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Awakening? Advice?


I have never had a teacher to help me along with my journey. I've had my intuition and the occasional help of a smile to guide me along. My parents typically looked down on my abilities.

So when I started to show the physical symptoms of awakening, they immediately rushed me to the hospital and popped me up with medicine, expecting some sort of result and fix. Nothing ever came.

After rejecting medicines, doctors appointments and so on, I decided to some research and I found that I had almost all of my "medical symptoms" were all symptoms of awakening.

The headaches, vision issues, ringing in the ears, light sensitivity, dizziness, nauseous and the reason why all my test results came back completely fine.

But as I read through all the symptoms of awakening, everything began to make sense and I found myself crying for no reason. I felt happiness, fear, sadness and confusion all at the same time.

I am not fully awake and I turn to others who are for help.

How can I help ease my horrible, debilitating symptoms, like the headaches and sound sensitivity that force me to draw away from everyone and sit in the quite darkness?

Also is there anything I can do the help speed the process of awakening or even possible get my parents to believe and accept me how I am?

Also can anyone give advice on helping me find my soul mate? He should have brown hair and beautiful green eyes and be around 24 and his birthday should be in the spring time. I have the strongest need to find him.


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lifeshenanigans (1 posts)
8 years ago (2016-08-06)
I see your story was published a couple of years ago, so I hope you found some help.
In case you were still looking for some guidance: find a way to purchase some books, or listen to some youtube videos like Teal Swan or Gigi Young; or look up kundalini awakening, energy therapy.
The only way to make sure you wake up is to start working on yourself: start with learning about your intuition, learn about your higher self. Do some guided meditations (Michael Sealy on you tube is great) - those will guide you places that you will be able to find some answers in.
People around you will find their acceptance, but you first must believe in yourself.

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