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The Awakening Of A Beautiful Person


Wow. My spiritual awakening is so intense, something new happens almost everyday right now.

First a little about me. My parents are "atheists" even tho I don't think they know what the word means. Now, I have believed in a god since I have heard of him and have been praying my whole life. Lately, I have been praying more since I found out my mom has cancer.

It all started with the most sincere prayer I have ever made. The following night I had a dream in which I believe god came to me. Yes, I said god, just keep reading.

I remember the conversation but it almost seems to petty to have been god so I will leave that part out. What I will say though is that I had labor pains so bad in that dream that I woke with tears in my eyes.

After that my mom got cancer. Wait? Your mom got cancer and you believe it was from god? Yes. When she got cancer I started searching the depths of my soul for an answer, praying desperately that she be fixed.

In the meantime (when I felt like giving up on everything), everything started happening. First of all, very very vivid dreams. These surges of electricity running through me. Small miracles everywhere.

Just the other night I saw a sidewalk flash in my head, then something gold. It wasn't until I came home that I realized it was a gold necklace on my sidewalk that was meant for me. Most beautiful jewelry I have ever gotten.

I was also just outside looking at the clouds and when I turned to come in, I looked behind me one more time and the trees, sidewalk and cars looked like the static on the tv.

Ive been reading a lot about spiritual awakenings and I have at least 40 of the 50 symptoms and it just feels so good to know there is something better for us out there and the only way to live is through love.

Ive also read about starseeds and I have almost all the characteristics of one. Whoo hoo. I'm on a roll and I'm not stopping. Teachers really do appear everywhere and if you have never read the autobiography of a yogi I definitely recommend it.


An awakened soul

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