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Man In The Green Robe


This is a strange one for me. I've always been skeptical of spirits and the afterlife, even though growing up a few unexplainable things had happened. The last year has been tough for me, a lot of things on my mind so I turned to a spiritualist for help. The session went well and she had told me that my great grandmother was my spirit guide and she had told me how I could contact her using a pendulum, so I tried it. I got yes and no answers using it but I still wasn't 100% convinced it was my grandmother responding to me.

So I took a nap, when I woke up my body was paralyzed and I had tried to scream, my mind was 100% awake but my body wasn't, it lasted for about 30 seconds. Once I managed to pull myself out of it I turned onto my side and what I saw on the other side of my room will stay with me forever. I saw two legs beginning to form, they were definitely there but I could kind of see through them, I could see the top of a long flowing skirt as well. I didn't see the rest because it terrified me and I instantly hid under my covers.

Now that experience put me on edge a lot and few people had suggested meditation but I was very weary of it just in case I would have another experience similar to it. But months past and I managed to convince myself to try meditation, I did various videos for a week but nothing happened, but then last night I got about 10 minutes into the video and I saw someone in a long green robe walking very elegantly. I wasn't sure who it was but it freaked me out so I pulled myself out of it. I did some research, I know my great grandmother was Balkan/Bulgarian and I found out that a popular Bulgarian priest wore green robes that looked similar to the one I saw. That's all that's happened so far but it's definitely made me think differently.

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