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In January of 2011 my husband was in a terrible car accident. That morning had started off as usual with him going into work before I did. A few minutes after he had left, he called saying he had gotten into a car wreak and had hit somebody else. With the tone and calmness of his voice I figured it was just a fender bender. He asked if I could meet him down the street to be with him. I got into the car as quick as possible and drove to the location of the accident. As I was arriving to the location I had seen my husband standing with the other person he had hit and their car but I didn't see our car. As I pulled up to him, I asked him where our car was and he pointed across the street. It was slammed into a palm tree, our car was totaled. I looked at him in dismay. I asked what had happen and he told me that a truck that was getting off the express way had cut him off and forced him to slam on the breaks causing him to spin hitting the other driver next to him and finally hitting the tree. I asked the lady what damaged was caused to her and her car and she said she was fine just that the diver's side door was pushed in a little but nothing major. With the looks of our car I was amazed that my husband didn't have anything wrong with him. He was just a little sore and had little cuts from the glass shattering. After the car was taken to the impound we went to get the rest of our things out and look at the damage. I notice that all the windows were broken expect the driver's side which had somehow slide down, which was odd because the tree had hit the diver's side of the car. Once we got home I tried to comfort him and calm him because he was still shaken up about the wreak. He proceeded to tell me that once the car started to spin he said "God help me". He said he felt as if someone hugged him. After that he said he blanked out and the next thing he remembered was hearing a man knocked on the car asking him if he was ok. He said he replied yes and got out of the car to see how the other person he hit was doing. The lady said she was fine and was more worried about him because he got the worse of it. He said while he was waiting for the cops to arrive, the man that had stopped to help him left. While he was sitting there thinking about it he couldn't remember the man's face but said he had a glow to him. I was truly amazed. As I sat there I prayed, thanking the Lord for saving my husband and sending one of his angels to protect him. After that I asked my husband how he was feeling and he told me he was just a little sore. He started to look over his arms and said babe look at this. He showed me his arm and it had the design of a fish on his left arm. You know one of those Christian fish symbols. I was amazed because it was on the side of the arm that had gotten hit. I felt the Lord had helped my husband when he called for him and he left signs to show not only my husband but me that he was there. I truly believe in a higher spirit and thank him everyday for his blessings.

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