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Heaven Bound


Having very bad bouts of depression, I voluntarily admitted myself to a hospital. There was a patient there who was demeaning and intolerable and had symbols and odd drawings on her hand. I stayed away from her and kept to myself.

I stayed awake all night thinking about my life and how it came to be where I was. Having lost my mother to cancer and from her influence: hating my father, and many other shattering life experiences, I started to cry. I had no recollection of what day it was or whether anyone could hear me.

I was in the bathroom inside my room with the door closed. I had only one thing left in my life, one. Faith in God. Without any doubt or questioning in my mind, I started to pray. Praying in forgiveness for anyone who had ever hurt me, or who I had wronged in my life. I remember the tears flowing down the shower drain in the middle of the room. More tears than I had ever cried before. Not begging, but pleading with God for relief through his son Jesus.

I went to my bed and sat on it with my back against the wall. My brothers twelve string guitar was with me and I remembered a song that I used to sing to my mother when she was sick. It was the "Wedding Song" by Noel Paul Stookey of Peter, Paul, and Mary.

In the center of my chest, an energy started to fluctuate outwardly and my heart was not beating fast, but strongly. I trusted that this was God. I did not question it, but kept singing and playing guitar. All of a sudden I heard the most beautiful strings and singing voices that I knew was Heavenly. I got to the part of the song where it says "and a man shall leave his mother" and the Heavenly music and very strong energy left my body at an incredible rate. I knew right then and there that I had released my mother into Heaven.

In utter shock and amazement, I looked at my watch to see what date it was so I could write this down. It was September 26, 2009. My mother passed away five years earlier on September 26! I felt lighter than air, and my senses were all enhanced and I knew my mind and body had been "cleansed."

My father, a non-believer, visited me and I told him my story. I already noticed that my watch stopped at that exact moment, and I knew my father was with my mother when she passed away. I asked him what time she died and he said it was 9:18 a.m. Thats exactly where my watch stopped!

Years later, I saw in an interview with Paul Stookey that he did not want to give himself writing credits for this song because he believed it came from a "higher power".

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