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I Saw Heaven At The Altar


After being a Christian for about 17 years, I decided to be water baptized at a local church I attended. It was never pushed on anyone at the other churches and nobody ever suggested it, so I felt it was time to do it.

I was water baptized by full immersion by a local pastor and they did it right on stage. That morning we only had two candidates for baptism and we got through it pretty fast.

I didn't feel any different until something really hit me, about two weeks later. I began reading my Bible as if it was in color! Everything started to make sense, as though I gained some incredible wisdom. Even though I had a Bible degree, I never felt so educated and alive with the Word of God.

Trees were green, I could smell the animals, cities of old... I could smell the spices and meats in the marketplace! It was like the Bible was now alive and in color.

At church, I returned with a new and vibrant "spiritual agenda." No longer would I be short-changed or held back from worshipping God in truth and spirit.

All the churches (maybe my own fault) I attended, I was a lukewarm worshipper. Standing quietly and stern; as though I was in a funeral parlor. I was afraid to say the Name of Jesus, or cry out to God.

For a couple Sunday's, I thought I had hypoglycemia or a sugar condition, because I began to shake like a leaf, at the start of worship services. I began raising my hands to Heaven for the first time in my life.

I trembled so hard, I was afraid of Heaven and Hell, I knew there was a real God in the church, I felt it. It took 17 years to finally get to the front of the church, and I went to the altar. I began praying "in truth" for the first time in my life.

Over several months, I began dropping to my knees during the worship music and felt God, the "Holy Spirit" all over me. I talked to a pastor and Bible college director, that said I had the Holy Spirit.

I began laying flat on the ground during the service, because I was shaking so hard I could not stand. I was in a full relationship with the Holy Spirit. A few churchgoers came to me and thanked me for being "bold for Jesus." I told them, they could lay on the ground too, that I was a sinner and nobody special.

Later, I went to a Pentecostal revival (I am non-denominational) and was baptized (Acts 2:4) by the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues. Right at home with the radio on, I began speaking a foreign language. It was scary at first, as I thought I may have gained a fake tongue or false religion of some type. However, I went back to the Pentecostal church and at the altar call, spoke and prayed with the pastor for twenty minutes. He said I had no "counterfeit tongue" and it was a real tongue.

Finally, I was at my home church and during worship services:

A) began talking to God in tongues

B) dropped to my knees

C) held my hands up to Heaven

D) trembled very hard

The sky opened up in front of me! I had a vision. I saw the sea of glass, a city of beautiful glass, stones of various colors. I tried to remember what I saw, as it only lasted several seconds. I saw a city so large, a mile up, a mile down, the size of the Grand Canyon, in clear glass and cubes, crystals, stones, incredible.

I fell to the ground and shook so hard my feet and muscles were in spasms. I later went to the pastor and he said I had a vision at the altar, it was of Heaven.

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Ash (guest)
5 years ago (2019-05-30)
Hi you can read about it here to about speaking in tongues

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