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The Amish Had It Right

I sometimes think the Amish had it right in more ways than one.

Our Spiritual Journey Is All That Remains

Every day I read something further pointing us to the path of human extinction and not in a thousand years, or a hundred years, but decades

Near Death Experience

In my early 20’s, I left this dimension, went through what felt like a door, and ended up in a healing place for souls.

Environmental Crisis

The price we're paying for our "gotta have more gotta do more" mentality is earth itself.


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If you feel at an impasse or need to recharge your soul, give our random spiritual quote generator a try, who knows, the first one might just be what you need!


Informative articles and editorials on the subject of spirituality.

Spiritual Experiences

People sharing experiences that have changed their perspective on life! Here you can read and share those that have touched your life in an inspiring way.



Many people, from spiritual teachers to religious figures or even plain motivators, have expressed insightful quotes and we try to archive them here for your reading pleasure.

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