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A Visitation From An Angel


I was born with cancer and beat it twice with no medication. Soon after I was completely free of it I had the most life changing experience at such a young age. I will never forget it, I don't tell many people this story because I know people will be highly doubtful of it or think it was a dream. I know it was not and will never forget it.

I was about 5 or 6 years old and it was very late at night, I was having trouble sleeping. I remember this figure appearing in my open doorway. It was an angel, but she was a child, like a toddler. She was blurry, she had looked like a painting that had came to life. She had a faint but bright yellow aura around her. The angel was wearing red footed pajamas. Her hair was dirty blondish, short and curly.

She walked in my room, and she talked to me. I do not remember what she told me. However, I do remember how she had helped me fall asleep and I did not want her to leave me and she had promised me she would not. I remember her lying on the floor next to my bed. When I was awoken I remember just crying my eyes out. My parents had came in the room and asked me what's wrong. I told them all that had happen.

This was not a dream. I was visited by an angel. I wish I could live through this experience again so I could have a better memory of it. It was amazing. I wish every one could have the privilege to have seen and heard what I experienced. This truly strengthens my fate in anything spiritual. I do wonder though, why was she sent to me? Was it for a reason?

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