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Awakening... To An Amazing World


I'll begin my story by telling you first that what I am experiencing anyone can! What a wonderous amount of love and joy I have in my heart. Everything I feel (now) is happening just as it should, my path was chosen before I was born!

So, a little background about me. I have always been more spiritual than others. Nobody understands why I love those who hurt me and continue to help them even when I know they have ill intent. From forth grade to high school I was tormented, called names and alienated due to a medical condition. I love my mom very much but she just doesn't understand me (plus, my being in all sorts of abusive relationships doesn't help communication.)

I am a mother of several kids (a single one at that). I used to steal but started working for everything I had when I realized I was hurting others. The father of my kids doesn't help as much as Id like him to and when I get mad I take it out on my kids: (Although I DO love them to death!

The beginning of my awakening was shortly before I found out my mom has breast cancer. My friends grandma died, then a friends lover died, and now this. So I laid down one night and envisioned myself in my head hitting the ground on my knees with such force that my apt could have been shaking as if an earth quake was happening. Then I flipped through all the pages of everything I want, thanked god and simply prayed for him to make me successful.

My prayer was heard. I am not successful at work because he made me a more reliable person, my relationships have not blossomed because I asked for them to and my dreams are not coming true because I asked them to. Whats happening is that my mind is finally expanding and getting used to the fact that god dwells in my soul,

Everything that I need, whether it be some money or food... Or a friendly smile is showing up at my doorstep. Signs are coming to me showing me a life I don't remember and I feel a new energy.

Its not even new. IT is US. It is here. Close your eyes and focus, clear your mind and let it wander. Talk to yourself, get to know yourself and I PROMISE that if you are true to yourself and to others he will trust you enough to tell you his secrets. It is OH SO AMAZING. I love everything and everyone, as we are all connected, not like a mother to its womb but like H is to 2o.

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