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Guardian Angel Protected Me From A Mad Man


I had just recently moved to Spokane, WA and lived (still do but in a different house) near downtown in a historic neighborhood. I love taking walks, and use it as my special prayer time. One beautiful day during the summer I decided to take my usual walk downtown to the park. I always would take the route down the main street in my neighborhood, past the Cathedral and then to downtown.

As I was a few blocks from the Cathedral I saw a really scary looking man heading my way. He was walking erratically, screaming obscenities, had really wild hair and was moving his hands up and down. I immediately felt panic, especially when a girl walked past him and he tried grabbing her. She pulled away and quickly ran across the street. He then started walking faster towards me. I was really scared, noticing that I was the only one walking down that street, except the girl that ran away. There weren't even any cars driving by. I decided the best thing to do was to cross the street. This man however, noticed me doing this and then began mirroring me, and attempted to cross the street and started screaming and waving his hands.

I then decided to stay on the sidewalk in hopes that he would just cross the street. He didn't and also headed back to the sidewalk. I then started to pray...God, please protect me from this man, please protect me. I even looked towards the towers of the Cathedral. The man got closer to me and I just kept looking straight ahead, when I saw a security guard literally come out of no where and standing in front of a driveway. The mad man then walked past me, simply just growled and kept walking... He didn't try to grab me, or said anything except for this growl sound. The security guard then looked at me and smiled and said, "Have a nice afternoon." I said thank you and kept walking, feeling a sigh of relief.

When I got to the corner I turned around and the guard was gone. I have walked this route hundreds of times... (I still do walk it.) Not once have I ever seen a security guard at this location...ever. Every time I pass this place I always look around for any signs of a guard. There really isn't any reason for a guard to be there. I'm convinced the man was my guardian angel who stepped in to protect me. I am forever grateful to God for answering my prayer and keeping me safe.

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Michelle (guest)
5 years ago (2019-07-20)
I agree that it could have been St. Michael. A stranger approached me in 2017, telling me I should pray to St. Michael. That was the extent of my encounter. The woman continued walking, passing me by. Because the experience was odd, and though I'm not a churchgoer, I read about St. Michael on the internet.

Last year, I experienced ongoing bullying on my new job. Feeling desperate that it wasn't going away, I began praying to St. Michael for help. I also asked St. Michael to please send me a sign showing that he heard my prayer because I felt frightened and isolated during this experience and needed to know he was there. A few days later a jaw-dropping miracle happened -- I got my sign! A very prominent third-party wrote to my company praising me for the very project my bully was unfairly trying to get me fired for. My company received the letter a couple days after I was accused of wrongdoing by the bully and it specifically addressed the very issue she criticized me about, but in a kind and praising way toward me! (The third party has power over my company, too.)

This has never happened to me during my career and I absolutely do believe it was St. Michael at work.

I now wonder if St. Michael assisted me in other ways when I was much younger, much like Solik.
One day I will write about two of those experiences.

Anyway: St. Michael is very real!
Pete (3 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-18)
Wow, what a cool story. I believe it was St. Michael the Archangel, since he is the patron saint of security guards:)...

Merry Christmas,

James (10 stories) (151 posts)
13 years ago (2010-11-11)

Thank you for sharing this, when you have a minute and the room is quiet, Close your eyes and silence your thoughts and then wait, you may be surprised to whom you will see in your thoughts.

BLess you


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