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Near Death Experience

I wanted to write an article about NDEs (Near Death Experiences). I find this relevant to all of us because there is some profound insight and lessons we can learn without having to die and revive to get it.

But first, I had my own NDE but it wasn’t related to near death. I have been blessed in this life with a relatively thin veil between this dimension and the next. In my early 20’s, I left this dimension, went through what felt like a door, and ended up in a healing place for souls. It’s not uncommon for people to end up here after death so that they may rest and heal from the traumas of physical life, but I found my way out of spiritual instinct. My life, from almost the months after birth, was so incredibly stressful, that by the time I was 20, I had endured what most people don’t endure in their entire life time. I needed a break! Going on vacation is not a break. Taking a summer off can’t even compare to the ‘break’ of the soul healing and restoration dimension. So I entered the healing plane and it was suited to what would most relax me. For me, I am especially fond of water, including the ocean so I was sitting in a rocking chair on a warmly lit day by the ocean. As soon as I got there, everything from my life vanished. I KNEW I wasn’t going to get up tomorrow. No bills, no alarm clock, no troubles, nothing. The smallest thing that you don’t think causes you stress, does. Waiting in line, traffic, hearing the phone ring, waiting for 5:00 o’clock to leave work, etc. I suddenly felt every layer of that muck from earth being peeled away. My joy, peace, and serenity was profound. The spiritual scrub went down to the core. I languished in here for what seems a very long time.

Eventually, a woman came and told me that it was not my time (pretty much a universal phrase said to NDE experiencers). I of course said I didn’t want to go (the usual reply) but they said I must. So I returned back to my body. What I found interesting though is that the cleanse stayed with me for much longer than I thought it would. I saw through all the troubles of day-to-day life and for awhile, little phased me as I knew ultimately, those small things didn’t matter. But alas, life did seep back in and this is what probably kills us in the long run. But to this day, decades later, I still remember that exquisite place and know that I will return in due time.

Near Death Experience There are some fundamental reports from NDE experiencers. They leave their body, are greeted by loved ones, a loving guide or sometimes who they worship (some will feel like Jesus met them, God, Buddha or whomever they revere), feel immense relief, love, and beauty. They also go through a life review. After having read this so many times it got me thinking about my own life. I started thinking of all the good and bad I’ve done. I had a very broken life in the early part of my life and did a lot of reckless, foolish, self-centered, even hurtful things. Yikes! All that I knew would be passing before me. But I’ve also done an amazing amount of good. Now that I’m older, I think about my actions and the consequences they will bring. Knowing this life review is waiting for me (and you), I know that what I do doesn’t get lost in the past but is stored up in a record that I’ll have to face when I die. What we do matters! The only judge present for our life review is ourselves, but nary has a person watched it that they didn’t know they could have done better. Some are so remorseful, embarrassed, and shamed that they only wish they could have seen it while they were still alive (not knowing at this point they may return). It is so impactful that for those that come back, it alters their life greatly and they pursue a life of love, sharing, and support. It’s the service to others that brings the greatest reward to our soul.

NDE experiencers report places of profound beauty, cities made of sparkling crystals, gardens and scenery of staggering glory and light, but the biggest impact is the love. They are so loved! It is all engulfing and they return to a state of total innocents and love themselves and everyone else. This is the true state of our souls: love. This is what created and drives the universe. NDEs are a rare chance to see this.

NDE experiencers also report that vast amounts of knowledge is instantaneous and far beyond what their current brain pan holds. They “know” truths that are highly advanced but unfortunately, most of this truth is not allowed to return with them (some is and it’s usually to share with others as inspiration). I’ve said many times before that we are filters and when we are fully removed from this filter (our body), whether via an NDE or astral projection, our intake of universal information is potentially huge. Bringing it back to the physical is difficult through but it can be done.

While NDE means ‘near death experience’ we can see these other planes via different means. I’ve seen those glorious gardens while astral projecting. These higher realms are accessible to us if we can attain that level of consciousness. I feel so fortunate in that it’s not just words I’ve read but actual experience so that I can now concur with what these other people are saying. Heaven like places exist. God exists as Love. We are infinite beings and coming here isn’t a curse, but an opportunity to make huge leaps in spiritual development. Only the brave souls come here because we know full well how hard physical life is but as we reincarnate, evolve and eventually leave, we are the envy of the universe.

But what of the people who do horrible things and are of low vibrations? First, we all make mistakes and even people who have done some nasty things out of revenge or anger have been taken to these higher planes (they still had to watch their life review, much to their horror). However, there are also reports of people who after their life review have been shown the lower planes. The suffering of the lower planes is merely the absence of love and light. People so absorbed in themselves, of the base nature of man (addicted to the lower base desires) can find themselves here. But nothing is forever! All souls, even ones terribly lost, will have opportunities to raise their vibrations, if even through more and more incarnations back to earth, to eventually become the pure Being that’s within us all.

NDE’s have taught me that as much as humans can look like cancer taking over the earth, each human’s core is pure perfection and even this planet has consented for us to be here as the school-ground it is. With all the travesties, horrors, war and personal problems, this is a fantastic opportunity to spiritually grow and learn the highest truth to our presence (both to ourselves and others) and that’s love.


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