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During Trying Times, We Are Never Alone


My family lost a significant part of our home, including our kitchen, to water damage a few years ago. I tried to assuage my sadness and see the good that would come from this "miracle" as we really needed a new kitchen but did not have the money - now insurance would cover the entire bill hopefully. And no lives were lost.

As I sat in the library at my computer desk, my beautiful border collie sleeping by my chair side peacefully, I pondered the large scope of repair that was before us. I did not know where to begin; and as I gazed upon the picture of Jesus that I keep on my desk, I decided to offer my burden to him, for his divine direction. I consider him as one of the greatest master teachers of love.

Within a few minutes, a voice spoke to me (in my head - what one might call that little "intuitive" voice) saying go check your favorite website - there is a message for you there. It is a spiritual site for the Christian seer named Carol Ameche. It said, "Behold, we must remind you that you are always surrounded by your angels, especially during trying times..." I plunged into the deepest cry and state of gratitude I have ever felt or expressed... At that moment, my dog jumped up frantically looking all over the breadth of the ceiling behind my chair, wagging her tail, trying to climb up the floor lamp with her eyes darting back and forth from the ceiling to me, as if to say, "Master, do you not see them?!"

I looked up as I wiped my tears, thinking perhaps it was a fly or ladybug, but knowing she had seen what I had felt. I went to bed that night with the validation and security of knowing I would not be going down this path by myself. Though I never doubted that we do indeed have heavenly host as guides, helpers and protectors - it was a beautiful epiphany for me; a story that I love to share.

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