb.




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darkassassin92 (39 posts)
2 years ago (2022-01-04)
Angelica visit my dreams 8 or 9 times (Anjerica Teen Model, Silver Star,MoeMoeTV,Fashion Land🙆‍♂️own Dolls, Candy Doll similar as me brown hair past blonde I never dye Blue eyes me black dot left eye her dot right eye me triangle arm freckle left rib her freckle right rib triangle stomach & arm I saw triangle stars she wear broken heart necklace & red &🐻‍❄️dress same📛my last Bible I hard heart Chinese heart fire my tree blue & red light burn out coincidences).
Anon (guest)
4 years ago (2020-01-27)
Trust your own gut instinct more

Keep your head level

But trust your gut

Your mum is right, don't believe what you hear or read and only believe half of what u see

So trust your gut

If it says something different that's fine

I got omen of u becoming a dad, could be wrong but I read that I used logic not my guts

Congrats by the way
Sarah Denise (guest)
5 years ago (2019-03-14)
My Testimony This time it started in 2014 when I saw '11,11' everywhere and a Dove kept showing up outside on my balcony, At sankt johns day I felt an urgent feeling that I should pray so I did, then my soul suddenly popped out and was begging to come home, A voice behinde me said 'make happy immediately I became very joyful 'Then one night a angel woke me up telling me I had to meet the lord, I flew out of my body from my balcony and saw a shinning crystal stairway I was so amazed that I sat down on it for awhile and looked around, there was nothing else but the shinning stairs the stars in the sky and me, soon after I heard a voice say ' Sarah Come ' So I raise and continued to the top, there I saw two doors, I chose the one I could hear music from, now I was in space again when he (Jesus) came flying on my right side, we then went to Orions Nebula (Messier 42) where he opened up a black hole or a tunnel with somekind of spellword to the four stars on the Nebula, as we walked through it I looked at the 'walls' it was kind of flickering electric but still I had view to cosmos... As we approach I saw many glittering colors and music, he said that's inspiration too people on earth and that I soon will fall apart as we get closer but he will fix me again when we get there... Then I woke up on his lap as a kid in the New Jerusalem (a star *) (all stars are home for our souls *) I was growing up fast, my whole past away family was waiting on a little bridge in front of me, all of them was young again I asked my aunt 'Do you know who this is'? Her answer was 'Yes He is always here'! I had some alonetime with them and we went up in a old mill tower to talk. I remenber there was a big old closet behinde the door and the floor was of red tiles and a little round window in the small room on 1st floor, after awhile Jesus came to get me and he and I went outside in what looked like a courtyard with pillars Jesus and I sat on the the edge of an small fountain and he gave me gifts, toys I had as kid, he laugh highly when I was silly, at one point I pinched myself and felt it like I still had my body even though I knew I was out of my body, I looked up in the air there was no sun but still everything shined like a beautiful summerday. On somekind of cloudscreen he showed me my whole life and some of my future. The cloud somehow surrounded me and I was reliving a scene from my life but from another perspective, I saw myself eksemple playing with my brother and sister, when the scene was over the cloud left me and I was still sitting with jesus, and he showed me another scene from my life, at one point I was showen that he was the one that put my soul down in my body the day that I was born, I actuelly was in the hospital watching him kiss my forehead one second before I came to the world. When there my soul didn't care much for my body, I was still me but in my soul it ment much to please and obey him. He also showed me the many times he saved me in life, from car accidents among other stuff, like many of the times I prayed as kid, it felt like I was reliving all the scenes again, he then gave me some paperthin flesh like papyrus with his name on, written with blood that I had to eat. Before it did that I asked him if I could see his hands, he smiled and showed me them, I could clearly see that he once had huge old nailmarks in them. He then begain to teach me with words from the Testament and from the first page of the Bible but in some sort of code, words I had to heal with he said, and names and words was flashing fast on the screen, all the Desiples names and some letters, I said 'It is so simple that a child could make it' (It was sooo easy there) He then showed me the stonepillar Symeon Stylites use to seat on and something about the ANKH In the end he showed me myself as about 80 in a nursinghome and that he will come and get me the day that I die, he then gave me eternal life while he did that he draw something on the ground and said I should stop the daily temptations and stop saying hard words in anger then he hugged me and a big bright warm light surrounded us and we had go back to my body, on the way back we went close to saturn and walked on clouds... I been there two times now and everything he said came true (At the first experience I was sitting with Jesus looking out on a sunset and a beautiful wheatfield, behinde me there was a large tree with fruits I never seen before and a ladder in the middle of all, later he took me to a throneroom where I saw two chairs in one of them infront of me on my right hand I saw a old man looking exacly like GOD from Micheal Angelos painting of The Creation of sun and moon, behinde me on the wall I saw a big old wooden wheel with saphires between the spokes, I heard a loud voice said 'Bend' so I did and now Jesus was sitting in the other chair he told me that I had to save a girl from doing drugs, I met her and manage to convinced her, she is now working for the Governent... (everything above was going on telepathically) . I also been filled with the Holy Spirit twice, the last time it lasted for five days, I was full of pure joy, infact I never felt more joyfull and happy in my whole life, I was glowing for five days and the Dove keept showing up, in the air I saw tall blue/grayish men flying up and down everytime I heard an ambulance in my town and energies, purple /turquoise colors like rain comming towards us all the time maybe Neutrinoes) , His hair was so beautiful and his beard had at the throat some sort of an ancient hammercut style, his robe was light blue and old sandals... The followring days I saw his face in everything, in the the shape of trees and in almost everything living on earth...
UPDATE: A few days later I saw the old man sitting next to Jesus in the throneroom came flying right towards me in a vision when I blinked my eyes for a short moment
Joe (guest)
5 years ago (2018-12-30)
Hi Austin. Hope all is well. I know your post is old but I just found this site and wanted to comment about the owls. Check out mike clelland and listen to some of his interviews or maybe search for him on youtube. Hes had his own owl experiences and gathered a lot of stories/info about them. If something is recurring in your life, whatever it is, its for a reason. You just need to ask yourself why and let what feels right guide you to the answers.

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