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What I'm sharing isn't extremely spiritual but it does have meaning.

I have a few experiences I've shared on the other website about the Cardinal bird and my Grandpa Thompson. The Cardinal has meaning for me. It started with my upbringing and the bond I shared with Grandpa.

Over a week ago I was outside during a warm spring evening. Sitting on my front porch, enjoying a cool glass of wine and talking with my Grandpa.

I must explain a little bit... My grandpa has since passed away years ago, but I still have conversations with him. No he doesn't answer back, but when I talk to him I can feel him around me.

So after a good talk, I asked him if he heard me could he send a Cardinal my way.

Two days later I step outside, anxiously awaiting my cabs arrival. I spot a Cardinal flying passed my yard and into a neighbors tree.

Then just yesterday I walked outside to spend just a little time with my puppy Tuck. I threw a stick across the yard, sat down in the grass and started to enjoy the sounds from nature.

Tuck quickly fetched the stick, lay down in the grass and I look up to catch a bird flying across my yard and perch on a branch just to my left. I look at it for a second then, look away and enjoy watching my puppy running across the yard.

I look up again at this same tree and see a beautiful brightly colored Cardinal Perched on another branch, just inches away from the first bird. It to was a Cardinal but a female.

I couldn't take my eyes off of it, and was taken aback at how beautiful these two were.

I feel an immediate warmth and tightening around my upper torso.

And knew my grandpa in that moment was telling me "I heard you and I love you".

It all lasted about 10 minutes, but was so significant for me. I get those messages from time to time, and they're all always so special.

Thank you for reading,


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