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Child Is The Father Of The Man


Wordsworth wrote a poem that "child is father of man." This statement was interpreted by various critics. But I share a story from my childhood, which bears the seeds of moral values in my childhood to become trees of the positive attitude at the age of mature man. It is also good food for my critics who saw me in the position of corrupt financial expert and intelligent.

The child is a life pure plays in happiness, regardless of what is in the future. What is given to the play, he willingly accepts to play with love to please her parents. But, his experiences as a child become the foundation of human personality. Our school education, particularly in developed countries, is blank on moral values. He simply learns to become experts in matters of business and learn to multiply wealth by hook or crook known technology companies. If you see old dictionary meaning of the trade, this means - the art of cheating and nothing else.

Very few parents give moral values to their children but continue to blame him, seeing his cultivated negative attitudes to cheating. Even the wealth earned does not satisfy the greed of wealth and freedom from selfishness, tensions and fears in life. Gaining wealth and live the life of luxury is not bad. But it also implies the basic moral values to enjoy its fruits and share with family members.

I remember at the age of nine, my father withdrew from school and bring with Sage for a year for education on moral values and how to deal with the reality of this world. I was troubled by the loss of a school year and the company of my friends disappeared. But soon, I adopted the new situation and find happiness in this experiment.

During my years with the sage, my daily routine has been assigned to go to a hundred houses in the village on the edge of begging for food. Whatever they give accept with humility. If a household refuses to give something, do not be angry. Accept refusal with respect. He comes to Sage; I was used to serve him this food with humility. I must get some poor people, and share with him this food with respect. The rest is fed to cows of Sage. Sage told me every day, this technology is for me to learn control of selfishness, to live in humility, the true wealth is in the service and respect for others.

I also have a commitment every day before Sage, including: --

I will always respect elders and ask his blessing, bowing to his feet. I will always forgive those who are cruel, criminal or a thief and avoid their company. I will always find people who are good and try to become friends with them and live in their society. I will always respect and love my parents and see God through them. I will do my work with dedication for his return in the future, when unattended.

After leaving Sage, I earned Master degrees in mathematics and economics and professional doctorate in management accounting with a leading institute and served as financial expert for twenty years in an organization of semi-government and have won the wealth and fame desired. But my conscience could not forget the experience holy in my life. I had ups and downs in my life, but taking the strength of the experience with the Sage.

At the age of 58 years, the experience with the Sage outweighed my pursuit of happiness in the life of luxury of wealth and power of great service. Everything becomes tasteless and I become completely absorbed in the pursuit of happiness in my true self- absolute life.

For 12 years I dedicated to the spirituality of my heavenly gardens and smell the real world is witnessing own greed and selfishness in the thought and life to live without care or fear of the future. I feel happy and nothing more in this human life.

Parents should invest in the growth of positive values of their children as they invest in their school education. Both educations are required for maturation of positive attitudes in his manhood. If parents want to return the love of children, the right time is to live with them as children and spend time daily with love. Mother who experience her milk to child is an expression of true love that the child can not forget in his adult life. Banning it is not even accepted by Nature.

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